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Low budget thriller

Author: Rautus from United Kingdom
14 August 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I found this hard to find film on VHS at my local store and I thought okay, it has Rutger Hauer in it and I liked him in The Hitcher, Blind Fury etc so I decided to buy it and I didn't find it too bad. This movie is very low budget with the camera shots, the music and the dubbing, the scenery where it was filmed in looked nice. Cold Blood does start off a bit slow and the action starts later on in the movie, the plot is about a pilot named Cris (Rutger Hauer) who becomes part of the mob but when he betrays them they catch up with him and shoot him but a young women witnesses it so they come into the house with him and after bandaging up his wound they take her with them but Cris stabs the boss and the young women drives the car off then they take out the body and she takes him to a doctor who removes the bullet, then they're both going through the countryside trying to avoid the two men after him and the money he hid somewhere.

Cold Blood isn't the greatest movie but it is an alright flick.

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Another hard to find, hard to watch Hauer flick

Author: ( from Syracuse, NY
25 May 1999

One of several early European films US distributers released in order to exploit Hauer's stardom during the eighties. This one is especially hard to find, but could pop up anywhere at random. If it does don't bother, despite your curiosity of seeing a young dashing Hauer. The plot has the standard morally impaired Hauer ripping off his employers, only to be tracked down by them. He falls in love with a rural beauty and wears a trenchcoat (eventually a trademark.) Ambiguity in the performances (Hauer seems bored when he should be getting intense) plot, ending all make this a waste of time and effort. The muddy dubbing certainly doesn't help.

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"Can I skin a rabbit for you, or open a bottle of schnappes?"

Author: classicsoncall from Florida, New York
22 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK, I've read the other reviews for this film (there's eight on this board as I write mine), and no one brought up the way this thing ended. I got the impression that the whole story was a dream by the picture's leading lady, Vera Tschechowa. That tends to put me in a surly mood, because I hate investing my time in a flick if it's going to turn out to be a non-story. So am I missing something here?

My summary line by the way, comes from the guy who owned the decrepit mansion in the woods where Cris (Rutger Hauer) and Corinna (Tschechowa) hung out while the gangsters were moving in. I didn't catch his name, so take your pick, he's either the guy who plays Franz or Man in the credits. It doesn't make much difference. You know, I wasn't fooled for a second, I knew that Boss Himmel (Horst Frank) would make a comeback after being stabbed and dumped by the side of the road earlier in the picture. The guy must have had amazing recuperative powers after taking that hit to the lung, he fought like a trooper. I guess that didn't bother him a bit, just like Cris/Blondi was none the worse for wear after having the bullet from his shoulder removed.

Anyway, the film was OK for a couple of good throwaway lines, like "The sky knows no frontiers" and "A fox never sleeps, he only catnaps". Those must be German expressions I never heard before. Here's another one I just made up - Beware of empty suitcases.

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I'm At the End of My Rope

Author: Hitchcoc from United States
11 December 2006

Rutger Hauer. Handsome face. Athleltic. European. Ice cold emotions. That's about it. This is just another of those movies that doesn't showcase any real skill. It's about a pilot for hire who decides to take the illegal money from those who hired him and run with it. Unfortunately, it's really easy to find him and they do. He uses all sorts of ploys to avoid these guys and they seem to work. He takes some beatings, faces death a few times, hooks up with a beautiful woman who helps him along the way. The question is "Where is the money?" That's his trump card. It goes on and on and what is a relatively short film seems much longer. There is much grunting and pretty bad dubbing, and an anti-climactic finish. There is a little star power here, but it's not worth much.

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You must think I'm stupid! if I tell you I'm dead!

Author: sol1218 from brooklyn NY
22 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

****SPOILERS**** A young blond and strikingly, as well as Aryan, handsome looking Rutger Hauer is Cris who's a man on the run in the movie as he tries to escape from his captors after being shot by them. Cris later takes off With his now new girlfriend, the guy doesn't have any trouble getting any, Corina who's house in the country he tried to escape to but ended up getting shot and badly wounded by his pursuers. Cris who's a former Luftwaffe, air force, pilot in the in the West German air corps was recruited by this gang of drug smugglers lead by Himmel,no relations to Heinrich Himmler,to smuggle drugs across the North Sea from Germany to Sweden. Finally wanting out Cris double crossed his partners by taking off with one million dollars of drug profits on is final drug run. It's in Cris secretly hiding the money that kept him from being murdered by his fellow drug smugglers.

On the run for his life with the beautiful Corina at his side Cris who escaped again by knifing Himmel from behind while he was tied up in the back seat in his car soon ends up at his friend Frank's place in the woods. It's there where Himmel's men Arthur & Stazi recapture him for the third time, butterfingers, and then threaten to murder his girl Corina if he doesn't tell them where he hid the money with Cris knowing that if he does he's a dead man. So so man on the run flick with the drop dead gorgeous Vera Tschechowa as Corina keeping us men folks interested in watching as the handsome Hauer does for the ladies.

***SPOILERS*** What's been keeping both Cris & Corina alive is his knowledge where the missing million is hidden. With that in mind both Arthur & Stazi, who we later find out is an escaped lunatic from a local mental asylum, try to get Cris to talk. Cris for his part has other ideas and uses them to trick his two captors into him escaping in a nearby lake dressed in a scuba diving wet suit. But the biggest surprise that's saved for last is who's really behind all this murder and mayhem. Who screws himself up in when he has the chance, with Cris finally getting his hands on the hidden million, to finally finish off the pesky Cris lets him live! All that so he can get his two cents in by giving his long awaited speech, which no one but him is really interested in, that gave Cris all the time that he needed to finally finish him off!

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Buy Blind Fury instead!

Author: Movie Nuttball from U.S.A.
23 June 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Cold Blood is a fair film that has a great cast including Rutger Hauer, Vera Tschechowa, Horst Frank Walter Richter, Günther Stoll, Walter Sedlmayr, Andreas Mannkopff, Anna-Maria Asmus, and Erich Kleiber. The acting by all of these actors is OK. The movie didn't get a high rating from Me here because of the lack greatness and the for the several nudity scenes from the woman. It seems like she will freely show her body on film even in the sex scene. This all brought it downhill for Me. I mean it did have a good villain and some good action but I would not recommend this film even to the hardcore fan of Haurer to watch this movie. One movie I do strongly recommend is Blind Fury! Now that was a great Rugter Hauer movie. Nevermind this film and buy Blind Fury instead!

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A solid premise, but it all went wrong

Author: Thomas ( from Berlin, Germany
9 July 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Das Amulett des Todes" is a West German film from 1975, so this one is already over 40 years old. It was made by Ralf Gregan and Günter Vaessen and it is one of Dutch actor Rutger Hauer's rare journeys into the world of German cinema. The two people I mentioned already are German and same can be said about pretty much the entire cast, such as female lead actress Vera Tschechowa and the eternal Sedlmayr. The film is fairly short, only runs for 80 minutes and the story is as follows. A man get violated by a bunch of crooks and a woman is watching. The men see her and take her hostage, but she manages to flee with the injured and from that moment on, a love relationship grows and they are always trying to get away from the bad guys and when they can't then Hauer's character fights them (sometimes they appear completely out of nowhere) with all he has, while Tschechowa's is usually tied up somewhere crying and being very scared. In theory, I like films with simple plot lines, so I believe this could have turned out a decent movie. But it did not. The plot was pretty ridiculous at times and Tschechowa is the perfect example here of how stereotypically bad female character were written around that time. Not even Hauer can save this film. It's bad through and through and there are very few solid moments only. 4/10 was still really generous here. I do not recommend the watch and I was pretty glad this was over so quickly. At best, a guilty pleasure, but not even as something like that it delivers.

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Middling thriller

Author: Woodyanders ( from The Last New Jersey Drive-In on the Left
11 February 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Corinna (busty brunette Vera Teschechowa) witness three hoodlums chase down and shoot airplane pilot Cris (a pre-stardom Rutger Hauer) in front of her home in the remote country. The trio abduct Corinna and force her to take care of Cris. Naturally, Cris and Corinna go on the run after escaping from the hoods.

Directors Ralf Gregan and Gunter Vaessen -- the latter also wrote the talky script -- let the decent story plod along at a sluggish pace and crucially fail to generate much in the way of suspense. Fortunately, the filmmakers still toss in a fairly explicit sex scene between Cris and Corinna in order to alleviate the tedium to a moderate degree. While this movie does manage to deliver some excitement towards the end, it's basically too little too late. Horst Frank fares best as smoothly ruthless ringleader Himmel. Further marred by cruddy dubbing (poor Hauer gets saddled with a ridiculously out of place British accent!), a cheesy synthesizer, and the world's oldest and lamest surprise plot twist, this pretty pedestrian affair rates as a strictly passable time-waster at best.

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Boring German seventies crime thriller

Author: Mikew3001 ( from Hamburg, Germany
19 February 2004

A sinister German sports pilot is getting a job by a gang of smugglers to fly some millions of Marks abroad but tries to escape with the money on his own. Now the gangsters are chasing him and an innocent female eyewitness through the woods.

The plot of this German 1974 production sounds so old-fashioned as the film really is - just boring. In the beginning, the action is nearly non-existent, the pacing is just dumb and uninteresting, and only in the second half of the movie, when you're possibly waking up again and trying to get hold of what it's all about.... Ralf Gregan's direction and Michael Ballhaus' photography are missing everything you're expecting from a simply crime thriller, and it's no wonder that the German cinema of the seventies was no highlight at all except for stupid sex comedies and boring art house student films with no space left for well-made mainstream entertainment.

There is also some sex and crime involved, notably a hot sex scene between Dutch main actor Rutger Hauer of later Hollywood fame (Blade Runner, Hitcher, Flesh and Blood etc.) and sexy Vera Tschechowa. Especially in the end during the fight between Hauer (ridiculously named "Blondi" here) and the gangster boss, German b-movie standard villain Horst Frank, lots of blood and guts are all around (although these scenes are badly edited in later TV screenings).

You will wonder how such actors became involved in such a boring stuff. Other notable supporting actors are Bavarian star actor Walter Sedlmayer (who gets beaten to death like in his real life later on during a spectacular homosexual killing affair), "Tatort" detective Walter Richter and Edgar-Wallace-movie veteran Gunther Stoll. The movie was mainly filmed in the Black Forest woods and some private houses which gives him a really cheap and home-made touch. And nobody really knows what the "Amulett des Todes" (the bracelet of death), worn by lovely looking Vera Tschechowa, really stands for... probably a touch of horror which cannot save the movie at all.

O.K., enough words for such a boring movie, but if you get the occasion to watch this film in groovy seventies fashion and hair styles with its driving Moog synthesizer score and some famous European actors in some of their worst roles just do it once and forget it afterwards!

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Don't bother

Author: John Firth ( from Newcastle, England
19 April 2000

Caught this on late night television one time. ITV used to show (badly) dubbed European (usually French or German) films at 1 in the morning. Some were good, like the Jean Paul Belmondo films. Some were bad, like this one.

Even with Rutger Hauer, this isn't worth watching. The awful dubbing doesn't help, but this is still another Euro cheapie. Stick to Hauer's Dutch stuff with Paul Verhoeven if you want to catch him in good roles pre-America.

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