Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) Poster

Plot Keywords

knight lancelot
king arthur holy grail
camelot castle
coconut killer rabbit
satire french
rabbit plague
intermission getting the sack
llama taunt
trojan horse riddle
clip art narrator
anthrax spoof on religion
year 932 930s
10th century written and directed by cast member
arthurian legend british comedy
midnight movie imaginary horse
comedy troupe storybook in opening shot
absurd absurdism
absurd humor attempted filicide
irreverence violence
slapstick comedy anachronism
rude frenchman french stereotype
exploding rabbit voice over narration
surrealism no ending credits
jokes in credits black knight
white rabbit epic
blood flagellation
movie reality crossover message shot with an arrow
no ending eccentric
severed leg severed arm
british swallow
corporeal mortification black comedy
anarchism cult movie cast
wizard wedding reception
village taunting
sword and sorcery suspected witch
singing siege
seduction scripture
rope bridge rescue
quest presumed dead
police murder
multiple heads monster
monk minstrel
legend hermit
heart attack hand grenade
gorilla forest
father son relationship excrement
england eaten alive
dungeon duck
dark ages crushed to death
cowardice communism
chapter headings cave
catapult cannibalism
arranged marriage archery
animal attack abyss
spoof macguffin
ensemble cast nut shell
skeleton actor playing multiple roles
flag rotisserie
spiral staircase decapitation
throat slitting political theory
depiction of god gore
monty python part animation
sword fight medieval times
based on sketch comedy dismemberment
reverse footage impalement
hit in the crotch cult film
shrubbery breaking the fourth wall
flatulence independent film
surprise ending

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