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Filmmaker bets the house on his first feature

After directing TV episodes and shorts, Kane Guglielmi is so keen to make his first feature he is selling his house to finance the production.

Due to shoot in February, Cooped Up is a black comedy about a bitter professional wrestler named Jake Ridge who comes into contact with a potentially fatal virus while wrestling in Sydney.

He.s forced to spend 21 days in isolation in his childhood home. His only link to the outside world is Dr. Emily Mundy, an expert in emerging viruses who abhors violence and can't comprehend how a man could make a living pretending to fight.

Charles Cottier (Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, Home and Away, Please Like Me) is attached to play Jake. The casting of Emily and other roles is yet to be finalised.

The screenplay is by UK-based Australian John Ratchford. Guglielmi, who has directed episodes of Home and Away, will direct and
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Blu Room: The Destructors (Mod-dvd)

The Destructors Dvdmgm-mod Limited Edition Collection1974/Not Rated/90 MinsList Price: $19.98 – Now AvailableTough guy Brits of today Jason Statham and Clive Owen have nothing on Sir Michael Caine, who at 78 can still be charming with the right touch of menace just as he was back in the late sixties and early seventies. Caine's persona is as timeless as fellow actor Anthony Quinn whom he co-starred with in the 1974 feature The Destuctors. The Paris based thriller hasn't seen the light of day much in the nearly forty years since its release, but is now readily available on DVD thanks to MGM's new movies-on-demand service.Quinn plays Steve Ventura, a Us agent assigned in Paris who has been struggling to take down Marseilles kingpin and dope trafficker Jacques Brizard (James Mason). When Brizard's men send Ventura a message by executing a fellow agent and good friend, he feels guilty and it doesn't help
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The Destructors

At first glance, The Destructors looks like a bargain offering of little redeeming value. It’s a genuine pleasure to discover that the film (originally bearing the superior title The Marseille Contract) is a competent Euro-thriller with two contrasting but equally laudable performances by Anthony Quinn and Michael Caine. Director Robert Parrish works from a script by Judd Bernard, delivering an occasionally clumsy film that benefits hugely from a charismatic lead in Caine and being shot on location in Paris, Marseille and beyond.

The locations, in particular a seemingly abandoned train station, have an old-fashioned charm that makes the rote chase sequence stand out. Also notable are two excellent car chases that demonstrate that CGI may have incapacitated the genuine thrill of an experience stunt driver showing off. Quinn plays Steve Ventura, an American cop who’s stuck in a very personal prison behind a desk at a Parisian embassy.
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DVD Playhouse--June 2011

DVD Playhouse June 2011


Allen Gardner

Kiss Me Deadly (Criterion) Robert Aldrich’s 1955 reinvention of the film noir detective story is one of cinema’s great genre mash-ups: part hardboiled noir; part cold war paranoid thriller; and part science- fiction. Ralph Meeker plays Mickey Spillane’s fascist detective Mike Hammer as a narcissistic simian thug, a sadist who would rather smash a suspect’s fingers than make love to the bevvy of beautiful dames that cross his path. In fact, the only time you see a smile cross Meeker’s sneering mug is when he’s doling out pain, with a vengeance. When a terrified young woman (Cloris Leachman, film debut) literally crossed Hammer’s path one night, and later turns up dead, he vows to get to the bottom of her brutal demise. One of the most influential films ever made, and perhaps the most-cited film by the architects
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Weekend Shopping Guide 5/20/11: The Doctor & The Penguin

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The weekend’s here. You’ve just been paid, and it’s burning a hole in your pocket. What’s a pop culture geek to do? In hopes of steering you in the right direction to blow some of that hard-earned cash, it’s time for the Fred Weekend Shopping Guide - your spotlight on the things you didn’t even know you wanted…

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This really is a golden age for Doctor Who fans, as the DVD releases of classic storylines are coming fast & furious, with another quartet now available - the Peter Davison stories Snakedance and Kinda (BBC, Not Rated, DVD-$24.98 Srp each) and the Jon Pertwee stories Terror Of The Autons (BBC, Not Rated, DVD-$24.98 Srp) and Planet Of The Spiders (BBC, Not Rated, DVD-$34.98 Srp). All of
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More MGM Limited Edition Movies Released

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Given the success of Warner’s Archive program, we’re thrilled to see other studios scouring their vaults for content aimed at the discerning cinephile. Here’s a release showcasing the latest coming from MGM via Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment:

Los Angeles (April 14, 2011) – Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is bringing even more classics to DVD in April through its unique “manufacturing on demand” (“Mod”). The newest group of films will be part of the MGM Limited Edition Collection and available through online retailers. The vast catalog ranges from 1980’s Defiance to 1965’s four-time Academy Award® nominated A Thousand Clowns.

Enjoy your favorite movies from across the decades including:


● Davey Crockett, Scout (1950): A U.S. military scout is assigned to stop Indian attacks on a defenseless group of wagon trains making their way West. Stars George Montgomery, Ellen Drew, Noah Beery Jr. Directed by Lew Landers.

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