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Possession and Exorcism

Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
16 July 2011

The director José Mojica Marins travels to spend Christmas with friends in the small farm where they live and write the story of his next film. However, he observes eerie things in the house, with his friends being possessed one by one by some supernatural evil force.

Sooner he learns that the matriarch of the family had made a deal with a local witch Malvina (Wanda Kosmo) to get pregnant and save her marriage. In return, Malvina should indicate who would marry the girl. However, her daughter Wilma is engaged of her beloved fiancé and Malvina wants her to get married with Eugenio, who is the son of Satan. Further, José Mojica Marins discovers that his fictional creation Zé do Caixão (a.k.a. Coffin Joe) is ready to collect the souls of Wilma's family and only and exorcism may save the doomed family.

"Exorcismo Negro" is another eerie and surrealistic low-budget film by José Mojica Marins and his character Zé do Caixão. José Mojica follows the trail of the successful 1973 "The Exorcist" and uses the theme in a story of possession and exorcism. However the plot is totally different and weird, but fans of horror films will certainly enjoy it. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Exorcismo Negro" ("Black Exorcism")

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Atmospheric and genuinely creepy. Sure it's a bloody ritual!

Author: insomniac_rod from Noctropolis
3 January 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Thank you again "Something Weird". This is an obscure and dirty little gem that comes from the shadows in Brazil.

I'm not a huge fan of Coffin Joe but I always admire Mojica Martins effort in Horror.

In "O Exorcismo Negro" Mojica tries to capitalize the success of "The Exorcist" but with a low budget (very low), creepy ideas that also deal with witchcraft, revenge, a soap-opera like sub-plot, and a crazy but spooky ritual. Eh, not to mention the creepy dancing sequence! The word "exorcism" shouldn't be taken literally. I mean, it's more of an inner battle between Mojica and his character (who laughs diabolically as the ending credits roll, brr).

Let me explain myself... The movie deals with Mojica Martins spending Christmas and some more days in a good friend's cabin (and his colorful family). There, Mojica while trying to write a new book and giving VERY interesting explanations towards the supernatural, his vision to Horror movies and novels; starts experiencing horrific situations that may led him believe his Coffin Joe character is actually a real evil force and that something really wrong is happening...

He witnesses along with Betinha how a tarantula and a serpent are hanging in the Christmas tree! Then, he has a creepy encounter with the possessed and tender grandpa who tells him something like "I'm more powerful than you! You can't stop me!" (in demonic voice). We later learn that it was Coffin Joe talking to him damn it!. You can notice the needed exorcism requirements in the old man's behavior.

Then Mojica, in probably the movie's creepiest moment, encounters another possessed family member standing in the woods, and when Mojica talks to him, he turns around, speaks in devil voice, has make-up a la "Evil Dead", starts speaking creepy things, and fights with Mojica until both fell into a dirty pond. You get the idea...

But in intercuts we learn that an old Witch who possesses EXTREMELY CREEPY devilish figures and status, set a curse on the family. You see, there was a pact that established that in order to have a baby, one of the relatives went to seek the aid of the witch who promised her a daughter in 9 months (although her husband was out of town due to work duties) in ex-change of that when a grown-up she would marry whoever the witch establishes. Oh, but the girl marries someone else and the witch believes it's time to make her marry the son of Satan! A groovy Brazilian guy.

Then, through a satanic ritual; everything should be solved. That's when Coffin Joe makes a creepy appearance while Mojica watches in disbelief.

Expect the witch tearing a black chicken's head with her teeth and pouring it's blood, some hand and finger chopping, stranger cannibals eating body parts, the throwing of corpses in a center, satanic chanting sand images (horrible statues and procedures such as moving the figures in a direction), and an eerie dancing where naked hot Brazilian chicks perform. That's my kind of entertainment! At the end, Mojica confronts Coffin Joe and tells him that "I created you! You can't exist" but Coffin makes his statement by reflexing about evil, imagination, and sends a message for the Horror audience. Nice!.

Still, "O Exorcismo Negro" gets dull, repetitive, not to mention boring at some points. Sure, there are creepy scenes but that's mainly because of the amateur look of the movie and some creepy sounds. Other sequences may look very cheesy and cheap but it somehow works because adds tension to the vibe.

I can't say this movie is creepy by any means, but it's a prime example of how an atmosphere can carry on it's back the whole fear factor of a movie with the word exorcism.

The acting was just good. I've read that some of the actors had experience in Brazilian television, and you can say so. The grandpa was a good actor. He looked tender while having Christmas dinner. Betinha got on my nerves with her screaming but at the ending she made a point while talking about her dead dog. (A dog that gets his neck broken, not sure if that pleases animal lovers).

Oh and Vilma has hot! ;) Give it a chance. It's a piece of obscurity that demonstrates how Brazilian Horror can be creepy, critic, clever, and atmospheric.

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Eerie movie, I tell ya...

Author: Zarathos-5 from Finland
5 August 2000

A very eerie movie at times, but still quite amusing at times. Some reporters wonder why director Marins does not believe in his own fictional character, Coffin Joe (alias Ze Do Caixao). After the interview he goes to visit his friend for christmas, and study some ideas for his new upcoming movie, "The Demon Exorcist". But there are some strange stuff going on in his friend's cabin. Tarantulas in christmas tree, people going berserk, and shouting some strange crap. We all know whats coming, because in the neightbourhood, in a wicked witch's wall, there's a picture of who else, than Coffin Joe! Don't miss the end, which is certainly NC-17 stuff, for both, the gore and the nudity. The musical score is eerie and chilling too.

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More stylish confusion from Jose Mojica Marins

Author: The_Void from Beverley Hills, England
5 January 2009

I can't really say I'm a fan of José Mojica Marins and his Coffin Joe character - I did like his first two films, but the two I've seen since then (The Strange World of Coffin Joe and The Awakening of the Beast) were torrid viewings that I didn't enjoy much. To his credit, however, at least the actor/director was willing to try out different things with his character and I can give his subsequent films plaudits for that. The Bloody Exorcism of Coffin Joe is yet another departure from the themes of the first two films; and this time features the actor playing himself for most of it. As the film begins, director Jose Mojica Marins is being interviewed about his next film, "The Demon Exorcist", and tells the press he is going to spend Christmas with friends so he can mull over what this imaginatively titled movie will be about. However, during his stay strange things start happening and the director learns that his own creation, Coffin Joe, may be at the heart of it.

Plenty of actors/directors with a cult following have made self-referential films; Lucio Fulci did it in 1990 with Cat in the Brain, recently Bruce Campbell did it with My Name is Bruce - and I'm sure many others have done it too. José Mojica Marins has always come across as a man with a high opinion of himself; and that comes through in this movie too, with all the action focusing on the actor himself and there's even time for him to compare his character to the most famous character of Arthur Conan Doyle! The Bloody Exorcism of Coffin Joe is filmed in the normal Coffin Joe style - namely, cheaply, although the style certainly does benefit the film and is the most striking thing about it. The film also carries on with the completely confusing style that plagued all the four previous Coffin Joe movies and that's a bit of a problem. It is possible to simply enjoy the movie because of what you're seeing on screen; but the film does start to get a bit boring before the credits finally roll. Overall, this is at least slightly better than the two Coffin Joe movies that went before it; but it will only really appeal to Coffin Joe fans, and I'm not one of them.

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