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Sex & Nudity

  • This movie is primarily about sexual relationships. The dialogue necessarily swirls around topics of love, lust, betrayal, openness, and loyalty.
  • There is frequent female nudity, as well as a bit of male nudity throughout the film. Much of the nudity is casual or social, but there are also several sex acts. Explicit penetration is never shown, no male genitalia are shown, and female genitalia is mostly obscured by pubic hair, shadows, and careful camera work.
  • In the opening scene, we see several artistic nude photographs. Later in that scene, a woman wearing a robe props her feet up on a desk, allowing the robe to slide away, revealing her pubic area. While titillating, the scene is shot in such a way that we see it as the action of a woman who is home alone and knows there is no point to flipping the robe back over her hip and thighs.
  • Another example of this is a scene of a group of women gathered around a backyard swimming pool. All are wearing bikinis, but about half of the women have left their tops off. When a couple of the women go swimming, they leave their bikini bottoms beside the pool. Underwater shots of the women swimming do show brief glimpses of vulva, but only a knowledgeable eye sees this.
  • Adjacent to the pool scene, one woman wearing only a bikini bottom walks into a secluded corner of a garden where she finds another woman dozing, completely nude. The latter awakens at the arrival and quickly flips a towel over her hip region. We see only a glimpse of pubic hair.
  • The only scene involving clear full male nudity is a lovemaking scene with a woman, both completely nude, but shot through a mosquito net over a bed. We see breasts and buttocks, but little else. The scene is artistic rather than realistic.
  • Aside from that one scene, the only other male nudity is toplessness.
  • A man chases a woman playfully. They kiss and grope with mutual eagerness, but the woman begins to resist when he opens her blouse and starts to engage in sex. She is shown giving in an enjoying the act, but it was arguably a rape.
  • Two women are in a social situation. One casually peels off her tee shirt, revealing her breasts, then unzips her shorts enough to allow her slip her hand down them to masturbate in full view of the other woman. We do not see any pubic hair or genitalia, but after she satisfies herself, she continues talking with the other woman, speaking frankly of masturbation. Later in the scene, the other woman allows the lower part of her robe to fall away from her hip area, revealing her pubic hair, then she also begins to masturbate.
  • A woman has sex on a night airplane flight twice in close succession with two different men. We see only her breasts, hip, and thigh in the first act, and not even that in the second act.
  • Two women are playing racquetball. One woman playfully helps to wipe away sweat from the other after the game, reaching up under her shirt, then revealing the other woman's breasts. The women become impassioned, with the active woman first stroking the other woman's breasts, then sliding her hand down the other's shorts. No further nudity is shown.
  • A woman strips to bathe in a waterfall. We see full frontal nudity.
  • A female dancer in a nightclub walks out onto the stage completely nude, then lays down and smokes a cigarette with her vagina. Although the scene clearly shows the act and we see up her crotch, the shadows and pubic hair hide her vulva, for the most part.
  • Two nude women dance to music on a stage, showing full frontal nudity. The backlighting hints at labia minora in silhouette. Later in that scene, the women embrace, stroke and kiss each other.
  • Two different completely nude women engage in lesbian sex. The sexual act is implicit, as the camera zooms in to focus on one of the women's face as she experiences orgasm. Through this and the subsequent scene, we see breasts, buttocks, and a glimpse of pubic hair.
  • A woman in an evening gown raises her skirt, revealing her thin blonde pubic bush, inviting a sexual advance from a man in the room. They couple vigorously, but they remove no clothing other than that necessary to complete the act. It is clearly a scene of pent-up lust satisfied rather than love.

Violence & Gore

  • A woman is raped by a man while another holds her down. A third man, who she arrived with, stands by passively and watches, rather than try to intervene.
  • (This is in addition to the borderline rape scene mentioned above.)


  • The original film is in French.
  • In the overdubbed English dialog track, a man calls a woman a bitch.
  • Other than that, the outré parts of the dialog are mainly sexual rather than profane.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There is an opium den scene where several of the patrons are clearly showing smoking.
  • In the vaginal smoking scene mentioned above, the woman lights one cigarette from another, which she was smoking in the normal way. The scene is in a nightclub, so we see several of the patrons drinking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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