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This is a wonderful movie on struggle and family bonds
Tamikalovesu223 May 2004
I have seen this movie since I was a little girl, and being from New York and remembering how people lived back then brought back a lot of good memories. This movie is not just about wanting a fairy tale ending but understanding the struggles of becoming a better person, woman, and provider Claudine attempted to be. It was about the welfare system putting women in a binding situation. It was about the injustice of a system that invaded and put demands on a family to stay afloat. Diane Carroll was nominated for an Oscar for this role, and it was well deserved. If you want to experience a strong family with conflicting but wonderful bonding moments, enjoy Claudine. Your goal as a viewer is to keep an open mind, and understand the overall frustration.
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rst epic to feature positive Afro-American images for a change
nuport17 September 2002
This well crafted film stands as an " American classic" in every sense of the word .We have the images of an Afro American family long before Cosby made it fashionable.And this film has the details which make it grittily realistic and believable .Oh! how I love those genuine NYC locations .Though made not so long after the civil rights era peaked, it dose'nt seem dated at all.The cast remarkable ,one must ask what became of these kids.The direction flawless ,James Earl is such a mighty presence in films and here he is young and strong.Watch him fight against the racist system .No doubt this is a movie for everyone no matter the race ,and what is color any way ?? I had seen this a few times but only recently obtained the videotape through sources that I found in the area .We really need more movies like this ,genuine wit , intelligent ,and touching emotions ,maybe our society would be a little better place.
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iama8 October 1998
The great film of an early urban afro-american family struggling through hard time and racism, this is an emaculate film. I am in love with this particular classic film because it shows reality, its emotion, its funny, and its a urban fairytale. I read the review by Brian Koller and basically he's saying that the film left him confused and without a plot. Well! I think that what he seemed to have missed was the fact that they did indeed get married, yes! the police did take Charles (Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs) to jail and the family went with him in the wagon to jail right after the wedding. To me that meant that the family was sticking together, no matter what the problem or finances were. Also I love the sound track performed by Gladys Knight and the Pips, titled "On and On". I would love to purchase this film, every time it comes on TV, I miss it. This film is truly a classic and should be in every afro-americans home. I wish somebody had some information for me about purchasing this film......Iama
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Soft hearted, honest dramedy bears the soul and plight of quite a few african americans of the era.
dirtygold0017 June 2003
If this film is examined closely, it's a bit sad. It is detailed enough to touch upon very real problems children, who grow up in poor, dysfunctional environments. Yet, it retains it's comedic value, with spirited performances by Diahann Carroll and James Earl Jones. The sadness lies in the struggles and dysfunction of the mother (Carroll), who cannot truly help her children, not because she doesn't want to, or try, but because, it's obvious she doesn't know how. Remember, this is a comedy, but if you've never seen this, or if you have, watch this film and see the humanity, in the characters. Good film.
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'Claudine' is warm and inviting
D.S.19 February 2000
I first saw the 1974 film "Claudine" on Showtime in 1996. It's a warm film that is easily embracable, thanks to the humane way in which the characters -- and their misfortunes -- are dealt.

Diahann Carroll, in the title role, plays a single mother raising -- oh, four or five or six -- kids while working as a maid for a wealthy, affluent family.

James Earl Jones, as a garbage man, is smitten with Claudine. However, he has problems of his own, and the idea of committing to Claudine has him running scared.

The characters have pride and love, and, even though this isn't original, I found "Claudine" to be quite inviting. The performances (especially from Carroll, who won a well-deserved best-actress Oscar nomination for a role that had originally been cast with Diana Sands, who had to drop out due to a bout with cancer that would eventually kill her in September 1973) seem flawless, because the actors have a firm grasp and understanding of where "Claudine" is at, in terms of heart, mind, and soul.

And "Claudine" has plenty of those three to spare. It's well-worth checking out, if you haven't already done so.
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Kecia11 May 2002
I LOVE this of my all-time favorites!!! This was the first big screen movie my mom took me to see when I was 9. I highly recommend it to every african-american. This story is about love, trust, challenges, and everyday life of a black family. All the actors worked well together. I wish it was on video, but as of yet, it is not available that I know of. I caught it on television a few years ago, and recorded it, so whenever I get the urge to watch it...I have it! The soundtrack is awesome too! A must-see!
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Gets better with time, just like fine wine.
BigBrothaX12 August 2002
Claudine was one of the very first movies that gave positive role models for both Black men and women. I appreciated this movie even more as I got older. This movie shows that men didn't always turn away from responsibility. An excellent movie I'd always recommend for anyone who appreciates a good inner city love story.
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This is a must see movie by all regardless of race.
scottmercedes6 February 2002
Claudine is a movie that is representation of the american system at it's worst. The welfare system was initially set up as a stepping stone for those families who needed that extra hand to get back on their feet.The movie showed an accurate portrayal of how the welfare system breaks down the family unit. In other words if the father or any male figure is in the lives of the women and children their financial support from the system would be jeopardized if not terminated. The struggles of the poor can be seen throughout the world. I would like to see a reproduction of this movie back in the stores for all to rent or buy for their library collection.
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Old but you can dig it.....
pc954 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Caught this recently after noticing James Earl Jones name on the title. It was better than I expected. Of course it's pretty old - made during the early/mid 70's but it actually is a decent drama. It runs a quick 90min or so and showcases good performances from James Earl Jones and Diahann Caroll. The plot is conventional in general but told through the perspective of a single black woman on welfare who has 6 children and trying to deal with all the problems that persist. This makes for an interesting view.....also in the fact that the script wasn't too sentimental or overdramatized - it's almost like looking at a slice of the past. All the 70's styles are out in abundance. The ending is kind of kooky though....probably would've done better without the theatrics.
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if you're into the 70's black urban culture, CLAUDINE'S for you!
kirvin-110 June 2002
Claudine is one of those movies that you don't want to end and when it does you make up additional scenes in your mind! This movie is about a woman with 6 kids "living" on welfare in the bronx. she has a gig on the side as a domestic worker. she hooks up with a garbage man, named rupe and they hit it off, the kids however ain't trying to hear it. the story evolves around rupe trying to bond with the kids, claudine trying to battle with the welfare system and curtis mayfield's sound track punctuates the mood of the movie. gladys knight and the pips' vocals are tops! this movie has a "good times","coolie high","monky hustle" type of vibe to it. please see it. do it for me.
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