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23 Jan. 1975
When a drug addict holds the precinct hostage, Captain Barney Miller has to talk him out of it.
30 Jan. 1975
A bomber targets the 12th Precinct. Fish contemplates retirement.
6 Feb. 1975
Snow Job
The squad guards a department store payroll. A flasher attempts suicide in the bathroom.
13 Feb. 1975
Barney's friend is assigned to investigate allegations of corruption in the 12th precinct. Chano pursues an obscene phone caller.
20 Feb. 1975
The Courtesans
A prostitute threatens harassment charges against Wojo. Rachel wants her own apartment.
27 Feb. 1975
Nosy neighbors interfere with a stakeout operation.
6 Mar. 1975
Among others, the 12th hosts a drunken bureaucrat and the 12-year-old who robbed Chano's apartment. Wojo forces the precinct's favorite deli closed for minor health code infractions.
13 Mar. 1975
Ms. Cop
An overeager female officer disrupts the all-male squad. Chano arrests an obscene phone caller.
20 Mar. 1975
Inspector Luger visits Barney to complain that the public doesn't dislike his men enough. Wojo arrests a cross-dressing teamster. A neighborhood vigilante is "over the hill."
27 Mar. 1975
The Guest
The Precinct reluctantly guards a Mafia witness. Chano uses his fellow officers' cash reserve to set up a narcotics buy.
10 Apr. 1975
Escape Artist
Barney holds a resourceful escaped prisoner for the FBI. A self-declared "bird-man" drops in. Harris decides to write a novel.
17 Apr. 1975
A Serpico replica joins the squad temporarily. Bernice discovers that Fish spent the afternoon in a massage parlor.
1 May 1975
The Hero
Chano kills two bank robbers. Liz makes a citizen's arrest of her assailant -- an eight-year-old boy.
11 Sep. 1975
A disgruntled man wearing a belt of dynamite threatens to detonate himself and the squad room. Wojo arrests a fraudulent priest. The squad room plumbing goes haywire.
18 Sep. 1975
The Social Worker
Liz tires of housework and tries her hand at social work, to Barney's dismay. Harris is intrigued by a master forger.
25 Sep. 1975
The Layoff
A city-wide labor layoff forces Barney, Fish, and Yemana to do without the services of Chano, Harris and Wojo. A morose stockbroker resorts to petty theft.
2 Oct. 1975
Yemana is shot in plain sight of disinterested bystanders. Barney is offered a job in Florida.
9 Oct. 1975
Heat Wave
A wife claims spousal abuse. Wojo and Wentworth go undercover to catch a park rapist.
16 Oct. 1975
The Arsonist
The officers look out for an arsonist. Chano arrests a man who assaulted a vending machine with a deadly weapon.
23 Oct. 1975
Grand Hotel
Wojo and Wentworth go undercover as a married couple to break up a burglary ring set in an upscale hotel.
30 Oct. 1975
Marty claims that a member of the precinct is harassing the gay community. The precinct computers have recorded Fish as dead.
13 Nov. 1975
You Dirty Rat
Two kilos of confiscated marijuana disappears from the evidence locker. A homeless man spends his nights in a a series of department stores.
20 Nov. 1975
Horse Thief
A hansom cab owner reports his horse as missing. A man is assaulted in his hotel room; yet he insists he was alone.
27 Nov. 1975
The squad must work through the precinct roof threatening to collapse from the rain and a nightclub comic's Bicentennial jokes.
4 Dec. 1975
A look at Fish's home life results when he decides to go on restricted duty. Steve Landesberg steps in as Arthur Dietrich. Doris Belack substitutes for Florence Stanley as Bernice Fish.
11 Dec. 1975
Hot Dogs
A man is convinced that a photo of Jean Harlow is of his missing wife. A pair of female officers makes an overzealous drug bust.
18 Dec. 1975
Citizens are in a panic over rumors that the 12th Precinct is being shut down. A repentant hood can't prove that he committed a crime.

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