The Golden Voyage of Sinbad (1973) Poster


Sinbad: Trust in Allah, but tie up your camel!

Haroun: My heart is filled with courage!


Haroun: But I have very cowardly legs.

Haroun: [Wakes up] Are you a merchant? How long will we be gone for, a week?

[Sinbad raises his eyebrows]

Haroun: Two weeks? Three weeks? A month?

[Sinbad raises his eyebrows]

Haroun: More than a month! How long?

Sinbad: Two or three years.

Haroun: Two or three years! That's horrible.

[the men laugh]

Haroun: We'll be ancient.

[the men laugh again]

Sinbad: You pace the deck like a caged beast, for one who enjoys the hashish you should be more at peace.

The Oracle of all knowledge: [the Keeper has summoned the Oracle of All Knowledge from its well and before Sinbad and his comrades, surrounded by licking flames, appears an image of a face like a bearded man with horns like a ram growing from its head, a thick mane of hair and a demonic smile that shows its rotting teeth] Two tablets brought forth to the light, yet a third remains from sight. A final place must still be found, a place that lies deep below the ground...

Sinbad: It speaks in riddles!

The Oracle of all knowledge: No race is lost until in fact it's won, and close behind you comes the black and evil son spawned by the devil, suckled upon black milk of human form... Clad in robes of silk... Destiny... Destiny... Destiny is invisible and yet visible, and men may try to hide yet it's waters mark it clearly like a rainbow in the sky. Destiny is a place where both good and evil wait, and yet their very equality that bates their power, for it is the deeds of weak and mortal men that may tip the scales one way or the other, and then the WORLD shall KNOW and YOU shall KNOW which way the fates have chose you shall GO... GO... GO now... Go north...

Sinbad: Go north?

The Oracle of all knowledge: North to barren lands of pagan places... The pagan barrens... Before a goddess cast with many limbs and death to all intruders is their whim. In that sacred place HID from the eyes of man is the third gold tablet that completes the plan... GO now... GO now... Go north... Go north...

[the voice and image of the Oracle fade away and returns in a burst of light into the well below it]

Vizier: The more I study it, the greater the puzzle becomes.

Koura: He who is patient obtains.

[seeing the Vasier's mask]

Sailor: I've heard of gold going to a man's head, but this!

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Sinbad: Make a rope, out of your turbans and sashes.

Haroun: [Takes off his sash] Come on everyone, use your turbans and sashes.

[his pants fall down]

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