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The horniest Frankestein monster ever!

Author: lazarillo from Denver, Colorado and Santiago, Chile
2 January 2008

This is yet another of a strange series of films that attempted to combine Frankenstein's monster and eroticism (because, of course, nothing is more sexy than a monstrous amalgamation of reanimated dead tissue). Naturally, this cycle of films was mostly Italian with some German and American co-productions here and there (and Spaniard Jess Franco making his typically insane contribution with "The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein"). The best of these films was probably "Flesh for Frankenstein" with honorable mention going to "Lady Frankenstein". This is probably the worst--or at least the most offensive--film of the cycle.

Dr. Frankenstein has stolen a formula from another doctor that prevents the rejection of transplanted organs. For reasons that eluded me in the English language soundtrack, he uses it to create a reanimated monster he calls "Mosaic". "Mosaic" is the horniest Frankenstein monster ever. All he does is bone women--sometimes literally: he brains his first victim, a female butcher, with a giant bone then has his way with her lifeless body. This movie is more ridiculous than offensive though. Like when the monster steals money from the doctor to buy a prostitute, who he ends up raping and strangling anyway.

The movie has a couple washed up American and English actors (Jon Richardson and Gordon Mitchell). The monster is a played by a Greek wrestler with scarry goop plastered on his face (which strangely doesn't seem to alarm any of the women he encounters). The women all have nice bodies, but are otherwise bordering on unattractive. The only recognizable face is Dalila DiLazzaro, an Italian beauty who actually got to play the bride of Frankenstein the very next year in "Flesh for Frankenstein", and went on to appear in "Night Train Murders", "The Pyjama Girl Case", and Dario Argento's "Phenomenon", all of which are infinitely better movies than this one. This is only for die-hard Frankenstein sex fans I'm afraid.

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Gobs and Gobs of...

Author: michaeldukey2000 from United States
9 November 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Stop me if you've heard this one but a butt ugly giant walks into a German Butcher Shop,grunts and randomly points around. The buxom proprietress immediately figures out he needs a nice piece of liver and waltzes off to the meat locker to cut him off a generous slice. Quicker than you can say "Forgive me,Boris Karloff" the hulking brute picks up a large soup bone and bludgeons her to death. A euphemism for sex shamelessly comes to mind. Did I mention he uses a "Bone"? Later on I suppose the creature feels less vigorous because simply steals money from Doctor Frankenstein's lab coat and hires him self a prostitute! This time he has sex with her before he does her in.

If any of this appeals to you than you deserve everything you get in Frankenstein 80 and you'll probably enjoy it though it won't make you a better person.

Lensed in 1972 during the peak of the Euro-Trash craze and not futuristic at all, this is a ridiculously nonsensical exercise in Exploitation and on that level it succeeds in every way possible.

It moves rather fast and serves up gobs of gore and female nudity within a plot that will have you rolling with laughter or slack jawed in disbelief.

Former muscle Beach resident Gordon Mitchell stars as the bewildered Dr. who isn't so much evil as he is a bumbler who gets so over his head that he has to kill to cover up his critters mistakes. Mitchell made a fortune relocating to Italy in the 60's starring in dozens of Sword and Sandal pics and later Spaghetti Westerns. Here he remains clothed and doesn't act a lot but he does have a wonderful steely gaze.

If you've ever sat through gems like Bloody Pit Of Horror,Scream Of The Demon Lover or Asylum Erotica you know what to expect.

It ain't good but as far as sleaze goes it's fairly enjoyable

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Frankenstein's monster as a sex-crazed serial killer

Author: Red-Barracuda from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
27 August 2011

In 1818 when Mary Shelley wrote the supernatural tale that would go on to make her famous forever, it's difficult to imagine that she could ever have conceived that over 150 years later, her novel Frankenstein would be reinterpreted as a detective story about a sex-crazed rapist monster. Well, seeing as this version of the tale was made in Italy in the early 70's that's exactly what happened. Frankenstein '80 is one of the cycle of erotic Frankenstein movies made in Europe at the time. But this one also adds in a serial killer detective element which sort of ties it in with the giallo and poliziotteschi films that were very popular in Italy at the time. So it's a strange hybrid of specific sub-genres.

It's certainly a very trashy film. The dubbing is particularly deranged, while the film overall has a pretty cheap aesthetic. However, it's a gore and sleaze horror film at the end of the day and really has to be judged on these merits. And to be fair, Frankenstein '80 has plenty of both of those criteria; usually at the same time. The story is ludicrous of course. But I suspect very few of you will be watching this for its complexity or depth. It's more or less a slasher movie with Frankenstein's monster as the killer.

Not great but good mindless fun.

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Fresh from the Butcher Shop

Author: R C from United States
24 February 2010

Fans of eurotrash horror have seen movies like this: with wooden dubbing, daydream pacing, a monster that murders a woman and then rips off her clothes to have a feel. There's nothing special, really, about Frankenstein '80, but that's just part of its charm for devotees of Italian schlock; it feels familiar and comfortable, gives us a few murders and chuckles along the way, and doesn't require much of the viewer.

Handsome John Richardson, star of Eyeball, is investigating the circumstances of his sister's death when he stumbles upon the possible involvement of somebody named Frankenstein. Meanwhile, grumbling eurocops are doing their utmost to solve a string of ghastly slayings. You know the deal. Generic as it is, though, Frankenstein '80 also has a few virtues to its credit. You get a decent monster, quality nudity, and greasy gore of the they-went-to-a-butcher-shop-to-get-actual-animal-organs school.

The DVD from Cheezy Flicks is something of an abomination, unfortunately, with bad VHS-level definition and "Cheezy Flicks Presents" tastelessly inserted into the opening credits. Still, if you find it cheaply priced, Frankenstein '80 is worth a look. Watch it on a double bill along with Blackenstein or the similarly sleazy Ritos de Frankenstein.

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Wild Trash

Author: Michael_Elliott from Louisville, KY
27 February 2008

Frankenstein '80 (1972)

** 1/2 (out of 4)

Italian horror film has a nice scientist creating a formula that will allow organs to have a better rate at living in a new body but the evil Dr. Frankenstein steals it so that he can create a human who turns out to be a sexual predator who goes on a killing rampage. If you like goofy, gory and sex filled Italian horror films then you'll probably enjoy this one for some mindless entertainment. The story is pretty stupid and familiar but I liked the added touches of gore and sex. The monster has a thing for beautiful women so this leads to several nudity filled scenes with the monster attacking women both sexually and physically. The film drags in certain areas and goes on a bit too long but overall exploitation freaks should enjoy it.

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Where has this one been hiding?

Author: Bezenby from United Kingdom
11 June 2013

Sometimes you need a film like this: plenty of gore, some boobs, no pretensions whatsoever, stupid ending. Frankenstien '80 (why the '80?) sets out to entertain your brain stem and nothing else, and succeeds admirably. Those seeking a more cerebral film or even a film with any redeeming qualities whatsoever should probably avoid this one.

It's amazing how much time you save in your Frankenstien movie if the monster in question is already up and rampaging when the film starts. There's no scrambling about for body parts here. When the film starts, the monster's out getting his own body parts! That's a nice pro-active approach, you've got to admit, but his creator, Gordon 'Frankenstien' Mitchell, doesn't really agree with this activity. His method is much better – he steals body parts from corpses in his morgue at the hospital, and takes them to his secret laboratory, hidden behind a book shelf in the morgue. Also, he's just stolen a serum from a surgeon that might stop his monster rejecting all those body parts.

Gordon's in a bit of trouble, mind. That serum was intended for the sister of a nosey reporter who was lined up for a heart transplant, and now she's dead, the cops are all over the place, and the reporter is on his trail! Add to that the unintended results of a knacker transplant on the monster (a knacker transplant! Brilliant!) and you've got a good set up for a horny guy who looks like a zombified Mussolini to go on a guts and boobs fest. You've got the monster trying it on with some hookers, the monster trying it on with a stripper, and the monster trying it on with his creator's daughter. Stupid? Awww yeah. Great? You bet!

Featuring gut fondling, heads in fridges, a strip tease act, Gordon Mitchell's face and a rather unwholesome tone about the film that you only find in Italian cinema. Love that abrupt ending too!

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A smell of formaldehyde

Author: Cristi_Ciopron from CGSM, Soseaua Nationala 49
25 June 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I would say Mario Mancini does a good job.

A _giallo, Italian specialty, is a mysterious murders thriller, it needs a mysterious cereal killer, and also nice girls (sexy broads in danger, who are undressed only to be slashed) and some nudity, extreme violence, slashing, plus that unmistakable score to induce fright; in Mario Mancini's movie, the hideous creature indulges in a bit of gentle necrophilia (see the beautiful butcher lady, played by Mme Gallotti, whose tits the monster fondles; the prostitute, played by Mme Traversi, who approaches the monster; the stripped girl). Unlike in the _giallos, the identity of the murderer is found out by the viewer rather early in FRANKENSTEIN '80.

The _giallos are usually topographic and labyrinthine; the plot follows a police (--or a private--) investigation. A special anti—lymphocytes serum has been stolen, a woman was strangled, another one—beaten to death, undressed and caressed, a whore raped and strangled, a stripper is murdered. The characters have German names, one reads a German paper.

Doctor Frankenstein is a former surgeon, now working as a pathologist. He 'uses his knowledge in medicine to create a monster'. Sonia, his niece, sleeps naked under a very vaporous nightdress. Hers is one of the five _nudities to be seen in FRANKESNTEIN '80 (Mss Gallotti and Traversi, 'Sonia', the stripper, the lady in the car).

Mario Mancini focuses on the sexual urges of the monster. He also increases the nudity as the movie goes on.

On the site where it's available for free download, FRANKENSTEIN '80 has been deemed a horror/ Sci—Fi; in fact, it's straight _giallo.

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Very Funny Movie

Author: DrSatan from The Land of Mortis
5 April 2000

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS I saw this film a little under a year ago. It's a preposterous retelling of the Frankenstein story. In this film a Dr. Shwartz produces his "Shwartz Serum", a drug which helps patients bodies accept organ transplants. Enter our hero, Karl Schein (whose name apparently means "handsome" or "pretty" in german, or so my girlfriend tells me). Schein's sister was in a car wreck and needs an organ transplant. Without a suitable donor, Schein turns to Dr. Shwartz. Unfortunately, the evil Dr. Frankenstein steals the serum through a secret door, and Shwartz cannot produce more! Yes, incredibly, Shwartz has no way of reproducing his bottle of serum...apparently he didn't take notes. Anyways, Shcein, a reporter, begins to investigate this and a series of deaths that involve organ stealing. Frankenstein has created a monster, named "Mosaic" after his being made of many different body parts. Frankenstein uses this serum to keep the organs in Mosaic from "exploding"! Basically, what follows is a series of sadistic rape/murders committed by Mosaic...apparently he has a random appetite for this sort of thing. Anyways, eventually the whole "Shwartz Serum/Dr. Frankenstein" connection is figured out and good ole' Mosaic is a hunted man. The police's answer for dealing with Mosaic: wait for his organs to be rejected by his body when the serum's effect wears off. Our hero, Karl, uses the effective strategy of pushing Mosaic and running away; eventually the monster justs blows up when his organs reject! I don't know which is sadder: a monster who can't kill the wimpy Karl, or the fact that the hero and the police's solution is to wait the monster out!. Highlights of this film include a random, stock footage race track sequence; the heroine's incessant "Karl! Karl!"; Dr. Frankenstein's 1890's look in a movie set in 1972; and a ridculous "Mosaic goes to a prostitute" sequence in which the heavily stitched up Mosaic hires a prostitute, who demands extra due to his appearance, seems willing to ignore it. Mosaic is instructed to leave the room to get undressed, at which point he returns. The prostitute *still* doesn't mind his appearance until he approaches the bed; then she suddenly decides to resist. Mosaic then promptly kills her. This film is ridiculous, and the murders are pretty mysoginistic; if you can get past that, the plot, dialogue, production values and FX are incredibly funny.

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A trashy, sleazy, but ultimately dull schlock horror.

Author: BA_Harrison from Hampshire, England
7 October 2015

I can only wonder what Mary Shelley would have made of Frankenstein '80, one of the trashier movies to appropriate her classic literary creation for its own ends. Directed by Mario Mancini, this cheesy, sleazy piece of Italian schlock sees Dr. Otto Frankenstein (Gordon Mitchell) stealing a special serum that prevents organ transplant rejection, using it in the creation of a patchwork monster called Mosaic (Xiro Papas), who proceeds to not just kill beautiful women, but rape them too (in an early scene, we see Frankenstein preparing a nice set of gonads for his creature—how thoughtful of him).

With a rampant and very randy monster, there's certainly no shortage of sex and violence in this tasteless and often rather camp horror, but as delightfully deviant as it all sounds, Frankenstein '80 actually manages to be a rather dreary affair for much of the time, thanks to uneven pacing, lifeless performances, a weak script that dwells far too much on the investigative activities of a reporter called Karl (John Richardson), and a lack of decent gore: a lot of the killings are frustratingly bloodless, the surgical scenes are shot from a low angle so as to conceal the fact that Mitchell is pulling the organs from a tray hidden behind the body, and in one particularly inept scene, in which a victim has his head bashed against a wall, the ruptured bag' that provides the squirt of blood can clearly be seen attached to the actor's forehead. Only a brief shot of a severed head in a fridge genuinely delivers the grisly goods.

Thankfully, there is quite a bit of welcome nudity from a bevy of busty women to help alleviate some of the tedium, including a lengthy strip-tease routine that does nothing to advance the plot; but even with all of the bare female flesh on display, Frankenstein '80 is a tough watch, the last half an hour of obvious padding leading up to the monster's inevitable demise being particularly dull.

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Enjoyably mindless low-grade junk

Author: Woodyanders ( from The Last New Jersey Drive-In on the Left
29 February 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Scientist Professor Schwarz (decently played by Robert Fizz) creates a serum that allows bodies to accept transplanted organs without the threat of rejection. However, said serum gets stolen by the nefarious Dr. Otto Frankenstein (a perfectly deranged Gordon Mitchell), who uses it for a patchwork man (hulking Xiro Papas in grotesque make-up) he's made out of assorted body parts. Naturally, the ugly creature escapes from the lab and embarks on a murderous spree. Director Mario Manchini, who also co-wrote the crassly pandering script with Ferdinando De Leone, goes whole hog on the disgusting graphic gore and leering distaff nudity. John Richardson makes for a likable hero as dogged reporter Karl Schem, the lovely Dalila Di Lazzaro provides some charm as the fetching Sonia, and Renato Romano is an absolute hammy hoot as the cranky no-nonsense Inspector Schneider. Sure, this flick is unmitigated sleazoid crud, but it's impossible to dislike a movie that not only features a fetching female butcher being beaten to death with a large bone and the monster doing just what you think with a hooker prior to killing her, but also tosses in a stripper performing a sexy routine on stage for trashy good measure. A satisfying sliver of blithely sordid schlock.

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