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Alternate Versions

The US home video release (Paramount Home Video 8485) has been cut down to just under 90 minutes even though the box and cassette label both indicate a 93 minute running time.
The USA Paramount DVD is the cut R-Rated version and is missing the following:
  • the second close-up of Tarmut's severed hands
  • when the severed hands are sewn back on the monster the entire footage of Cushing helping out Shane Briant by gripping the severed arteries between his teeth is missing
  • the side view of the monster's eye being pushed back in its socket is missing and a reaction shot of Madeline Smith inserted to maintain the soundtrack
  • the gushing of blood from the director's throat wound is slightly adbridged
  • about 4s are removed from the monster's demise including inmates stamping on bits of his flesh.
The UK DVD from DD Video was originally the same as the USA R-rated print but was then corrected to reinsert the teeth clamping sequence. However, all other cuts as described above remain. The German R2 DVD, which contained an English language track, restores all of the cuts except for the small trim to the close-up of the throat wound and was, for some years, the most complete version of the film available on DVD. The film was eventually fully restored and was released on DVD in the UK in 2014.

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