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5 Jan. 1978
The Bank
A man wants a sperm bank charged with murder after the bank's lab accidentally destroys the man's last available sample.
12 Jan. 1978
The Ghost
The police do not believe a man who claims he's being visited by a poltergeist. Then they put the man in jail, and strange events begin occurring about the squad room.
19 Jan. 1978
Yemana is hospitalized with appendicitis. Guests to the jail include a sugar addict and an aging bounty hunter.
26 Jan. 1978
A woman wants her husband arrested on a rape charge. A master of disguise perpetuates a crime spree. To Yemana's delight, the city legalizes off-track betting.
2 Feb. 1978
Eviction: Part 1
Barney defies authority and refuses to evict the tenants of a condemned hotel. Luger tries to decide how to spend his vacation time.
9 Feb. 1978
Eviction: Part 2
A SWAT team is now involved with the hotel situation. Dietrich learns the identity of his amnesic girlfriend.
23 Feb. 1978
Wojo's Problem
Barney would rather not know the details of Wojo's most recent difficulty. The new female detective's husband is suspicious of her co-workers. A shoplifter escapes-in a wheelchair.
2 Mar. 1978
Quo Vadis?
Barney's been shot! The startling news paralyzes the precinct with dread and provokes Liz to draw the line. An elderly woman strenuously objects to the nude paintings on display in an art gallery.
23 Mar. 1978
A prisoner holds the squad at gunpoint. A ventriloquist insists he's not responsible for his dummy's insensitive remarks. Harris finally finds an apartment in the Village.
4 May 1978
A porno shop reporting vandalism turns out to be a mom-and-pop operation being hassled by the parents' children. Harris arrests a numerologist who will only give his name as "1223." The squad members await their evaluations.
11 May 1978
The Sighting
A man liquidates all of his assets into gold, much to his wife's dismay. Wojo claims he saw a UFO over Staten Island.
18 May 1978
Harris does some intensive soul searching when he's offered a job on the mayor's security team.
14 Sep. 1978
Kidnapping: Part 1
A political activist kidnaps a department store magnate. Wojo arrests a prostitute and her business manager.
14 Sep. 1978
Kidnapping: Part 2
Wojo delivers the ransom money for the kidnapped department store owner. The prostitute charms Wojo and the victim's son.
21 Sep. 1978
The Search
The officers reopen a 28-year-old missing persons case. The host of a children's science show goes berserk. Harris takes a turn at cross-dressing mugging detail.
28 Sep. 1978
Dog Days
Wojo is bitten by a German Shepherd that may be rabid. The Millers prepare for their impending separation.
5 Oct. 1978
The Baby Broker
A German woman attempts to escape the country rather than surrender her baby to a baby broker's clients. Levitt resorts to stimulants to maintain his self-imposed thirty-six-hour shift.
12 Oct. 1978
The Accusation
An accusation against Dietrich leads to a visit from Lieutenant Scanlon of Internal Affairs. Yemana arrests a rabbi who is running a gambling casino in his synagogue.
19 Oct. 1978
The Prisoner
A prisoner released after serving his sentence has difficulty adjusting to civilian life. A cat burglar's widow continues the family business.
2 Nov. 1978
Loan Shark
Harris arrests a young loan shark. Barney notes some uncharacteristic behavior from Yemana. A tattoo artist refuses to remove his work from a client.
9 Nov. 1978
The Vandal
Barney suspects Levitt of vandalizing the squad room. A TV programming executive is assaulted in a coffee shop.
30 Nov. 1978
The Harris Incident
A rookie cop assumes Harris is a felon and shoots at him. A stockbroker leaves Wall Street to become a beggar.
7 Dec. 1978
The Radical
A shoplifting suspect turns out to be a wanted 1960s-era radical, whose raging about the Vietnam War stirs up passions and polarizes the precinct. An overweight burglar becomes the butt of jokes.
14 Dec. 1978
Combatting toy makers create a disturbance. A claustrophobic prisoner has a problem with the jail cell. Barney faces his first holiday as a separated man.

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