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I saw this movie in 1974

Author: texasblondie45 from United States
6 May 2005

when it came out. I was 20 years old (I am now 51 years old). I've never forgotten this movie in all these years. Now looking back, this was a subject matter that took a lot of guts to touch on way back then. Heck, incest would be a touchy subject matter even now! I saw it with my 2 sisters and I remember walking out of the movie 31 years ago just dumbstruck. Wow, what a story! I've never seen it in video stores and have never heard anything about it nor have I ever met anyone else that saw it back then when I did. (What did we do before the Internet?) If you ever get the chance to see it, do. I wouldn't watch it with any children under the age of 18. It's pretty graphic from what I can remember. And the ending, well, you just have to see it.

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Thank God for video stores going out of business.

Author: Clint Walker from Illinois, USA
10 January 2001

Upon taking a final cursory glance at the dusty back shelves of a semi-local video store going out of business, already with an armful of moldy oldies such as "House on the Edge of the Park" and "Slime City" (at five bucks a piece), I caught sight of this long out of print study in Oedipal politics set on a jungle island where a young boy, taught to obey the rules of the wild, discovers that his only sexual partner is his sexy mother. So it's a battle of wills between he and his father to decide who, as Lou Reed said, can "bag their beloved Big Bird."

It's not anywhere near as kinky as it sounds; Mostly this takes the high dramatic road, and pulls it off reasonably well, although much of it's intentions are dampened by George C. Scott's inert direction.

On a final note, I would like to point out that I put down an original video copy of Larry Cohen's "It's Alive" to buy this one. Think I made the right choice?

Yeah I thought so.

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Recommended if you like a little controversy.

Author: david mumpower (
22 December 1999

Older film, but unique. Explores the biblical "Where did Seth get his wife from"? Ship-wrecked on a deserted island, its father against son for mother's lust & love. I applaud George C. Scott for taking on this subject matter. A film that should inspire you to think that this might be possible given the situation portrayed in the film.

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unforgettable movie

Author: gerald_evans from United States
10 March 2006

I really liked this movie when I saw it YEARS ago. Like others I have never forgot it. I have searched for "savage" (I forgot the title)for a long time. Not for children for sure. Rather erotic esp for the times. I would buy the VHS if I could find it. I was not a prude when I first saw the movie but I remember being slightly shocked by the content. I enjoyed the survival aspect of the movie. Georgia Scott would have to work hard to make a bad movie in my opinion. Looking for a copy of "The Saveage is Loose". I can not remember the mother/wife in the movie but I do remember that she was rather hot. There were several "surprise" moments in the movie including the ending that I would not want to give away. If you haven't seen it and are rather open minded, do your self a favor and find it, and if you do please tell me where you found it.

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A needlessly ugly film

Author: parkerr86302 from arizona
15 March 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

An ugly little film with no reason to be ugly. Let's use some logic here. In circumstances such as these, if there were absolutely no other women around except his mother, it is quite likely, perhaps even understandable, that a young man would start to develop sexual feelings for her. Instead of truly examining this, the film opts instead for completely unsympathetic characters, including portraying the young man as a wild animal (the "savage" of the title) who plots to kill his father and rape his mother. Nice, eh? The filmmakers might have made their point better (assuming they were trying to make a point at all) by adding a little sympathy to everyone's plight. Maybe they could have had the young man feel some horror over his desire for his mother? Maybe mom could have agonized over whether or not she owes something to her son under these extreme conditions? Any of this would have made for a better movie. Instead, the boy is a stalking predator while mom runs around the movie shrieking about how fearful she is of him. Too bad; there was promising subject matter here, boldly ignored by George C. Scott and writers Max Ehrlich and Frank De Felitta. A real waste.

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Exploring Eternal Human Behavior

Author: wdavis283 from Dallas, Texas
7 February 2001

This movie provides a family the basis for discussions regarding eternal human behavior usually impossible to begin with teenagers, male and female. While not a "remake" of Oedipus, teenagers will better understand the essence of their tensions from this experience.

You are warned to view this movie first as parents without the siblings. Then, if you are prepared to begin the transition of establishing an open relationship with your teenagers at an adult, not parental, level, view it together.

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Author: iton-67578 from USA
11 March 2017

I watched this film when I was very young -- maybe 12; it was either a TV or cable movie then. Taped it, and had it for years. I sympathize with the other reviewer who said he showed it to his Taiwanese date -- my wife is Taiwanese, and somehow, I don't think she would like it either, though not due to prudishness. She's just not into savages, Tarzan-like figures, or Christianity. I did like this film when I was a kid -- and well into my 20s, but have not seen it since then (now in my later 40s). Yet, I still remember most of it vividly. Kudos to George C. Scott -- and I am very sorry for him that the film did not do better, but also I am in no way surprised. Many out-on-a-limb worthy efforts fail to win over the majority of viewers. (I recall my grandmother saying she walked out of A Clockwork Orange when she somehow went to see it in the theater in the early '70s -- and I loved that film too; still do.) I wonder how Savage would do now, if it were released on DVD in good quality. I would advise seeing it, especially to younger people with imagination, curiosity, and a capacity for deep thought. (I could not watch Scott in Day of the Dolphin, however -- not due to any acting problem, but because that film struck me as terribly heartrending -- I felt badly for the dolphins.) This one didn't trouble me a bit, except I wondered what would come next at the end.

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Imagine of what if The Blue Lagoon goes to meet Predator as Cast Away but finds itself locked in an Interstellar.....

Author: Varniit Nigam from New Delhi
30 December 2016

very rare you have films that go beyond the normal and the monotonous way of telling a story that cannot be told in a formal filmy way but still some crosses over and makes us think otherwise. so, is this film starring George C. Scott, who is also starring in the lead role as the man of a family of three that gets stranded on a island where tensions of different kind attacks them ultimately driving to an unexpected conclusion.

i think this one will makes others think it's a crossover between The Blue Lagoon (1980), Predator (1987), Alien (1979), Cast Away (2000) and Interstellar (2014) but if that makes your mind tick to watch this, let it be that way. but overall, it's a film that uses more of what happens if this occurs and foretold by Sigmund Freud through Freudian methods of what goes between a male child and his mother or vice-versa. everyone acts normal as the story demands but still if we leave incongruities out, we have a film that needs a revival and re- visitation because if this one gets made today, chances are a franchise will arise. but unfortunately, you are having nothing of this film out in the market where its wiki page and other sources are telling that it is out of print since it was condemned and could made it to halls to get noticed. if you are looking, then go to those who keep rare films, they might have it somewhere un-dusted.

at last, this one is a good one to watch not bringing fallacies of stretching a story too long but also not going new anywhere.

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Bad date movie

Author: Starbanker from United States
19 December 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Going through the movie listings for a good flick to bring a date to I saw George C.! My date was a very conservative young lady from Taiwan, that took nearly a month to get permission to date. I was stunned at the subject material of this film, Incest, Masturbation, Murdering a father to have sex with his mother. The plot takes off at that awkward point in Swiss Family Robinson where Mrs. Robinson brings up the fact they have three sons on an island with no other women, then goes straight for a pervert fantasy plot line. This movie should have been rated X at that time. This was truly a "car crash" spectacle, no one could look elsewhere. We couldn't believe what we were seeing. I read somewhere that Scott was embarrassed of this film, I might add that he had better have been. This was not what I expected in my wildest nightmares. First date-Last date...period.

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