Madhouse (1974) Poster


Plot Keywords

murder movie star
fiance england
actor nervous breakdown
crying man whodunit
man crying ex pornography actor
mysterious telephone call aspiring actress
stabbed in the stomach false accusation
propped up corpse falls down tribute to actor
boy villain
tv interview tribute
thames television producer
television director sword
sword fight sweating
stationary bike staircase
stabbed to death stabbed in the back
sour cream skull
skull mask skeleton
shaking hands scotland yard
scared by hand on shoulder room fire
reference to dracula red herring
quarrel policeman
police station police officer
police inspector pipe smoking
pinball machine acting
person on fire out of breath
narrow escape murder by hanging
movie makeup monster makeup
mirror mask
man on fire male tears
looking at self in mirror locked in room
locked door living in the past
lighting someone's cigarette leading lady
killed in bed killed with sword
jumprope jukebox
jealous actor interviewer
hollywood party hidden corpse
haunted by the past giving a toast
foster parent foster mother
foster father fishing
fire finding dead body
exercise machine exercise bike
elevator eaten by spider
eaten by animal drunken woman
dressing room disapproval of co star
dead woman dead body
dead body in closet crying
crushed to death corpse
contract coca cola
clothes closet closet
clock chime cigarette smoking
chime carrying dead body
cape canopy
canopy bed canopy as murder weapon
bloody mary bloody corpse
bloody blouse blackmail
bed bald woman
axe audience
applause ambitious woman
writer wine
wig watching movie
victim television show
television camera telephone call
suspecting self of murder theft
seductress secret from fiancé
screenwriter screaming in horror
scream reporter
reference to oedipus reference to coca cola
red wig record player
public relations pitchfork
phonograph phonograph record
pet spider party
pair of gloves old house
old friend new year
new year's eve party murderer
murder victim murder suspect
movie screen movie projector
movie producer mourning one's fiancée
mob of reporters mental hospital
mansion madman
mad woman knife
jealousy jealous woman
inscription insanity
insane woman insane man
hypodermic needle hollywood california
glove gift
framed photograph former actress
film in film film reel
fiancee fiance fiancee relationship
false accusation of murder engagement ring
deformity deformed face
death of fiancee crazy woman
crazy man confronting the past
champagne candle
candlelight camera
burn victim breaking through screen
betrayal by friend beheading
basement automobile
alcoholic drink actress
actor's role takes over life grindhouse
cult film slasher
slasher flick tv show
tarantula studio
stabbed in the neck spider
pinball peacock
new year's eve hanging
costume party comeback
mental illness decapitation
filmmaker killed with fork
based on novel independent film

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