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Season 5

14 Sep. 1978
Kidnapping: Part 1
A political activist kidnaps a department store magnate. Wojo arrests a prostitute and her business manager.
14 Sep. 1978
Kidnapping: Part 2
Wojo delivers the ransom money for the kidnapped department store owner. The prostitute charms Wojo and the victim's son.
21 Sep. 1978
The Search
The officers reopen a 28-year-old missing persons case. The host of a children's science show goes berserk. Harris takes a turn at cross-dressing mugging detail.
28 Sep. 1978
Dog Days
Wojo is bitten by a German Shepherd that may be rabid. The Millers prepare for their impending separation.
5 Oct. 1978
The Baby Broker
A German woman attempts to escape the country rather than surrender her baby to a baby broker's clients. Levitt resorts to stimulants to maintain his self-imposed thirty-six-hour shift.
12 Oct. 1978
The Accusation
An accusation against Dietrich leads to a visit from Lieutenant Scanlon of Internal Affairs. Yemana arrests a rabbi who is running a gambling casino in his synagogue.
19 Oct. 1978
The Prisoner
A prisoner released after serving his sentence has difficulty adjusting to civilian life. A cat burglar's widow continues the family business.
2 Nov. 1978
Loan Shark
Harris arrests a young loan shark. Barney notes some uncharacteristic behavior from Yemana. A tattoo artist refuses to remove his work from a client.
9 Nov. 1978
The Vandal
Barney suspects Levitt of vandalizing the squad room. A TV programming executive is assaulted in a coffee shop.
30 Nov. 1978
The Harris Incident
A rookie cop assumes Harris is a felon and shoots at him. A stockbroker leaves Wall Street to become a beggar.
7 Dec. 1978
The Radical
A shoplifting suspect turns out to be a wanted 1960s-era radical, whose raging about the Vietnam War stirs up passions and polarizes the precinct. An overweight burglar becomes the butt of jokes.
14 Dec. 1978
Combatting toy makers create a disturbance. A claustrophobic prisoner has a problem with the jail cell. Barney faces his first holiday as a separated man.
4 Jan. 1979
The Indian
Wojo is forced to arrest an aging Indian who only wants to die in the park. A woman's shoes are stolen-from her feet.
11 Jan. 1979
Voice Analyzer
Lieutenant Scanlon tries to hunt corruption with a lie detector. Barney suspects a furrier's robbery report.
18 Jan. 1979
The Spy
A paranoid spy holds the squad room at bay. The officers bring in a disorderly mime.
25 Jan. 1979
Wojo's Girl: Part 1
Wojo decides to move in with his girlfriend. A man tells his wife that he's leaving to become a mercenary.
25 Jan. 1979
Wojo's Girl: Part 2
Wojo struggles to co-exist with his girlfriend, a former prostitute.
1 Feb. 1979
Middle Age
Barney feels the aging process. Dietrich arrests an aging Olympic hopeful who practices his javelin toss in Central Park. A Hassidic Jew is the target of a diamond thief.
8 Feb. 1979
The Counterfeiter
Harris pumps a counterfeiter for his life story. A man takes exception to a cosmetic surgeon's work on his wife.
15 Feb. 1979
Open House
The precinct hosts an open house that attracts only vagrants. Wojo and Harris try to get a lead on an arsonist. Barney's enthusiasm in moving back home is tempered by the hotel manager who refuses to refund him his upcoming month's rent.
1 Mar. 1979
The precinct is asked to assist a thief who is entering a witness relocation program. Harris quickly regrets the fact that Dietrich has saved his life.
15 Mar. 1979
Computer Crime
A computer firm has difficulty retrieving embezzled funds. An educated young man claims to be under the influence of a voodoo curse.
10 May 1979
Graveyard Shift
The squad face the late shift with an irate tourist and a man who believes that he is being frequented by a succubus.
17 May 1979
Jack Soo, a Retrospective
The death of Jack Soo in 1979 marked the passing of both a fine comedy actor and one of TV's most memorable characters: Nick Yemana, the deadpan detective known for his dry wit and wretched coffee. This tribute to Soo features reminiscences by the series regulars as well as some notable Yemana vignettes--Nick's curious response to an ink-blot test administered by a police psychiatrist; his attraction to a Japanese woman who turns out to be a hooker; and his inability to stop singing after he innocently eats brownies laced with hashish.

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