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Season 1

18 Jan. 1974
Population: Zero
The entire population of the small town of Norris has been knocked out by an unknown sonic device. Against Oscar Goldman's orders, Steve Austin insists on investigating because he knew a lot of the town's 23 inhabitants during his high school years.
25 Jan. 1974
Survival of the Fittest
Oscar Goldman becomes a target for several conspirators who want to stop him from negotiating with the Russians. As he and Steve Austin fly back to Washington aboard a military aircraft, the plane is caught in a storm and has to crash land on an island in the Pacific. Amongst the survivors are the very men who are planning to kill Oscar.
1 Feb. 1974
Operation Firefly
Word reaches Oscar Goldman that Dr. Samuel Abbott, who has spent years perfecting a portable laser projector, is missing. Steve Austin travels to Spain to meet Abbott's daughter Susan, who just happens to share a strong bond with her father by way of ESP. With this connection guiding them, they journey into the Everglades together on a rescue mission.
8 Feb. 1974
Day of the Robot
Steve Austin's good buddy Major Fred Sloan has invented a microwave circuit card he calls the 'activator' and a separate ignition unit that when combined, power an anti-missile missile device. Steve is assigned to protect his friend during the final testing phase. A criminal organization intend on getting their hands on the device kidnap Sloan and replace him with an identical robot build by professor Jeffrey Dolenz.
22 Feb. 1974
Little Orphan Airplane
Col. Steve Austin is dispatched to Africa to find and rescue U.S. pilot Josh Perkins who recently made a crash landing there and carries a valuable roll of film.
1 Mar. 1974
Doomsday, and Counting
Steve accompanies his Russian cosmonaut pal Vasily Zhukov to Kamkov Island, USSR territory. There Zhukov's girlfriend is trapped underground because of an unexpected earthquake. When Zhukov discovers his American friend has bionic enhancement's he talks Steve into manning a two man rescue mission. Unfortunately, they soon find out the quake has set of a nuclear self-destruct weapon.
8 Mar. 1974
Eyewitness to Murder
Leaving a restaurant around midnight, Steve Austin witnesses a murder and gets a good look at the sniper thanks to his bionic eye. Oscar objects to Austin's involvement in the case until it transpires the actual target that night was attorney Lorin Sandusky.
15 Mar. 1974
Rescue of Athena One
Steve Austin has been assigned to train America's first female astronaut Major Kelly Wood. On her maiden-flight, a sudden explosion damages the Athena 1 and injures Kelly's co-pilot Osterman. Austin heads the rescue-team and follows her up to Skylab, only to find his bionic replacements malfunctioning in outer space.
29 Mar. 1974
Dr. Wells Is Missing
Rudy Wells is kidnapped on a trip to his old study grounds. Luckily Steve Austin has some time off and follows Rudy unannounced to Innsbruck, Austria. The trail soon leads to the wealthy Tucelli family, who want to force Dr. Wells to give up the secret of constructing a bionic man.
5 Apr. 1974
The Last of the Fourth of Julys
A mercenary-for-hire plans to assassinate several world leaders at a summit using a high powered laser beam that will bounce off a satellite unless Col. Steve Austin can infiltrate his base and stop the mastermind before he sets his plan into motion. Of course it involves a bit of a challenge: Steve has to be fired onto the villain's island lair inside a torpedo casing, climb a dangerous precipice, vault a 30-foot high electrified fence and break into a secure compound. And then, of course, there's all the villain's henchmen to defeat...not to mention his deviously ...
12 Apr. 1974
Burning Bright
Astronaut Josh Lang has been acting even more far out than usual after being affected by a mysterious electrical field during his last spacewalk. Lang's friend and colleague Steve Austin is called in to evaluate his sanity. Steve soon realizes there is a method to Josh's madness, as he develops strange powers of the mind that can make dolphins and men do his bidding.
19 Apr. 1974
The Coward
'My Little Girl', an airplane missing since World War II has been uncovered in the Himalayas thanks to a recent earthquake. Steve Austin is tasked to retrieve the important documents the plane was carrying. However, for him this assignment is more personal: the pilot was his father, Carl Austin, who some claim bailed out at the last moment, never to be seen again.
26 Apr. 1974
Run, Steve, Run
Dr. Jeffrey Dolenz, the infamous robot maker, has been hired to build a team of robots to rob Fort Knox. He refuses to start working however, until he's discovered the secrets of the bionic man who defeated his first robot. Therefore he spends his sponsor's money and time following Steve Austin, who is taking a well deserved rest on an Utah ranch.

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