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Athos: You will find, young man, that the future looks rosiest through the bottom of a glass.

Porthos: [to Athos, who is about to duel D'Artagnan] Are you fighting this, er, fellow? But I'm meeting him meself.

D'Artagnan: But not till one o'clock, sir.

Aramis: Oh, no no no. I'm to fight him this afternoon.

D'Artagnan: At two o'clock, sir.

Athos: How long have you been in Paris?

D'Artagnan: Since eight o'clock this morning.

Athos: You waste little time, sir.

D'Artagnan: My father recommended that I fight duels.

Athos: [laughs] Well! Let us hope you can do him some credit, hm?

D'Artagnan: Your Grace's pardon, I had forgotten: England is an island. How do I get off?

Sea Captain: This pass is for one person.

D'Artagnan: I am only one person. That is a servant.

Cardinal Richelieu: Who is the man that accuses you?

Bonacieux: [Rochefort enters and Bonacieux points at him] That! That is the man!

Count Rochefort: Take him away.

Bonacieux: That is *not* the man!

Rochefort: This d'Artagnan... he lodges with you, does he not? We will find Monsieur d'Artagnan a suitable lodging in the Bastille for the time being.

M. Bonancieux: And afterwards?

Rochefort: [coldly] Once in the Bastille, there is no afterwards.

D'Artagnan: Well, if I am to be killed; at least it will be by a Musketeer.

Duke of Buckingham: [the Musketeers have unwittingly rescued the Duke of Buckingham from Richilieu's men] I could have managed on my own, but my thanks for your assistance, gentlemen.

[quickly exits]

Porthos: [looks after him, then to Athos] Who was that?

Athos: I don't know, but he sounded a touch foreign to me. Didn't he?

[D'Artagnan is trying to seduce Constance after rescuing her]

Constance: They dragged me from my bed.

D'Artagnan: Bed? That's the best place for you, bed.

Rochefort: [commenting on D'Artagnan's horse] Decidedly it is someone riding a buttercup. Unless it is a cheese with legs.

Aramis: Discretion is the better part of vanity.

Porthos: I don't understand. I know the one about valor, though I don't agree. I can't be discreet about how valiant I am, shouldn't be asked.

Rochefort: If you were a gentleman, I would speak to you. I was speaking *at* you, sir.

Treville: Your father says that you carry his old sword, M. D'Artagnan.

D'Artagnan: Yes.

Treville: [Clears his throat and extends his hand. D'Artagnan produces the sword, which has been broken off quite short] Oh. Do me the honor of taking one on loan until yours grows longer.

D'Artagnan: Sir, I ask charity of no one.

Treville: Then you aren't likely to get it, are you, young man?

[Softens tone]

Treville: No, not charity. Love and courtesy for the son of an old friend, to keep his enemies an inch or two further off.

Athos: I fight just as well with my left hand. If you find that this places you at a disadvantage, I do apologize.

Jussac: We have a duty to suppress disorder and arrest brawlers. Put up your swords and come along with us.

Athos: Impossible.

Porthos: Unthinkable.

Aramis: Unlikely.

Rochefort: I failed. One does occasionally.

Cardinal Richelieu: If I blundered as you do, my head would fall.

Rochefort: I would say from a greater height than mine, Eminence.

Cardinal Richelieu: You would?

Rochefort: The height of vaulting ambition.

Cardinal Richelieu: You have none?

Rochefort: No.

Cardinal Richelieu: Do you fear me, Rochefort?

Rochefort: Yes, I fear you, Eminence. I also hate you.

Cardinal Richelieu: I love you, my son. Even when you fail.

M. Bonancieux: The Bastille! Well, I tell you, I don't want to go to the Bastille! Because it's got very deep dungeons and terrible instruments of torture operated by very unsympathetic men! And they snip very important parts off people!

D'Artagnan: Now, that man in his time has insulted me, broken my father's sword, had me clubbed to the ground, laid violent hands on the woman I love! He is inconvenient.

Duke of Buckingham: How can I ever repay you?

D'Artagnan: My Lord, let us understand one another. You are an Englishman and an enemy of France. You owe me no debt. What I have done, I've done for the Queen.

Lady de Winter: Your Eminence is a great player - great enough to lose. I do not like to lose.

Cardinal Richelieu: You must suit yourself, Milady. But if in the end you should, do it with a becoming grace.

Duke of Buckingham: Come, sirs, we must bustle!

[he strides off with the two exhausted Frenchmen trailing behind him]

D'Artagnan: Come Planchet, we must... bustle.

Planchet: [bitterly] Oh good. I like bustling.

D'Artagnan: Oh, My - my darling, forgive me. I, uh, my lord, what can I say? I - I love her, and I was jealous.

Duke of Buckingham: A perfectly excellent reason for attacking a stranger in the dark. Would you oblige me in a small matter sir?

D'Artagnan: Anything, my Lord.

Duke of Buckingham: Madam and I are going to the palace. We must not be seen. If anyone should try to follow us, would you be good enough to kill him? Thank you.

Cardinal Richelieu: They have won, we have lost. The point, that is; the game continues.

D'Artagnan: [He has delivered the Queen's letter to Buckingham; Buckingham has read and hands it back to him. D'Artagnan looks at it helplessly] I... I'm afraid I can't read.

D'Artagnan: [to Constance] I love you and you love me... or if you do not, there's something wrong with you.

Athos: [to d'Artagnan referring to the purse Porthos took from a member of the Cardinal's Guard] The Musketeers' motto, young man, is "All for One and One for All", which loosely translated means ten for him, ten for him, ten for you and ten for me.

Palace Guard: [d'Artagnan has tried to pull a large carpet from under a group of guards] He's torn our carpet!

Jussac: [he and his men are chasing Planchet, who's in a bear costume] Guards, after him! Follow that bear!

Duke of Buckingham: [watching a laundress clean a shirt on her bare leg] I shall wear my shirts in future with more respect!

M. Bonancieux: [his hands are being chained behind him before being tortured] It hurts!

Torturer: It's *supposed* to hurt!

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