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3 Jan. 1980
People's Court
Weary apartment dwellers band together to catch a burglar. A census taker takes drastic measures to count an unco-operative target.
10 Jan. 1980
Vanished: Part 1
Harris poses as a vagrant to go undercover to solve a string of crimes, and then he disappears. A woman wants Wojo or Dietrich to make a baby with her.
17 Jan. 1980
Vanished: Part 2
Harris disappears while going undercover as a vagrant. Luger chooses to be demoted rather than to retire.
24 Jan. 1980
The Child Stealers
Marty's friend Mr. Driscoll tries to reclaim his son by kidnapping him from a playground. A self-proclaimed time traveler advises Harris to adjust his stock portfolio.
31 Jan. 1980
A rash of unusual robberies leads to an eccentric gun collector. A man who is trying to recover his television set robs the police vault. Wojo fears that a depressed Luger is planning to commit suicide.
7 Feb. 1980
Uniform Day
The staff serve the annual department-mandated ritual day in uniform, except Harris who wears his customary three-piece suit.
28 Feb. 1980
Dietrich's Arrest: Part 1
Dietrich is arrested for participating in an anti-nuclear rally. A lottery winner dispenses of his prize money by throwing it out a window. Barney discovers he can't afford his apartment now that it is being converted into a condominium.
6 Mar. 1980
Dietrich's Arrest: Part 2
Harris is assigned to book Dietrich, whose arrest earns a visit from Internal Affairs. A nuclear engineer is arrested for splashing participants with atomic water.
27 Mar. 1980
The Architect
An architect decides to blow up his own building.
1 May 1980
The Inventor
An inventor steals the plans for his own invention. The squad tries hypnosis to uncover the name of a criminal that Wojo can't remember.
8 May 1980
Barney is discouraged at being passed over yet again for promotion to the rank of deputy inspector.
30 Oct. 1980
Homicide: Part 1
The department restructures precincts into specialty squads. Luger gets the 12th assigned as a homicide squad. A man murders his barber. A woman hires a hit man to kill her husband and then changes her mind.
6 Nov. 1980
Homicide: Part 2
Barney's frustration boils over when the new homicide-only edict results in the death of an old friend. Dietrich tracks down the hit man's intended target. Harris woos the precinct's crime photographer.
13 Nov. 1980
The Delegate
A drunk and disorderly man turns out to be a delegate from the 1976 Democratic convention. Barney discovers that the newly assigned Officer Nash is not really a police officer.
27 Nov. 1980
The precinct's newest detective is convinced that his colleagues are on the take and asks not to be included.
11 Dec. 1980
Agent Orange
Wojo takes a personal interest in a fellow vet whose crime spree may be related to Agent Orange exposure during the Vietnam War. A domestic dispute occurs at the Brauer household when their apartment building becomes "clothing optional."
18 Dec. 1980
Call Girl
The precinct is besieged by a large group of prostitutes. Dorsey develops a protective stance with a young one. Harris receives stock tips from another. Dietrich is tempted by all of them as he experiments with celibacy.

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