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Season 1

7 Sep. 1974
The Joyriders
A group of kids are "borrowing" cars without considering the consequences.
14 Sep. 1974
The Brothers
Chad is a blind boy who is being overly-protected by his older brother, Danny. Chad feels so useless that he decides to run away, and when his brother goes after him, Danny gets bit by a rattlesnake. Chad gains self-confidence after he is able to make it back to Billy and Mentor for help and lead them back to Danny.
21 Sep. 1974
Thou Shalt Not Kill
Billy and Mentor try to help a girl who wants to protect a horse she loves from it's owner who wants to put it down.
28 Sep. 1974
The Lure of the Lost
A woman is concerned about her brother, Gary, when he seems to have fallen in with the wrong crowd: a drug dealer named Brock. Billy and Mentor must help Gary break free of his connections with Brock.
5 Oct. 1974
The Road Back
Gary, the man who works for a drug dealer agrees to testify against his boss, Brock. While his friend, Mark decides not to. They were being brought to the D.A. in a police car but Brock helps them escape. Now Gary decides to turn to Billy and Mentor for help. They decide to go into Brock's office to get the evidence they need to use against him. But Mark might not be on their side.
12 Oct. 1974
The Athlete
Kellie has her mind set on being a part of the all-boys Varsity Team. But there are two boys who will do anything in order to get her off the team - perhaps even by planting test answers in her locker.
19 Oct. 1974
The Treasure
Two men have been digging up Native American artifacts in the desert and selling them. A Native American chief and his grandson, Johnny, try to get them to stop, but are unsuccessful. Billy and Mentor offer their help to keep these priceless treasures where they belong.
24 Oct. 1974
The Boy Who Said 'No'
Mentor is hit over the head and robbed. Young Larry Burns knows that it was Ron Craig who robbed Mentor but is threatened that he'd better keep quiet or else. Billy and Mentor know that Larry knows who the robber was, and when Ron is seen looking for Larry, it becomes obvious that Ron is the guilty person. Knowing he's been found out, Ron forces Larry's father to take him out of town on his helicopter.
2 Nov. 1974
The Doom Buggy
Don has dropped out of school to be a mechanic. However, when he and Billy get lost in the desert, he sees that he doesn't know as much as he thought he did.
9 Nov. 1974
The Brain
Billy must help a nerdy newcomer to the community who will do anything to be accepted, including taking foolish risks.
16 Nov. 1974
Little Boy Lost
Billy and Mentor befriend a young boy and his puppy. Captain Marvel is later is called upon when the boy's father is in need of help as he is trapped in an old ghost town accident.
23 Nov. 1974
The Delinquent
A young and lonely boy has a lesson to learn, in order to truly love others you need to first love yourself.
30 Nov. 1974
The Braggart
After Alan tells a story about beating up a big guy using karate, his friends start to doubt that anything he's been telling them is true. Alan makes a big mistake and says that he's been inside the rhino exhibit at the zoo, and now he has to prove it, otherwise he has to find some new friends.
7 Dec. 1974
The Past Is Not Forever
Poor Jackie is being accused of robbing the gas station he works at because he has a criminal record. Plus it was done using the keys. Tough guy Vinnie doesn't want Jackie hanging around his sister, Mellie.
14 Dec. 1974
The Gang's All Here
Vinnie is out on bail and ready to get even with that rat-fink Jackie. Billy tries to talk to Vinnie, but ends up being bound and gagged. Vinnie and Jackie's confrontation at the oil refinery almost takes one of their lives.

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