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‘General Hospital’ Leads 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Nominations

The 42nd annual Daytime Emmy nominees were announced this morning with ABC’s “General Hospital” leading the pack at 28 nominations, including nods for lead actors Laura Wright, Maura West, Jason Thompson, and Anthony Geary, and supporters Finola Hughes, Lisa Locicero, and Chad Duell. Also sitting pretty with a slew of recognition is 25-time nominated “The Young and the Restless,” which turned 42 last week (its first episode aired March 26, 1973), “Days of Our Lives” with 16 nods, and “The Bold and the Beautiful” with 19. CBS leads the networks with 62; PBS and syndicated programming tie for 50, with ABC coming in third with a total of 35 nods. Hulu popped up with a surprise nomination for its series “East Los High,” about Latinos facing social and socio-economic hardship, recognized in the Outstanding New Approach to Drama category. Other Web-based nominees include “Anacostia,” the YouTube series about Washington D.C. suburbs featuring “As The World Turns” Emmy winner Martha Byrne,
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Secretary of State John Kerry Fined $50 For Not Shoveling His Sidewalk

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Secretary of State John Kerry Fined $50 For Not Shoveling His Sidewalk
Sorry, Mr. Secretary, but the king's funeral is no excuse. Secretary of State John Kerry was in Saudi Arabia with President Obama and the First Lady to attend the funeral of King Abdullah when winter storm Juno dumped about two feet of snow outside Kerry's brownstone back home in Boston. The white stuff sat in a pristine pile on his Beacon Hill sidewalk for two days. After Kerry was "snow shamed" by a camera-wielding Bostonian posting a citizen complaint online, the city slapped Kerry with a $50 fine on Thursday morning. By Thursday evening, the sidewalks were clear. "Diplomats - they're just like us.
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Edward Herrmann 1943-2014

Edward Herrmann 1943-2014
Some sad news to begin 2015: the character actor Edward Herrmann, perhaps best known for his patriarchal role in seven years of Gilmore Girls, died on New Year's Eve in New York aged 71.Herrmann was born in Washington, grew up in Michigan, went to university in Pennsylvania and studied acting in London. Starting out in theatre, he made his Broadway debut in 1972 in Michael Weller's Moonchildren, and won a Tony Award for his performance in George Bernard Shaw's Mrs. Warren's Profession four years later.Moving into television he had early roles in Beacon Hill and Valley Forge, and played President Franklin D. Roosevelt for the first time in Eleanor And Franklin in 1976. He would reprise Roosevelt the following year in Eleanor And Franklin: The White House Years; in Annie in 1982; and hosted the documentary Fdr: A Presidency Revealed in 2005. He also played unnamed presidents in TV movies Pandora's Clock and Atomic Train.
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Teen Wolf Review: “A Promise To The Dead” (Season 4, Episode 11)

Teen Wolf managed to squeeze a first date into the penultimate episode between run-ins with the berserkers, which added a little teen normalcy to the pending doom, but they had a little trouble making it through the evening at that pace.

Although Scott (Tyler Posey) and Kira (Arden Cho) skipped right past dinner and a movie (Star Wars, selected personally by Stiles), and opted for a more risque activity, their intimate evening is cut short when Kate (Jill Wagner) and her supernatural bodyguard crash the party. It looks like these two aren’t cut out for a “normal” relationship after all, and somehow that shouldn’t come as any real surprise to regular viewers of the show.

Peter’s (Ian Bohen) plan to take Scott out of the equation is almost a success story, until Kate decides to insert her own agenda in the master plan. Instead of taking him out in the loft,
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Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 8 Recap: Who Are The Martins?

Last night’s Teen Wolf began with Scott and Stiles going to Kira and Liam with a plan to keep Beacon Hill’s death rate down. Since the Benefactor needs visual proof in order to give payment for the killings, the plan is to make the Benefactor come to them to get it. In other words, Scott will have Kira shock him into a coma-like sleep that makes him appear to be dead. He’s rushed into the hospital and pronounced dead. Mom Melissa puts on an Oscar-worthy performance as a grieving Mom! Turns out she was in on the plan, but the … Continue reading →

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New Teen Wolf Season 4,Episode 5 Intense Spoiler Promo Clip Hit The Net

Last night, MTV served up the new promo/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming "Teen Wolf" episode 5 of season 4, and it appears to be pretty drama-filled and intriguing as Scott and Stiles find out professional killers are on the hunt to take out Beacon Hill supernaturals, Kira's nervous about playing lacrosse with the guys, and more. The episode is titled, "I.E.D." In the new,5th episode, Lydia will go searching for some extra help to find out more about her powers. Scott, Stiles, and Kira will team up to play in their first lacrosse game. Actor, J.R. Bourne will guest star as character Chris Argent. Episode 5 is scheduled to air on Monday night, July 21st at 9pm on MTV.
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“Teen Wolf” 4.03: A Fine Young Cannibal

Scott and Stiles must fight for their places on the lacrosse team. Meanwhile, people die horribly.

Previously on Teen Wolf…. The much beloved Sour Wolf was turned into a totes adorable Twink Wolf for reasons no sane human being could possibly understand. The Hales were revealed as one-percenters just before they were totally robbed by a Mysterious Person. Berzerkers showed up and hurt Scott’s feelings so bad he couldn’t get up and so Twink Wolf had to kick their asses for him, which turned him back into Sour Wolf, only now with golden wolfy eyes. And your recapper couldn’t keep his Nakimuras and Yukimuras straight even with IMDb there to help out.

We start off with another one of Beacon Hill’s budding underwear models outside his house looking for his kitty. He really pulls out all the stops in his search too. He looks left and
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Aaron Paul Goes 'Where Everybody Knows Your Name' in Boston

Aaron Paul Goes 'Where Everybody Knows Your Name' in Boston
Aaron Paul likes to go where everybody knows your name. The Breaking Bad star was in Boston for Wednesday night's screening of his new movie, Need for Speed, at the Loews Theater on the Common. After the film, he celebrated at one of the city's most famous watering holes. Along with a group of fans, Paul headed to Cheers in Boston's historic Beacon Hill area, where he spent the night mugging for selfies with fans and chatting up the crowd. Clad in a leather jacket and black knit hat, the star braved the frigid temperatures and sipped a mixed drink
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‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Stiles Discovers A Dark Secret About Himself

Plus: The power’s out in Beacon Hills, but that didn’t stop the gang from saving the day — and letting their hormones run wild!

When Derek’s (Tyler Hoechlin) away, the pack will play! On the Jan. 27 episode of Teen Wolf, a black-light rave at Derek’s abandoned loft seemed like the perfect way for everyone to blow off some steam — that is, until a few spooky-faced party crashers decided to spoil the fun.

Beacon Hills Ink

It all began when Lydia (Holland Roden) overheard the uninvited guests lurking in the shadows — she’s a banshee, remember? — then quickly fell victim to their wicked tattoo’d ways. In fact, several characters found themselves with a mysterious backwards “5″ behind their ear, but they didn’t exactly have time to decipher what that meant before a nasty fight ensued.

We still don’t know much about the weird, shadowy figures haunting
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Exclusive: Crystal Chappell Dishes Her Newest Web Series, Beacon Hill

She scored outrageous success with her landmark internet series Venice, now Emmy-winning actress-producer Crystal Chappell (Guiding Light, The Bold and the Beautiful) is about to bring us another web potboiler, Beacon Hill. The series, which begins streaming March 5, is set against the cutthroat world of Massachusetts politics and features lots of lesbian steam and a cast of daytime greats, including Sarah Brown (General Hospital), Alicia Minshew and Ricky Paull Goldin (All My Children), Tina Sloan and Ron Raines (Guiding Light), Melissa Archer, Jessica Morris and John-Paul Lavoisier (One Life to Live), Scott Bryce (As the World Turns) and Louise Sorel (Days of Our Lives). TV Guide Magazine caught up with the über-busy Chappell to get an exclusive preview.

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Alicia Minshew Talks Playing A Lesbian On Web Series ‘Beacon Hill’

Plus, the former ‘All My Children’ star shows HollywoodLife.com how to twerk!

During her tenure as Kendall Hart on ABC’s All My Children, Alicia Minshew was a busy girl. Faking pregnancies, facing murder charges and stealing grooms were all in a day’s work for the on-screen daughter of Susan Lucci‘s Erica Kane. But twerking? That was never one of Alicia’s many on-screen endeavours — until now.

Alicia recently paid a visit to HollywoodLife.com‘s New York office, and yes, we asked her if she knew how to twerk. But in our defense, this interview was conducted right after Miley Cyrus‘ Vma debacle — and, honestly, Alicia didn’t need much convincing.

It’s that kind of bold energy that made Alicia a fan-favorite for more than a decade on daytime, and now she’s directing that energy at a few really exciting projects. Along with 2013′s Desires of the Heart,
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Teen Wolf Review: “Unleashed” (Season 3, Episode 4)

In its first two seasons Teen Wolf pulled off some pretty spectacular storylines, and now we are finally getting a taste of what the show can do with twice as many episodes and half the rush.

There were some great moments on this episode of Teen Wolf, starting with a teacher that obviously hasn’t learned her lesson. Last week we saw Beacon Hill’s newest English teacher, Miss Blake (Haley Webb), find herself in a very wrong place at a very wrong time. Fortunately for her, she came out of it physically unharmed and with a real-life tragic hero to boot. And I’ll just go ahead and say what so many viewers were thinking, Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) can save me anytime!

The ominous music and preposterous empty hallway 20 minutes before school starts aside, Miss Blake and Derek’s face time was actually pretty sweet. If these two
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Jim's Notebook: Dexter, Teen Wolf and Under the Dome

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The summer doldrums aren’t being found on TV this month because June is offering some great series returns and one awesome new program that’s bound to get you hooked.

So let’s empty out this week’s Notebook with scoop on favorites such as Dexter, Teen Wolf and more...

Dexter Going into the final season of the Showtime thriller, the secrets about what’s coming on the Dexter Season 8 are bigger than ever – but how do newer actors on the show deal with so much secrecy about their own characters?

Sean Patrick Flanery (The Boondock Saints) recurs this summer as Jacob Elroy and says that he’s had to deal with being in the dark about some things in regard to his character: “I think everybody wants to know a little bit more,” he told me earlier this week. “It’s difficult to design a character when you
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DVD Review: Teen Wolf, Season Two

Genre: Sci-Fi | Action | Drama

Creator: Jeff Davis

Writers: Jeff Davis, Nick Antosca, Ned Vizzini

Directors: Russell Mulcahy, Tim Andrew

Cast: Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed, Dylan O’Brien, Holland Roden, Tyler Hoechlin, Colton Haynes


Teen Wolf” jumps full force into season two with even more suspenseful drama than season one. Scott McCall, a teenager with a wild secret, continues to find himself caught in a supernatural war between hunters and werewolves. Scott must keep his forbidden romance with Allison a secret while keeping his friends and family safe from new Alpha wolf Derek.

Trailer: Teen Wolf – Season 2 Official [HD]

Click here to view the embedded video.

I love this show. Like many, I rolled my eyes at the whole idea when I first heard of it; the movie wasn’t really my thing. But when I found myself sitting through their Comic Con panel before Season 1 had aired, I was convinced,
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‘Teen Wolf’s’ Haynes lands on ‘Arrow’ while ‘Horizon’ lands at USA and ‘Weird’ gets shelved

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We all know season one of MTV’s Teen Wolf was much better than season two. Part of the problem was there seemed no clear direction for the characters anymore. All the best parts that made the show so much better in season one, the relationships between Scott and Stiles, Derek and Stiles, Stiles and his dad, Scott and Allison, Stiles and Lydia, Scott and his Mom were pushed to the side lines in favor of a muddle mythology that you knew how was going to end when former Battlestar Galactica actor Michael Hogan arrived in episode one. You knew from the start that he was a prick and unredeemable so it made his mustache twirling more annoying than you would expect.

I also had issues with actress Eaddy Mays, who played Allison’s un-approving Mom. She was so cold, such a stereotype of a frigid woman –though Scott’s
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Taylor Swift Kisses Conor Kennedy on Cape Cod

Taylor Swift Kisses Conor Kennedy on Cape Cod
Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy's summer of love continued with another romantic weekend in Hyannis Port, Mass. The Grammy award winner, 22, and the Kennedy family scion, 18, were spotted Friday kissing on a dock, proving neither party is exactly shy when it comes to publicly affirming their relationship. Swift, who recently purchased a house in town, wore red shorts and a dark shirt with white polka dots, while Kennedy - the son of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and the late Mary Kennedy - wore a gray T-shirt and blue-and-white board shorts. Related: Hollywood's Romance with the KennedysOn Saturday, the couple attended
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Marvin Hamlisch, Oscar-Winning Film Composer, Dies At Age 68

A moment of silence seems inappropriate for the great film composer Marvin Hamlisch, who passed away in Los Angeles at the age of 68. The three-time Oscar winner contributed so many memorable scores to such beloved Hollywood features as Ice Castles, The Sting, The Way We Were and A Chorus Line that it seems more appropriate to play one of his soundtracks in honor of his dominant spirit. Very few details were made available regarding Hamlisch.s death, which was reported on People.com early Tuesday morning. The site confirms that the composer suffered .a brief illness. but didn.t confirm the cause of Hamlisch.s death. So instead, let.s celebrate his life. Known by many as .the people.s composer,. Hamlisch wrote more than 40 film scores and contributed theme songs for countless television programs, including Beacon Hill and Hot L Baltimore. Hamlisch penned the score for the 1977 Bond thriller
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Tonight on Teen Wolf: The New (Gila-Lizard) Monster Strikes Again. And Again. And Again...

Tonight on Teen Wolf: The New (Gila-Lizard) Monster Strikes Again. And Again. And Again...

With Derek recruiting werewolves quicker than a girl procreating life for a spot on Teen Mom, Scott has a lot to worry about on Teen Wolf. But with a new creature in town hacking up people left and right, Scott might will have to put his differences with Derek aside to battle the new threat in Beacon Hills.

Tonight, the Gila-Lizard Monster (Tvo's name for the new beast until a new one comes along) is front and center, gripping the entire town of Beacon Hill in fear. Especially the Hunters, who are clearly (at least to our knowledge) not ready to handle this new situation in front of them and will possibly blame the attacks on the werewolves in the area. But one thing is for sure from the trailer for tonight's episode: the creature
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'New Girl' rolls out True American Bus Tour in preparation for Season 2

Miss "New Girl" already? Yeah, us too. But if you live in one of 19 lucky U.S. cities, you might be able to hang on until the show comes back in the fall with the True American Bus Tour, which will bring Schmidt's birthday party bus through places like Boston, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago for some "New Girl"-themed fun.

The bus will bring exclusive videos, "New Girl" swag, and other fun things to beaches, bars, concerts and other party spots across the country. Pick up a pair of Jess' signature glasses or create your own "New Girl" T-shirt with one of the show's many (Many) catchphrases. You can also recreate the opening credits with your pals or play douchebag jar pong, which is pretty much amazing. Also: cupcakes. Need we say more?

Check out the schedule and see if the bus will stop anywhere near you:


Friday, June 8

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Teen Wolf: The End is Nigh... Comic Con Final Four Episodes Trailer

Chills. Chills I tell ya...

This weekend at Comic Con, MTV released a trailer for the final four episodes of its hit new drama Teen Wolf and if you haven't seen it yet, then boy are you in for a treat.

The storyline ramps up as Allison will get closer and closer to her destiny as a werewolf slayer, the Argents will get even more menacing (i.e., Mama Argent), Stiles will be in deep you-know-what with the Hunters, and Scott? Well saying that his life gets even more complicated is the understatement of the century.

Seems like that death of a regular character is coming pretty soon as well, and it might be the catalyst to push people even further towards their fated positions, but will these teens of Beacon Hills fight fate or let it consume them whole?

Take a peek at the trailer and tell me how
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