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3 Jan. 1975
Aura Lee, Farewell
Jim's old friend Sara Butler hires him to find out the real reason her employee Aura Lee Benton died. The police believe it was a drug overdose but Sara is convinced she was murdered.
17 Jan. 1975
Sleight of Hand
Jim's girlfriend suddenly disappears with no clue as to how or why. Lt. Diel thinks Rockford is probably responsible for her disappearance and orders him to stay away from the case. But Jim can't stop until he finds out what happened.
24 Jan. 1975
Counter Gambit
Two former cons hire Rockford to find an old girlfriend. They actually want her valuable pearl necklace and implicate him as the thief. With Angel's help, he'll get the pearls back and square himself with the police.
31 Jan. 1975
Jim's old girlfriend Claire Prescott calls him for protection from two hoods. He soon discovers there is a missing undercover cop, which puts him up against an arrogant Cpt. Highland as well as the two thugs.
7 Feb. 1975
Say Goodbye to Jennifer
An old war buddy of Jim's, now a fashion photographer, hires him to track down a beautiful fashion model, whom the authorities claim was killed in a fiery multi-car accident. It turns out the model -- whom several people want dead because of her suspected role in the murder of her nephew -- is hiding in Seattle, and it is up to Jim to find out why.
14 Feb. 1975
Charlie Harris at Large
Charlie Harris, Rockford's former cell mate, is suspected of murdering his rich wife and is on the run. He calls on Rockford to find his alibi witness, a mystery woman with whom he was having an affair.
21 Feb. 1975
The Four Pound Brick
A cop dies in an accident that his mother refuses to accept. Rocky offers Jim's services free of charge. After begrudgingly accepting the case he discovers that dirty cops might be involved which then pits him against a very angry Lt. Diel.
28 Feb. 1975
Just by Accident
A race car driver dies in an apparent accident that his mother, an old friend of Jim's, thinks was no accident. It turns out he was part of an insurance scam outfit and they soon have a similar plan for Rockford.
7 Mar. 1975
An insurance company hires Rockford to locate a missing woman who is due an inheritance. He finds her in Las Vegas where she is an unwitting pawn in a money laundering operation.
12 Sep. 1975
The Aaron Ironwood School of Success
Aaron Ironwood, a childhood friend of Jim's, comes to town with a business deal that is just too good to be true. He finally agrees to the deal as he thinks Aaron might be in some kind of trouble. He's is - with both the FBI and the mob.
19 Sep. 1975
The Farnsworth Stratagem
Dennis pleads with Jim to untangle him from a timeshare con, without Dennis' boss, Jim's nemesis Lt. Diehl, finding out he's a victim too. Rockford's a lot more interested when a friend of Dennis' who's also an unhappy vacation homeowner, proves very helpful, and happens to be a gorgeous single blonde. Jim recruits his father and Angel to out-scam the scammers.
26 Sep. 1975
Gearjammers, Part 1
Rocky is targeted for death after seeing a meeting between a truck dispatcher and a crooked executive. Jim wants desperately to protect his father but discovers he hasn't been keeping up with Rocky enough to even find him on a typical day. The dispatcher was giving the supposedly-retired Rocky work as a trucker, so when Jim discovers the dispatcher dead in a crate bound for Malaysia, the police figure the elusive Rocky knows why.
3 Oct. 1975
Gearjammers, Part 2
The Rockfords work with Sgt. Becker to solve Rocky's friend's murder. When 6 tractor trailers from the same depot are hijacked by a gang, there must be a connection with the killing, but who desperately needs tons of ladies' underwear, grapefruit and dynamite ? The proud Rocky resents Jim taking care of him, making the slew of hit-men even harder to combat for Dennis and a very confused LAPD.
10 Oct. 1975
The Deep Blue Sleep
After a late night phone call Beth hires Jim to look for a missing friend who eventually turns up dead. The dead woman worked for a fashion designer who is unknowingly in up to her neck with some very bad "fellas".
17 Oct. 1975
The Great Blue Lake Land and Development Company
When his car breaks down in a small town Jim leaves $10,000 in a land company's safe. The next morning the money - and the man who locked the money up - are gone. When the man turns up dead the sheriff thinks Rockford did it.
31 Oct. 1975
The Real Easy Red Dog
Christine Dusseau, a female private eye, first blindsides Rockford, then joins him in tracking down the murderer in a case the police have dismissed as a suicide.
7 Nov. 1975
Resurrection in Black & White
Convinced a convicted murderer is actually innocent, a journalist looking for a scoop hires Jim to investigate a six year old murder.
14 Nov. 1975
Chicken Little Is a Little Chicken
Angel asks Jim to help him collect some money from someone who supposedly welshed on a deal. Not surprisingly he hasn't told Jim the whole truth, which includes two very angry hoods who want money Angel owes them.
21 Nov. 1975
2 Into 5.56 Won't Go
When an army colonel is murdered after contacting Rockford, Rockford is forced into the middle of a conflict involving military police, military thieves and the colonel's daughter.
28 Nov. 1975
Pastoria Prime Pick
A farming hub has more business than it can handle, including giving Rockford the business. The PI's car breaks down near the boomtown, after a source Rockford contacts in a divorce case steers Rockford there. While his car is being worked on, Rockford is quickly entangled between an underage motel worker and her jealous cop boyfriend, and in a double-cross over a narcotics deal. Is it just another tricky day for unlucky Jim, or is bucolic New Pastoria a sunny sin city ?
5 Dec. 1975
The Reincarnation of Angie
Hoods snatch a stockbroker, and his sister hires Rockford for $23.64, because Jim's in the yellow pages and her big brother instructed her not to dial the cops. Jim's protective of the naive 25 year old bookkeeper, despite the tiny fee, because he fears her brother is dead, and she can't accept that her only relative, who's always taken care of her, may be mixed up in a securities scam.
19 Dec. 1975
The Girl in the Bay City Boys Club
Jim goes undercover to expose an illegal gambling club and gets help from a young D.A.

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