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7 Jan. 1977
There's One in Every Port
After being conned by friends Jim sets them up to settle the score and save himself.
14 Jan. 1977
Sticks and Stones May Break Your Bones, But Waterbury Will Bury You
When several of Jim's fellow P.I.'s lose their licenses under circumstances that are suspiciously similar, he begins to suspect that someone is targeting independent investigators and systematically putting them out of business.
21 Jan. 1977
The Trees, the Bees and T.T. Flowers: Part 1
Jim helps a friend (Strother Martin) of Rocky's who's being forced off his property.
28 Jan. 1977
The Trees, the Bees and T.T. Flowers: Part 2
Jim helps a friend of Rocky's who's being forced off his property.
11 Feb. 1977
The Becker Connection
Rockford's newest case is to clear his friend Dennis Becker, who is suspected of selling drugs to deal with his financial problems.
18 Feb. 1977
Just Another Polish Wedding
Jim gets Gandy a job with his P.I. buddy Marcus Hayes who promptly then tries to steal the case.
25 Feb. 1977
New Life, Old Dragons
Jim is hired by a Vietnamese refugee to find her missing brother.
11 Mar. 1977
To Protect and Serve: Part 1
Rockford is hired to find a missing woman, only to discover that she is also being sought by a New York crime family.
18 Mar. 1977
To Protect and Serve: Part 2
Rockford tries to keep a woman on the run out of the hands of two Minette hoods (and her revenge minded ex-fiancé) but the bungling interference of a disturbed police groupie threatens to get them both killed.
25 Mar. 1977
Crack Back
Beth turns to Jim for help when she finds herself being mentally harassed by a mysterious man while trying to win an important trial.
1 Apr. 1977
Dirty Money, Black Light
Jim becomes very concerned when Rocky starts receiving thousands of dollars through the mail.
16 Sep. 1977
Beamer's Last Case
Rockford returns from vacation in Puerto Rico to discover someone has been using his identity, his trailer and totaled his Firebird. And that's just the beginning of his problems...
23 Sep. 1977
Trouble in Chapter 17
Jim is reluctantly drawn into being bodyguard for a famous author, who believes her popular book on the perfect wife is the cause of death threats against her.
30 Sep. 1977
The Battle of Canoga Park
Jim finds himself in an explosive situation when the gun he hides in his cookie jar is used in a murder.
14 Oct. 1977
Second Chance
When the life of Gandy Fitch's girlfriend is in danger, he turns to Rockfish for help.
21 Oct. 1977
The Dog and Pony Show
Helping a young woman with a history of mental illness leads Jim into crossing paths with the Mob and federal intelligence.
4 Nov. 1977
Requiem for a Funny Box
A washed-up comedian finds out about a Mob family member's secret, and gets Jim in trouble by framing him for a murder.
11 Nov. 1977
Quickie Nirvana
Rockford ends up regretting allowing an eccentric hippie woman to use his address temporarily, when her ex-boss sends a pair of thugs after her to retrieve some money he put in her care.
18 Nov. 1977
Irving the Explainer
Rockford gives himself a headache trying to solve the connection between a 30 year old murder, a valuable missing painting and Nazi Germany.
25 Nov. 1977
The Mayor's Committee from Deer Lick Falls
Jim is hired by some small-town businessmen to help them buy a fire engine; they really want him to assassinate someone who could bring the IRS down on them.
2 Dec. 1977
Hotel of Fear
Accidently witnessing a murder makes Angel Martin the police's prime witness in the trial of the murderer.
9 Dec. 1977
Forced Retirement
Beth's old college friend is in trouble when her company that is developing an submersible robot explorer becomes the target of some shady businessmen. Jimmy Joe Meeker comes to her rescue.
16 Dec. 1977
The Queen of Peru
The RV family from hell decides to set up camp next door to Jim's trailer, just when he's got the recovery of a stolen diamond on his mind.
23 Dec. 1977
A Deadly Maze
Jim is unwittingly involved in a bizarre experiment when hired to find a man's missing wife.

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