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A humorous documentary looking at the animal life over the course of a year that gather around an oasis situated in a desert in Eastern Africa. Highlights of this being the period when the fruit from the trees surrounding the water hole. Fall into the water and ferment. The animals that drink there end up being rather intoxicated, including the hangover the following morning. All together a good, if now a bit dated, piece of documentary making. The documentary covers all aspects of life around the water hole as the waters change from being in almost flood like conditions. To the water drying up into a large muddy puddle during the dry season. The animals that are featured being as diverse as warthogs, elephants, tortoises and monkeys. The cinematography is excellent considering the conditions endured and the length of time spent in the field shooting the footage. The resultant film is refreshingly devoid of computer and other special effects, instead relying on the editing and narration to convey events to the audience.


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