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17 Jan. 1975
He'll Never See Daylight
After Baretta busts a small time numbers racket his girlfriend is shot and killed. He looks to come up with a plan that will allow him to seek revenge while making sure he stays on the right side of the law.
24 Jan. 1975
The 5½ Pound Junkie
After Baretta's childhood friend Eddie is killed, he takes on the obligation of a pregnant widow who is addicted to smack. He "kidnaps" her in an attempt to wean her off drugs to prevent the baby's being born addicted as well. His CI helps Baretta get justice.
31 Jan. 1975
Woman in the Harbor
Baretta meets a parole officer friend (John Shockley) returning from Mexico. Just after telling Baretta that he had seen a former parolee alive and well (in spite of being declared a suicide by drowning a few months earlier), Shockley is the victim of a deliberate hit-and-run. Baretta encounters official resistance to reopening the case, a befuddled grieving mother and a violent gangland attempt to find the "dead" woman and her accomplice.
7 Feb. 1975
If You Can't Pay the Price...
Thugs hijack a drug shipment in Mexico, killing a guard and loading it onto trucks en route to Los Angeles. Baretta realizes that the drugs are destined for an old mobster and puts him under constant -- and obvious -- surveillance. It's so obvious that the mobster gets to know Baretta and even to create a semblance of friendship with him. By the end of Act Four, the mobster has served up his nephew (who was the driving force behind the robbery) to Baretta for arrest. Baretta is grateful, but in the tag he and the mobster sit on the mobster's front porch -- jointly ...
14 Feb. 1975
The Half-Million Dollar Baby
Baretta's current lady is a messed-up photographer. After a bust of counterfeit money being sold for a half million dollars, the real money is nowhere to be found--except by the lady photog. Baretta is suspected of the grab, pursued by the criminals, and hassled by his bosses. When his girl suddenly packs up to go, Baretta finally gets it, but he is almost too late!
5 Nov. 1975
A Bite of the Apple
A mob leader is dying and he has a notebook detailing extensive criminal activities that the police and other gangsters want. He entrusts it to his fiance Holly Dean who comes under Baretta's protection.
17 Dec. 1975
Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth
Baretta faces a difficult task in protecting a murder suspect from mobsters. The man can clear one of Baretta's fellow officers of a bogus claim of homicide.

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