Chinatown (1974) Poster


Plot Keywords

water detective
murder corruption
investigation private detective
conspiracy incest
scandal secret
protective male place name in title
music score features percussion music score features piano
music score features trumpet orchestral music score
chinatown hanging up without saying goodbye
melancholy evil man
death los angeles river
cutting someone's nose knife
nose bandage sister sister relationship
mother daughter relationship family relationships
shocking truth hidden truth
scapegoat anti hero
yawn yawning
distrust dishonesty
character repeating someone else's dialogue tragic event
topless female nudity politics
chinatown los angeles nose injury
male slaps female adultery
reference to confucius shot to death
rape victim one word title
water engineer reservoir
secret past dark past
female nudity great depression
nosebleed severed nose
dysfunctional family widow
shot in the head shot in the chest
mexico husband wife relationship
catalina rowboat
cult film water rights
mystery woman hard boiled
nudity crutch
racism rooftop
drowning real estate fraud
morgue femme fatale
lawsuit police
gardener loss of husband
restaurant surveillance
1930s disfigurement
fisherman car accident
shaving convertible
famous score beach
domestic violence bandaged nose
eyeglasses switchblade
quilting city council
male nudity premarital sex
impersonation trespassing
mansion neo noir
retirement home face slap
obituary pocket watch
tycoon los angeles california
violence vandalism
barbershop orchard
catalina island california father daughter relationship
title spoken by character surprise ending
plot twist

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