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8 Jan. 1981
Dietrich feels guilty and resigns when he shoots a felon. A playwright assaults an incompetent actor.
15 Jan. 1981
Field Associate
The detectives are edgy because someone is sending specific information about them to Internal Affairs. Harris sets up a reunion between an elderly cat burglar and his wife who reported him missing years ago.
22 Jan. 1981
Movie: Part 1
Harris is assigned to direct a pornographic movie for an investigation. An former-generation radio news reporter assaults a young television anchor.
29 Jan. 1981
Movie: Part 2
Audience members at the screening of Harris' over-budget film include a blind mugging victim and an overeager charity collector.
5 Feb. 1981
The Psychic
A mugger claims he was following a psychic vision. A language professor vandalizes a grammatically incorrect billboard.
12 Feb. 1981
Stormy Weather
Barney anxiously waits for news about Wojo who chased a looter into the Hudson River. A deaf woman is arrested for prostitution.
19 Feb. 1981
The Librarian
A gypsy has an incredibly compelling motive for harassing the owner of a novelty store. A librarian takes extreme measures to enforce quiet among her patrons.
26 Feb. 1981
Wojo asks Barney's daughter out on a date. A sporting goods store owner takes the law in his own hands. Arnold Ripner sues Harris over the lawyer's portrayal in the detective's novel.
12 Mar. 1981
Contempt: Part 1
Barney is charged with contempt of court when he refuses to name an informant. A restaurant may have refused to serve a man because of his appearance.
19 Mar. 1981
Contempt: Part 2
While Barney spends the night in jail for contempt of court, Harris supervises the squad room.
26 Mar. 1981
The Doll
An expensive doll is abducted for ransom. A man claims he was swindled out of a ticket on the space shuttle. Luger names Barney as a beneficiary in his will.
9 Apr. 1981
Lady and the Bomb
A woman threatens to blow up the squad room with a homemade bomb. The jury reaches a verdict in Harris's libel suit. Retired Detective Phil Fish drops in for a visit.
30 Apr. 1981
Luger turns a small disturbance with the Hassidic community into a full-blown riot. The squad discovers a survivalist couple setting up their housekeeping in the sewers.
7 May 1981
The Vests
The detectives object to wearing their new bulletproof vests. Luger interviews the detectives in case of the need for an obituary.
14 May 1981
The Rainmaker
The officers arrest a rainmaker, only to discover that he was hired by the drought-ridden city. Wojo, Harris, and Dietrich each consider applying for a job opening in vice.
21 May 1981
Harris is forced to liquidate his possessions to pay the judgment in Arnold Ripner's lawsuit.
29 Oct. 1981
Wojo is proved innocent in a paternity suit, but at a price. An angry patron vandalizes a theater. A beauty queen is robbed.
5 Nov. 1981
Harris signs a contract for a new book. A lottery winner seeks revenge when the ticket seller loses his winning ticket. Luger manipulates Barney into writing a letter to his mail-order bride.
12 Nov. 1981
The Car
A car thief's conscience haunts him twenty-five years after the fact. An overzealous sanitation officer goes haywire. Levitt saves a child from certain danger.
19 Nov. 1981
A disorderly conduct report leads to a man who insists he's possessed by an evil spirit. A husband is arrested for forcing his wife into designer jeans.
26 Nov. 1981
Stress Analyzer
A Peace Corps recruiter goes overboard at a job fair. Dietrich volunteers for a department stress experiment.
10 Dec. 1981
A computer game processor manufacturer is accused of espionage. An U. S. Army Specialist supplements her income as a prostitute.
17 Dec. 1981
The precinct is overrun with vagrants on Christmas. A merchant uses a cattle rod as his weapon of choice. A greeting card writer snaps.

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