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6 Jan. 1978
The Attractive Nuisance
An unexplained break-in at Rocky's new diner has connections with the FBI fifty years ago.
13 Jan. 1978
The Gang at Don's Drive-In
An author suffering from writers block tells Jim he thinks he has the next best seller in an old murder case from 1961.
20 Jan. 1978
The Paper Palace
A prostitute (Rita Moreno) hires Jim to find out who has been sending her death threats.
27 Jan. 1978
Dwarf in a Helium Hat
A threat to the wrong phone number has Jim scrambling to find out who it was meant for.
3 Feb. 1978
South by Southeast
Mistaken identity by federal agents has Jim being sent to South America to help them contact a heiress, who has been isolated by her possessive husband.
10 Feb. 1978
The Competitive Edge
Jim winds up in a funny farm when he gets too close to the truth about an elite health club.
17 Feb. 1978
The Prisoner of Rosemont Hall
When the son of an old friend goes missing, Jim goes to the young man's college to try and find out what happened.
24 Feb. 1978
The House on Willis Avenue
When a fellow P.I. is killed on the Ventura freeway, Jim and Richie Brockelman team up to find out if it really was an accident.
22 Sep. 1978
Heartaches of a Fool
Jim finds that a country music star, corrupt union boss and Chinese triad all have one thing in common with why Rocky ended in hospital after his rig was forced off the road: sausages.
29 Sep. 1978
Rosendahl and Gilda Stern Are Dead
A doctor's murder has direct connections to the Mob, and Jim comes to the assistance of hooker friend Rita Capcovik (Rita Moreno) when she finds herself entangled in it.
6 Oct. 1978
The Jersey Bounce
Wrongly accused of beating a man to death, Jim discovers the best legal advice he can find is from disbarred lawyer John Cooper.
20 Oct. 1978
White on White and Nearly Perfect
Handsome, charmed PI Lance White (Tom Selleck) may speak lines that sound like they're from a 1940s B movie, but everyone is so attracted to him they hang on his every word. That is, everyone except Jim.
27 Oct. 1978
Kill the Messenger
When an already overly stressed Dennis Becker is lumped with the unwelcome task of finding out who murdered Deputy Chief Towne's unfaithful wife, Jim decides to lend a hand in the investigation.
3 Nov. 1978
A Good Clean Bust with Sequel Rights
Jim is forced to babysit Chicago ex-cop, now celebrity, "Frank Falcone," who has a television show and toy line. Falcone isn't easy to babysit, and things get dicey when some old Chicago "friends" of Falcone show up to complicate things.
10 Nov. 1978
Three Day Affair with a Thirty Day Escrow
After being strong-armed by an Arab sheik and his goons, and getting no help from the police, Jim decides to track down the two people who caused his trouble: a soft-voiced gigolo and the sheik's naive daughter.
17 Nov. 1978
The Empty Frame
At a swank party, attended by some of LA's high society and police dept. VIPs, in honor of Angel's brother-in-law, Aaron, being made Chief of Police, a robbery takes place, while Lt. Doug Chapman is in charge of security. Desperate to get back into good graces with his superiors, Chapman swallows his pride and asks Rockford to help him.
24 Nov. 1978
Black Mirror: Part 1
A blind psychologist, who is being terrorized by an unknown stalker, turns to Jim for help.
24 Nov. 1978
Black Mirror: Part 2
Rockford's investigation of psychologist Megan Dougherty's stalker leads him to one of her patients who may have a split personality - one of which is a paid killer.
1 Dec. 1978
A Fast Count
Jim puts up his dukes and steps forward to help a boxing coach who has been framed with bribery and murder.
8 Dec. 1978
Local Man Eaten by Newspaper
Jim could use some saintly guidance when he goes undercover on a scandal rag that is getting confidential medical information on a doctor's famous, and infamous, patients.

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