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Cheap, stupid, tacky, ridiculous, inept, sleazy...
capkronos6 May 2003
In other words...a must see! Five minutes into this epic genre masterpiece you'll forget that wannabe horror films like PSYCHO and THE EXORCIST even exist. SHRIEK truly is the one.

Four college students are invited by a professor to go to a secluded island to investigate reports of a killer Yeti/Abominable Snowman. But First they attend a happenin' 70s party complete with groovy music, fashions and that legendary disco instrumental "Popcorn," which sounds like a bunch of kernels popping. A guy walking in accidentally bumps his head on a low-hanging ceiling light! Another professor from the college warns the four students not to go, but his wife nags him and wants to leave. When the couple return home he cuts her neck open with an electric carving knife!! He jumps into the bathtub fully clothed and cracks open a beer, when his still-alive wife crawls in the room, throws in a toaster that isn't even plugged in and electrocutes him!

The four students decide to go anyway and are attacked and killed by an awful white creature that looks more like THE SHAGGY DOG than a Yeti. The filmmakers decided it would be best to blur out of the face of the monster so we never even get a good look at it. But wait! There's more! The monster is actually (surprise!) a guy dressed up, and the island is home to a cannibal clan who want the students as dinner. Wow!

Full of hilariously awful acting, dialogue, FX and editing, this effort from the untoppable husband and wife team of Michael and Roberta Findlay is a laugh riot that deserves a cult following. It belongs with PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE at the top of the so-bad-it's-good genre. More people should see it. For fans of this stuff, it's a classic.

(Quality) Score: 1 out of 10 (And I mean that in a good way!)
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A yeti in Westchester county, NY???
ZEE-1115 April 2002
If you can get past the premise of a killer yeti dwelling in some guy's back yard, this isn't THAT bad of a movie. I think it was well intentioned, but misses it's mark with amusing results. In fact, it has become one of my favorite time wasters. Indeed it has all the markings of a good bad movie, including incredible dialogue, cheesy makeup (the yeti looks like a fluffy half man ape wearing fuzzy cowboy chaps and I believe if you stop frame the scenes, he is wearing white tennis shoes!). All this combined with the most gullible group of college students in film (all right, one of the most gullible). The closing "breakfast" scene offers some genuine creeps. Watch for scenes changing from day to night and sunny to rainy and then back again! Cult material deluxe. Watch this with your favorite beverage and ENJOY!
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A few cheap shocks, but pretty tedious.
jim riecken (youroldpaljim)17 November 2001
Warning: Spoilers
I first saw this film back in the eighties on "Commander USA's Goovie Movies." This must be one of schlockiest seventies movies he ever showed. The film had a few good shocks, like the death by toaster scene, but I found this film mostly pretty tedious. The phony bigfoot costume, which looks like Santa Claus in an angora sweater and pants,would not have fooled anyone.

For those who have not read the plot summary, the film is about a cult of cannibals who have a guy dressed in a fake bigfoot costume to scare people away from the island where they hold their feasts. This kind of plot contrivance, having the fantastic element turn out to be a trick has always annoyed me. When will film makers ever realize no one likes films like this? This has turned up in films as far back as the twenties and still pops up in made for T.V. movies today. A guy running around in big foot costume would not scare people away, it would attract them! In real life reports of bigfoots, aliens, lake monsters, haunted houses only attract hordes of the curious. The island should have been over run by guys with shot guns trying to be the first guy to "bag" a bigfoot! The only good film where the fantastic events turn out to be a trick is MARK OF THE VAMPIRE (1935), and even that films ending disappoints its admirers.
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They don't make 'em like this anymore
benzing21 August 2001
Yes, I'm another one of those "Did I see this as a youngster or was I dreaming" types. I saw this on "Shock Theater" with Dr. Creep in the late seventies on Ch. 22 WKEF out of Dayton, Ohio and it scarred me for life. What a bizarre and twisted plot for a movie. The "Popcorn", "White Meat or Dark" and "Death by Toaster" scenes alone should guarentee this piece of Drive-In filler a place in the halls of 70s horror history forever.
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What can I say? This DVD ROCKS!!!!
rackafrackus25 November 2003
Warning: Spoilers
**Contains Spoilers**

Granted, the song "Popcorn" has been replaced on the soundtrack--a loss to lovers of fine music everywhere--and the acting, production values and cheat storyline aren't any better; but the DVD represents the most complete version of this film to be seen in decades. Restored gore highlights include the electric-knife murder (to the extent that the bargain-basement filmmakers could shoot such a scene to begin with); a pre-credits decapitation that seems to have been tacked on just for cheap laffs; a longer shot of one character's torn-off leg; the mass stabbing of another character by hungry cannibals; and the most over-the-top villain, Laughing Crow, making stew with veggies and a human head.

Having suffered for years with the censored TV print released on VHS in the mid-1980s, I found the recent DVD release to be a cause for celebration. Watch this DVD along with INVASION OF THE BLOOD FARMERS and celebrate the glory of drive-in days gone by.
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Wow what a stinker
thecarczar19 September 2004
I'm sorry to say I saw this one back in the 70's at a Drive In.We all laughed at it for months.We tried to determine if it was filmed in someones back yard and what the total budget was.The canniblism aspect was a good spin though.This movie was very good for laughs and comments like " Hey who's idea was it to watch this one?"I think it ranks right up there with Plan 9 ,Microwave Massacre and even Ishtar.Make sure you drink heavily when you watch it.It makes it easier.I do recommend it.Do not spend more than 2 bucks if possible.I would also recommend that you do not watch this one on a first date.Wait till at least the third,and it may even just be your last.
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Are You Being Served?
BaronBl00d25 November 1999
Well, take four studious grad students desiring to impress their professor on a weekend jaunt to "Boot" Island(Heaven knows where that is...but by the looks of the area I would say Upstate New York), a professor intent on finding the Yetti(in New York no less), and a mixture of cheap special effects, implausible situations, horrendous acting, and a lively tune called Popcorn and you have the makings of a great film ...right? Well maybe not great, but certainly entertaining. This film is a joy to behold for lovers of bad films and is thoroughly entertaining on that level. The story is about how four students are invited on a hunt to find a Yetti only to discover they find themselves the meat d'jour on the menu for some evil cult. The film has some wonderful moments of really inspiring bad acting as well as some of the corniest dialogue around.
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Shriek of the Unprepared Viewer
Andrew Leavold19 February 2004
In between porno projects, the Findlays found time to dabble in horror like the infamous 1976 release Snuff and their Yeti movie Shriek Of The Mutilated, with Michaeldirecting and editing and Roberta on camera duties. Yet even their non-sexploitation films have a very similar feel - they merely play like porn films without the porn. So prepare yourselves for a frustrating experience - bad library music, bad sets stacked with bad furniture, filled with bad actors with bad haircuts and worse comb-overs yelling the most pointless exposition and wretched dialogue that at best can be described as "florid". I repeat: BAD. And that doesn't begin to describe the joy of how appallingly wonderful the film is.

Shriek... begins with a group of college kids at a party preparing for a field trip set up by their obsessed professor Dr Prell to bag a real-life sasquatch. Amidst the general boogying to that hideous 70s song "Popcorn" and popping corn, an ex-teacher and now janitor grabs a bottle of vodka and goes nuts relating the story of how his last group of students were torn to pieces by an unspeakable abomination. "They said no more field trips!" he spits out, before going home and carving up his girlfriend with an electric knife. Why? She dropped his second bottle of vodka. Nuts, I tells ya.

Undeterred, the kids press on, and wind up at the country estate of Prell's associate Dr Werner, an odd duck in a turtleneck whose interest in Native American folklore extends to employing a Red Indian hatchet manservant named Laughing Crow. Not that Laughing Boy ever cracks a smile, particularly when the kids start getting picked off one by one by what appears to be a car seat cover with plastic Dracula fangs or the first screen appearance of Chewbacca, take your pick. Which thrills Dr Prell no end, as it proves the Yeti exists, and he uses the classmates' bodies as bait, much to the horror of young Karen who screams her disapproval to anyone within earshot: "You're a madman!" and a thousand variations on that theme.

Of course, something more sinister is at work, and the revelation upon revelation in the final ten minutes add up to one of the nuttiest endings I can remember from ANY horror movie, Seventies or otherwise. And that's really saying something. To get to that moment, however, you have to endure some of the most excruciating brow acting from the doctors, two unmitigated hams who are convinced the angle of the eyebrow is in direct correlation to each scene's level of intrigue. Be glad it's NOT one of the Findlays' porn efforts, or you'd see them raise more than an eyebrow.

To cap an extraordinary career, Michael Findlay's death was like a bad B movie ending: on his way to demonstrate his new 3 D camera, he was decapitated by a helicopter's blades (and don't you wish his 3-D camera was rolling at the time). Such is the karmic nature of the Beast. Then again, if he'd made kids films, he would probably have been torn to pieces by homeless alcoholic Santas. In the overall scheme of things, there should be no forgiveness for films like this one - a porno in a boiler suit, a gore film without a money shot, a bad film but still a GREAT bad film.
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White meat or dark?
sol121830 September 2003
A film so awful that even the biggest bad movie lovers would run for their lives as soon as they see the opening credits.

"Shrike of the Mutilated" is so badly edited and acted it's a wonder that it ever would have made it to the silver screen to be seen by the paying public even in a place like the Qattara Depression. With a cast of characters so off-the-wall and obnoxious that you'll wonder just how the cameraman could have held the camera study while he was filming this "epic" without cracking up.

There's Dr. Prell. A grade A nut-job par exultant, who's obsession with finding the Yeti has cost the lives of at least a dozen students who were nuts enough to go on his "field trips" that he organizes every seven years in different parts of the world to track and find the Yeti. Why every seven years? Why not six or five or four or what?

There's Laughing Crow. A six foot six hairy Indian who likes to cook, swing an ax and play heartbeats in the evening who doesn't laugh or even talk. It seems that Laughing Crow encountered the Yeti eight years ago and hasn't been the same since.

There's Spencer St. Clair. The only survivor of Dr. Prell's last field trip who upon hearing that Prell has another one in the works flips out and cuts his wife's throat. Who in turn electrocutes him by dropping a toaster into the bathtub where Spencer, fully clothe, plopped down after slashing her.

And of course there's the mysterious Dr.Warner. who together with Dr. Prell likes to run around in the woods dressed up in white gorilla suites scaring and killing the students in their care; and many many more.
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Anyone for a steaming plate of ginsung?
codfish3 August 2001
Low-budget work of horror genius at its B-movie best. Hard to find, but worth tracking down. Semi-modern day story of human cannibals that use the legend of the Yeti to get fresh meat for their seven-year reunion gala. Featuring one of the all time great movie lines in "Mr. Henshaw, white meat or dark?" Worth it alone to see the oddball Spencer Sinclair being electrocuted in his bath tub after slashing his girlfriend's throat with a bread-cutting knife. She manages to hold on long enough to dump the toaster into the tub with him. Acting at its finest. Lawrence Olivier was never better.
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Fun... The campy cheese-fest
maxwelldrake16 March 2006
Did you ever wonder what happen the Fluffy, the sheepdog that the Brady Bunch kids owed for two or three seasons? Well, apparently he moved to upstate New York and began killing nerdy teenagers. This schlocky Yeti film is just about the campiest of the cinema-de-sasquatch genre. So you bigfootiphiles out there might want to see it purely for the novelty value. However you might find the plot familiar... a group of four teenagers arrive in a van to investigate the local mystery of a supposed "yeti". Yup, this story plays out like a cross between Scooby Do and something by Herschell Gordon Lewis. Seriously, there is the awkward guy, another guy that looks fairly butch but sings show tunes, a pretty girl and the nerdy girl, with the mousy brown hair and thick horn-rim glasses. It is all there for ya, minus only the Great Dane(who must have had a better agent). The acting is bad enough to make this truly enjoyable. The plot is all over the place. The gay subtext of the relationship between the professor, the owner of the island which the Yeti inhabits, and is mute Indian "man servant" is enough to keep you scratching your head.

What other movie contains an impromptu musical interlude with lyrics like "he'll turn your threesome into a twosome...'s the Yetiiiiiii....?"

If you like cheesy B movies this will fill the bill...
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Absolute Worst Film Of All-Time! Watch It And See!
Pi_126 October 2006
I'm 27 years old. I saw this movie when I was........well........probably about 10. Still to this day I consider this the worst movie I've ever seen in my life! I remember seeing it at the video store and thinking it was so cool. The box art was of a claw ripping through the front of the box. I pestered my dad to get it every time we went to the video store, but he refused (obviously wiser than I). Then, for my birthday party that year, my friends and I talked him into letting me rent it to watch at the sleepover. I was so excited at the prospect of watching Shriek of the Mutilated. Boy were we in for a treat, I thought, mesmerized by the terrifying box art! Yeah, right........

We got it home, popped it in the VCR, watched it, and although I don't remember all that much about it, I still remember it as the worst movie ever made. I often watch movies I loved back then when I was a kid, and am usually disappointed at how bad they are.....certainly not the wondrous films I remembered. So I figure, if my friends and I thought this movie was horrid back then, I can only imagine how bad it would be these days to watch, LoL.

Anyway, was just fooling around on the internet tonight and thought of I had to look it up. Thought I'd post this if any of you are interested....or thinking about watching this piece of garbage, LoL.

For those of you that have seen this atrocity, I'll leave you with these words, which I still remember (and laugh about) all these years later.....

WHITE MEAT OR DARK?!?!?! (watch it and this can become a lifelong joke for you too!!)
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How about "Hot Buttered Popcorn" is this a good choice of theme song?
TomR7276 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
How about the selection of "Hot Buttered Popcorn as a theme song? Isn't that a great choice? How about the acting in the restaurant scene when the professor asks the student " How was your salad Dan? Wasn't that great acting with the clever response. "Gee professor you sure know how to treat a guy. Isn't that wonderful dialog to say nothing of the acting? Even Martin Koslick at his best couldn't save this turkey of a movie. i really licked the seen when the ex-student beat his wife, got drunk and took a bath.he threw a beer can like a slob out of the tub just in time to be electrocuted by his half dead wife in her last act of being alive.this was drama at it's lowest.
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Avoid the DVD, track down the tape
Erich-1312 October 2003
Just a note of warning: The Retromedia DVD of "Shriek of the Mutilated" is missing one of the highlights of the movie...the use of the '70s syntho-pop instrumental hit "Popcorn" during the party scene early in the movie. I assume Retromedia couldn't get the music rights, so they dubbed in some unremarkable new background music. There also appear to be some cuts in the dialogue (for instance, when the St. Claires arrive at the party, Retromedia has removed a student's sarcastic remark about their presence). In its original form, this movie is a hysterical classic of bizarre track down the out-of-print Lightning Video VHS release if you can.
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Terrible, but off-the-wall
squeezebox24 January 2003
Amateurish, but unrelentingly bizarre horror movie about a group of graduate students who travel to the Pacific Northwest in search of the Abominable Snowman, who ends up looking suspiciously like the Shaggy D.A. Terrible in pretty much every respect, but so weird and unpredictable you can't take your eyes off it. A must-see for bad movie buffs.
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wbhickok13 March 2001
In the history of filmdom, I have have never come across a film title I enjoy more than this. And it is a great camp classic to boot! Centering around a search for the search for the Abominable Snowman that turns out to be a cannibalistic cult!!! I don't know what it was about 1974, but along with "Deranged" and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" made it a great year for films of this genre. Since it is impossible to find in any video store, I broke down and bought my own copy, you should do the same, it is well worth it.
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The Passion of the Yeti
R C19 February 2010
Shriek of the Mutilated lacks the stark cinematography and morbid poetic sensibility of the earlier Findlay films, the Flesh trilogy and The Ultimate Degenerate, but fans of the couple will recognize other familiar ingredients: the melodramatic violence, stock classical music, and, most charmingly, bitter monologues as a cheap way of furthering the plot.

A movie like this, it goes without saying, isn't suited to all tastes; but admirers of the Findlays, plus anybody who likes or can stomach the work of Don Dohler or Andy Milligan, are probably going to want to see this sometime. Dull spots and porn film production values notwithstanding, Shriek of the Mutilated does contain some wild ideas.

As other reviewers have noted, the rotten music playing during the party scene isn't original to the movie and was added for the Retromedia release. Still, seeing this opus in its mutilated form is better than not seeing it at all.
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Shriek of the Audience
Tender-Flesh1 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Every once in a while, a movie comes along like this. If you haven't seen it, you are in for a treat. For you see, what we have here is basically a live-action Scooby Doo mystery, with characters I will refer to by that TV show's names. Fred, Shaggy, Velma, and Daphne head off to Boot Island with their professor, Doctor Prell, to attempt to photograph or, dare to dream, capture a yeti. Mind you, the yeti is basically the abominable snow man of Tibet and surrounding regions. What he's doing in America, in an area where there is no snow, well, that's not really important unless you try to take this film at face value, and hopefully you won't.

I smiled throughout most of this movie because it's just one of those flicks that is so bad you think it's good, or good enough to watch for laughs. Some movies are too inept even to be granted that, but this one succeeds on enough levels of absurdity, bad acting, horrid dialogue, and moronic premise that you just sort of find yourself enjoying it in spite of yourself.

Now, back to the island. The elusive yeti stalks the landscape with a super loud heartbeat, occasionally roars, and when you see him, he has a lovely white fur coat. While rambling about in the woods near a country home not too far off the beaten path, our intrepid mystery hunters, who in fact arrive at their destination in a van not unlike the Mystery Machine--a white Econoline van with blue hippie flowers all over the front, find themselves being picked off in the woods by Bigfoot's white cousin. First, Shaggy gets his leg ripped off. And while parts of Shaggy are laid out to lure the yeti back to being captured, Velma meets her fate. By this time, Daphne is hysterical and Fred is, well, Fred. Practically everyone will have this mystery pretty much solved in the first 15 minutes of viewing, which leaves the rest of the time for you to wonder how they could stretch a Scooby Doo mystery into 86 minutes.

This is a very amateur film, to say the least. I've seen much worse, and at least this has some unintentionally humorous bits. It would have been nice if Velma got naked, but I digress. See, it turns out there is also a blood cult thing going on in these here woods and Daphne is on the menu, along with Shaggy and Velma. Fred is left to tell his tale just as some goof did on a previous failed expedition. And wait til you see how things go for that guy! Unbelievable nonsense that you can't help but find amusing. This is the sort of film you need to watch on a Saturday night with your buddies. Buddies that get your sensibilities when it comes to films, that is.

You may wonder if this is a Scooby Doo Mystery, where is the dog? The whole movie is a dog!
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This is the movie that made me afraid of the woods
wolfdaddy7470125 June 2004
I saw this movie originally in the theaters when I must have been about 6-7. A babysitter took me, and it quite literally made me afraid to walk in the woods alone for many years. I ran across it again when I was about 20 and couldn't believe it had scared me so. The costumed "monster" looked like he had been adorned with bathroom throw rugs to resemble not so much a yeti but more like an overgrown Pekingese. The out-of-focus close-ups on the beasts slavering mouth as he bit at his victims only served to accentuate his lapdogness. Still, the movie made for good fun as my friends and I took great pleasure in predicting which of the students would fall next or how bad the next cannibal joke would be. For an amusing if not forgettable night, pick this up wherever fine foods are served.
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Consume Mass Quantities Before and During Viewing
spamblocker10 March 2004
In college a buddy of mine came in with a tape of what he claimed was the worst movie ever committed to celluloid, or whatever they had been using in 1974. We asked him why we'd want to watch something like that, and he replied that part of it had been filmed on campus! It was a Saturday night with class out of session, so with nothing to go along with the sizable supply of beer we had in the fridge, we said why not.

All you need to know about the movie: 1) A fight with a Yeti in a snowstorm is actually the negative of the print. 2) The Yeti wears tennis shoes. 3) The mute Indian looks more Italian than Al Pacino. 4) The Yeti runs down a long warehouse aisle to a loading dock to attack one of the students in the middle of the woods, then cuts to the actual attack, where he falls like he'd been pushed over.

This movie cried out for the MST3K treatment, but alas, it was not to be.
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From the folks behind BLOOD FARMERS...
Flixer195723 August 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Having commented on this movie's companion piece INVASION OF THE BLOOD FARMERS, I would be negligent if I didn't review Ed Adlum's other contribution to schlock cinema. Mr. Ed served solely as producer here, but Michael Findlay and his cast of clowns managed to do for the Yeti what Adlum did for druids and vampires a few years earlier.

Dr. Prell entices four young college students to go on an expedition to find the Yeti. Despite warnings that other Prell field-trippers have been slaughtered by the Abominable Snowmen, the campus clucks eagerly go along. (Where would horror films be without ma-roons like these?) They journey to the uncharted wilderness of Croton-On-Hudson, NY and are introduced to Dr. Karl Werner. The story is transparent from the first frame and I'm not giving away a thing by saying that the enemy is ultimately not a marauding Yeti, but an evil cannibal cult headed by Werner and Prell who routinely run around the countryside in bargain-basement Yeti suits. This "shock ending," by the way, was also betrayed on the movie's posters and in one of the worst ad campaigns of all time.

The big stars are a 1930s actor turned agent (Brock) and a veteran of 1954's CAT WOMEN OF THE MOON (Ellis). Newcomer Jennifer Stock freely indulges her passion for high-school pageant histrionics. Jack Neubeck does lousy W. C. Fields impressions before getting drunk and getting snuffed. Ivan Agar (any relation to John?) steals the show as mute Indian servant Laughing Crow, who wields one mean electric knife; however, stealing this show amounts to petty larceny. This is the sort of film where characters bitch about a heavy snowfall and there isn't one flake in the air or on the ground. So-called nocturnal scenes look like they were shot at eight in the morning. In the plus column are the score, which sounds like better-than-average library music, and Roberta Findlay's occasionally striking photography.

Bloody on its initial release, this movie was shorn of its gore for VHS back in the 1980s. The more recent Retromedia DVD reinstates a beheading that happens even before the main credits; shots of a severed lower leg; the cannibal gang "tenderizing" a victim with meat forks; and a more lengthy electric knife murder. Also, Laughing Crow makes a one-pot meal with a severed head, potatoes and carrots. (Fiber is good for you, after all....)

I still haven't seen the "ripped out guts" mentioned by another reviewer, but I still found the Retromedia DVD to be a cause for celebration. Watch this DVD along with INVASION OF THE BLOOD FARMERS and celebrate the glory of drive-in days gone by.
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white meat or dark
sick_boy420xxx10 April 2001
I finally got the chance to see this flick recently and i have to say that i enjoyed it. There's nothing quite like low-budget horror flicks and this is one of the more entertaining. A killer yeti stalks college kids on a mountain expedition. But all is not what is seems....Love the gore effects, the mute Indian dude, and all the dumb kids getting mutilated and shrieking. Wow...this is what schlock cinema is all about. A lot of (unintentional) fun.
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Fantastically cheesy!
Elsbed4 January 1999
This movie, bad acting and all, is a wonderful gem that I searched for for 17 years, after having seen it at age 11. I finally located a copy, and what joy! The twisted plot so impressed me as an 11 year old....The creepy Dr Prell, the four oblivious students getting picked off one by one. This is a must see for any fan of cheesy 70's horror. There are some memorable moments...Dr Prell using some of the bigfoot victims' body parts as "bait" ("Keith, I want you to listen to me closely...this can never be of any use to Tom anymore.") to the unforgettable ending, when Laughing Crow raises an electric knife and says,"Mr Henshaw...white meat or dark?" Not to mention the toaster in the bathtub scene. Altogether a fantastic cheese-thriller.
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Great title, lousy movie
Woodyanders9 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Elderly college anthropology professor Ernest Prell (stiffly played by former 30's bit actor Alan Brock) and four obnoxiously hip students journey to the remote Pacific coast sandbar of Boot Island to confirm whether stories about an Abominable Snowman inhabiting the woods have any basis in fact. The professor and his students stay at the home of the professor's colleague Dr. Karl Werner (woodenly portrayed by Tawn Ellis, who's best known as the star of the 50's Grade Z sci-fi clinker "Cat Women of the Moon") along with Werner's grunting Native American manservant Laughing Crow. The yeti soon makes its vicious presence felt, randomly dispatching two students and causing the survivors to degenerate into blind panic. WARNING: Major *SPOILER* ahead. In an absolutely awful would-be shocking twist ending the yeti proves to be a hoax, a ruse concocted by closet cannibals Prell, Werner and Laughing Crow to lure unsuspecting suckers to the island so they can kill and devour them.

Any movie which features Hot Butter's insufferably interminable fluke hit instrumental "Popcorn" playing in its irritating entirety at a college frat party early in the action can't possibly be any good. Not surprisingly, this worthless grindhouse garbage qualifies as a crushing disappointment considering the people involved in its production: Besides the notorious 60's husband and wife roughie team of Michael and Roberta Findley (who blessed us with the sensationally sick "Flesh" trilogy), we also got screenwriters Ed Adlum and Ed Kelleher (the two dudes who are chiefly responsible for the terrifically tacky kitsch hoot "Invasion of the Blood Farmers"). Moreover, the cruddy mix of an unremittingly nihilistic tone, a disagreeably campy sense of archly affected humor ("On the prowl/Hear him howl/Here comes the yeti now," sings some smartaleck collegian as he plays the piano), rotten gore effects, wretched acting, horrendous dialogue ("We're gonna find it, photograph it, and prove to the world that this fabled beast exists"), shoddy cinematography, and the cheesy gimmick of having a simulated heartbeat pound away on the soundtrack whenever the ersatz yeti is about to attack someone thoroughly negate any feeling of fun or entertainment value this dismal loser might have possessed. An unmitigated stiff.
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Better Than I Guessed It Would Be
Rainey Dawn20 April 2015
I started out watching this film knowing it was going to be a campy b-rated flick.... I did not expect much out of it - just thought I'd get a few laughs out of a cornball horror story. To my surprise, it was much better than I was guessing it would be. This is not a top-quality film - it is campy and b-rated but a heck-of-a-lot better than the description and poster shows it to be.

Students are lead to an island by their professor in search of the yeti but the student uncover more. (Watch the film to find out what the students find out). This is one of those 'so bad it's good' type of horror films with a twist at the very end.

Watch this film if you like bad b-rated horror films that are filled with campy goodness.

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