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  • Born without any knowledge of his parentage, Mahesh drives a bicycle rickshaw for a living in a town in India, prays to Bhagwan Shri Kishan, and lives in an unhealthy shanty hut. He is friendly with Sheela, who works as a maidservant, hopes to marry her someday, much to the chagrin of Kalu Dada, who lusts after Sheela. One night while returning home he comes across an abandoned male baby near Bhagwan Shri Ganesh's Mandir. He looks for the family of this child, asks for help from the Mandir's Poojary, as well as a Mullah and a Hawaldar, all in vain. When he tries to abandon the child, he is literally forced to adopt him, and when he does so, he faces considerable opposition from his neighbors, and ends up hating the child. He neglects the child, and as a result the child gets inflicted with polio. Mahesh has a change of heart, decides to look after the child, names him Hindustan, starts his treatment, gets him crutches, and after facing many hurdles, gets him admitted in Bishop Cotton Junior College. 12 years later Hindustan has grown up, overweight and still dependent on Mahesh and needs a bone stimulant surgery to keep the equal lengths of his limbs. Mahesh needs 1000 Rupees, and attempts to wrestle, Dara, as well as run in a rickshaw race, all in vain, as he is severely beaten and injured by Dara, and Kalu respectively. He decides to work day and night to earn this amount. But before he could even start saving any amount, he is arrested by Police Inspector Ramesh for kidnapping Hindustan, and may end up losing Hindustan to Vinod and Radha, who claim to be his biological parents. Watch what happens when Mahesh is compelled to testify in Court and comes face to face with the witnesses who have come forward to testify against him.

    - Written by rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)
  • Mahesh is a poor rickshaw-puller, whose life changes dramatically when an orphan is abandoned on his doorstep. How he struggles to bring up the child (who is physically handicapped) and give him the best in life makes up the plot of this sentimental drama.

    - Written by screen
  • Mahesh is a poor rickshaw puller. One day, he goes to temple and sees a child lying on the stairs. He takes him inside the temple to give him to his parents but the priest assuming that the child is his sin, asks him to get out of the temple. Police constable also helps the priest and asks Mahesh to take his child along-with him. Mahesh tells them that it is not his child but they do not listen. Then Mahesh tries to leave the child but fate lets him take the child home. There also, he faces opposition from the neighborhood due to the child but irrespective of their behavior, Mahesh starts bringing up the child and names him 'Hindustan'. On the other hand, Radha, the child's mother attempts suicide because the child's father, Vinod, refuses to marry her. So, unable to bear the burden of sin, she tries to commit suicide but is saved by the local people. When she comes into conscious, she starts searching her child. She goes to police and also requests Vinod but Vinod rejects her cruelly. Vinod gets injured in an accident and is ashamed of his behavior. He apologizes to Radha and both of them get married. They along-with Inspector Ramesh start finding their child. In bringing up the child, Sheela, helps Mahesh. One day Mahesh comes to know that Hindustan has got infected with polio. He, feeling responsible for Hindustan's disease because of his uncleanliness, works hard to give the child a good education. Will he succeed in achieving his goal and will Radha be able to find her child?

    - Written by Mohsin Ali Khan


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