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18 Jan. 1976
O.S.I. needs to get a stolen top-secret codebook back from elusive criminal and club owner Mark Wharton. Oscar gets Will Collins, manager of the Blue Tiger night club to introduce Steve Austin as magician 'Steve Andrews'. To add an extra element to the show, Steve proposes to take E.S.P. gifted Audrey Moss with him as his assistant.
1 Feb. 1976
The Secret of Bigfoot
Two geologist friends of Steve Austin disappear in Californa while placing earthquake sensors in the woods. A giant footprint is found nearby, leading to speculation of the involvement of a Sasquatch.
4 Feb. 1976
The Secret of Bigfoot: Part 2
Steve Austin has met a colony of space travelers living inside a California mountain. Meanwhile, Oscar Goldman and his team are preparing to trigger a small earthquake in order to prevent a larger one from happening.
8 Feb. 1976
The Golden Pharaoh
When Oscar assigns Steve Austin to protect the priceless Golden Pharaoh statue, they find it has already been replaced by a fake. Steve convinces former acquaintance Trish Hollander to help him retrieve the art treasure.
15 Feb. 1976
Love Song for Tanya
Oscar Goldman assigns Steve Austin to escort duty for Russian gymnast Tanya Breski. When Steve shows Tanya some of the less cultural aspects of American life, she develops a crush on him.
22 Feb. 1976
The Bionic Badge
Atomic bomb components have been stolen over a series of thefts and Oscar suspects one old cop, Officer Banner of being involved. Steve goes undercover as a rookie cop named Aimry to investigate.
7 Mar. 1976
Big Brother
When Steve Austin agrees to some promotional work for a friends' Big Brothers organization, he soon takes a difficult youth named Carlos Delgado under his wing.
19 Sep. 1976
The Return of Bigfoot: Part 1
Steve Austin becomes a suspect after series of burglaries that can only be accomplished with bionic strength are committed. As Austin begins to have vague memories of his encounter with Bigfoot, he is approached by Gillian, one of the alien travelers. She explains that one of her own, Nedlick, has formed a splinter group intend on world domination and is now using Sasquash to commit robberies in order to gain wealth.
26 Sep. 1976
Nightmare in the Sky
When an Aircraft mysteriously disappears in a test flight, Steve's friend Kelly Wood becomes the prime suspect, since she was the one driving the plane at the time. But for some reason, she has no memory, except remembering seeing a Japanese Zero plane from World War 2. Since no one believes her, Steve knows he must clear his friend's name, before it's too late.
3 Oct. 1976
Double Trouble
When a nightclub comedian is hit by a car, the x-rays reveal an implant in his head that can control his actions. Oscar sends Steve to find out why and if the Russians are involved.
17 Oct. 1976
The Most Dangerous Enemy
Steve and Rudy go to check up on scientist, Cheryl Osborne, who was performing research on chimpanzees but who has ceased communications. When they arrive they find something has destroyed the lab, and Rudy is bitten by a rampaging chimpanzee. Rudy begins to turn psychotic and Steve must both stop him and find Osborne before it's too late.
24 Oct. 1976
H+2+O = Death
A remarkable new underwater breathing device with bigger implications and powered by nuclear fusion attracts the attention of a dangerous spy network. With an invented identity as a doctor on the project, Steve attempts to outwit the spies by faking the device's capabilities with a little help from his bionic arm.
31 Oct. 1976
Kill Oscar: Part 2
With Jaime Sommers critically injured, Steve Austin races to Dr. Franklin's secret hideout to find the kidnapped Oscar Goldman. Austin plans to rescue his friend and boss despite Oscar's own orders to kill him lest he spill state secrets.
7 Nov. 1976
The Bionic Boy
In special two-hour show of "The Six Million Dollar Man", Andy Shefield has been injured in a landslide that also killed his controversial father. OSI chooses the youth to receive atomic/bionic implants that will restore his paralyzed legs. The result is superhuman strength in those legs. Andy immediately uses this new power to do what he can to restore the good name of his father. Once he gets in over his head, Colonel Steve Austin comes to his aid.
21 Nov. 1976
Vulture of the Andes
Steve poses as a member of the US team in a sailplane meet to stop terrorists.
28 Nov. 1976
The Thunderbird Connection
Steve's mission is to rescue an Arab prince who's going to be killed by someone who wants to be King. So Steve joins a fighter jet group called the Thunderbirds that perform aerial maneuvers. But when Steve suffers dizziness when he reaches certain altitudes, Rudy says they can treat it but it'll take time. And they need to rescue the prince so Steve tries to stay at low altitudes.
12 Dec. 1976
A Bionic Christmas Carol
After an accident at a NASA contractor, Steve uses his bionic abilities to convince the gruff, penny-pinching head of the company to change his callous ways.
19 Dec. 1976
Task Force
Steve goes undercover to thwart a plot by disgruntled ex-military men to steal a new missile.

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