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8 Jan. 1978
Blind Date
Ida sets up a blind date with "Steve Miller" a former school mate of Rhoda's. Rhoda remembers him as a "good-looking Robert Redford" When Steve Miller turns out to be short and bald. Rhoda realizes he is a different Steve Miller. Even though she is disappointed, she says yes to a second date, so as not to treat him the way she was treated in high school. However, Steve Miller turns out to be hateful, smug and insulting, Rhoda tells him off with style.
14 Jan. 1978
Ida Alone
While Rhoda, Jack and Ramon are dealing with an emergency at the costume shop, Brenda comes by with what she believes is an even bigger emergency having to do with Ida, who is alone as Martin is on an extended golf vacation. Brenda doesn't know what the problem is, but she knows that there is something seriously wrong with their mother, about which Brenda is able to convince Rhoda based on the evidence. Rushing off to the Bronx, they do find their mother at their parent's apartment, she being seriously depressed. The reason: she feels all alone in the world. While Ida...
22 Jan. 1978
All Work and No Play
Rhoda is running on an adrenaline high. She is excited that she has lots of creative and interesting work at the costume shop, so much so that she doesn't refuse new orders, even if it means not sleeping to complete the orders. As time goes on, Rhoda has no idea that she has overextended herself, both in her professional and personal commitments, until she misses deadlines or totally forgets those commitments. Even then, she doesn't realize that there is a problem as she is so focused on rectifying that specific "missed deadline" while dealing with whatever the ...
29 Jan. 1978
Happy Anniversary
The Morgensterns' fortieth wedding anniversary is approaching. Ida implies to Brenda that she is expecting a large surprise party for the milestone, which Rhoda believes is stupid to accommodate, as it would not be a surprise. But Rhoda and Brenda devise a plan to make it a surprise, that plan which they proceed to execute. As the surprise party arrives, the fact of it being a surprise or not becomes secondary as an issue between Martin and Ida arises that has the potential to ruin the occasion. Martin has to try to make what Ida believes are amends for his actions, ...
5 Feb. 1978
The Jack Story
To help Jack impress an old friend visiting from out of town, Rhoda offers to be his date for the evening. Jack spares no expense to make the evening special in his mind, the effort which Rhoda appreciates if not the actual actions. Things change once she meets Jack's friend Larry Kruger, and Larry's wife, Sharon Kruger, at the restaurant. For Rhoda, it's hate at first sight as Larry is a self-centered, egotistical male chauvinist who doesn't care who she is. Sharon is a stereotypical dumb blond who is subservient to Larry's every whim. Jack feels the only way to ...
12 Feb. 1978
Rhoda Cheats
Through a learn as you work program, Brenda is taking a night school class in bookkeeping, the tuition paid by the bank. As Rhoda does Jack's books but does them poorly - which a stingy and lazy Jack does not mind - Rhoda gets a reluctant Jack to pay for half of her $300 tuition to take the same class. While Brenda works hard and gets good grades along the way, Rhoda can't be bothered to study - she feeling sleep is more important when she isn't working long hours - which is reflected in her average grades. But Rhoda's lack of studying catches up with her by the time ...
19 Feb. 1978
Gary and Ida
Gary's parents have moved to Miami Beach, which Gary believes means that he can spread his proverbial wings and be the person he wants to be without especially his mother's scrutiny. But Rhoda and Brenda soon realize that Gary's mother did many if not most of his day-to-day chores, so that Gary has no idea how to do such basic tasks as shop for food, cook, or even turn on his oven. They also quickly learn that Gary really has no intention of learning how to do these things if he can find other people to do them for him, such as Rhoda and Brenda, who become but don't ...
26 Feb. 1978
As Time Goes By
As the costume shop is running in a deficit situation, Jack and Rhoda have to come up with ways either to save money and/or increase revenues. Rhoda believes the only way to do so is to increase business, so she suggests throwing a by invitation only open house party to bring in new customers. Jack likes the idea, but wants no part of it since he hates parties. Rhoda convinces him that he has to be at the party as the head of the company. But just before the party is about to start and as Jack and Rhoda go to the not often used bathroom at the end of the hallway to ...
5 Mar. 1978
Two's Company
Although the store has been in trouble before, Gary learns that he will truly have to close it if he doesn't get an infusion of cash quickly. Benny knows of an investor: himself, as he just came into a $9,500 inheritance, which with his own $500, is exactly the $10,000 Gary needs. Benny offers this money as a silent partner, of which Gary will split the store profits 50/50 on the upcoming one day sale. One part of this plan does not come to pass, namely the silent part, as Benny can't help but provide first his input, then second his directives, and then third his ...
12 Mar. 1978
Brenda and the Bank Girl
Rhoda notices that a teller at the bank is being extremely nice to a fault to customers. Brenda tells her it's because the bank is holding a contest where customers vote for their favorite teller - one contest for female and another for male tellers - with the winners from each of the twenty branches competing to be the First Security Bank Girl/Guy to be featured in an advertising campaign. Rhoda also learns that Brenda has not allowed her name to be on the ballot. Brenda's family and close friends eventually learn from Brenda that if she doesn't participate, that ...
2 Apr. 1978
So Long, Lucky
When one of Rhoda's clothes racks is left outside, a policeman ties his horse to the rack & goes in to tell Rhoda to move the rack. Outside, they find the horse chased after someone with the rack and got hit by a truck. Rhoda feels guilty.
9 Apr. 1978
Jack's Back
Jack goes to Rhoda's apartment to pick up a sketch and hurts his back. He has to stay with Rhoda until he is better.
16 Apr. 1978
Five for the Road: Part 1
Rhoda notices that Jack is out of sorts. She finally is able to get out of him that what is bothering him is that this upcoming Sunday would have been his and his deceased wife Peggy's twenty-third wedding anniversary. While Peggy was alive, he could never remember such milestones, but now that she's dead, he can't stop thinking of them. Learning the story, Ida offers to cook dinner for Jack on Sunday, the dinner to be held at Rhoda's with Brenda and Benny also in attendance. The dinner doesn't quite come to pass as Ida, on her way to Rhoda's apartment, is mugged, her...
23 Apr. 1978
Five for the Road: Part 2
It's a dark and stormy night. Benny's car is stuck in the mud at the end of a dirt road. Jack, Rhoda, Ida, Brenda and Benny decide to take refuge in what looks like an abandoned, and thus "haunted" house, which they eventually learn is the now permanently closed Quincy House, the restaurant that Jack was looking for. Scared and hungry with only the few rations that Ida has in her purse, those rations which they decide to share whenever the collective decide they are so hungry that they have to eat, the group feels that they have to be smart to survive as they have no ...
23 Sep. 1978
Martin Doesn't Live Here Anymore
It's Martin's 60th birthday, and Rhoda is hosting a party for the family at her apartment. At the last minute, Ida telephones saying that she and Martin won't be able to make it as Martin has thrown out his back again, and is sleeping it off. Rhoda and Brenda figure that if Martin can't come to them, they will go to Martin out in the Bronx. Upon their arrival at their parent's apartment, Rhoda and Brenda find that their mother is acting strangely and for some reason won't let them in. They eventually learn it is because Ida lied and Martin is not even home. The reason...
30 Sep. 1978
In Search of Martin
Ida learns from a friend who actually saw him of Martin's whereabouts in Fort Lauderdale. Despite the account that Martin seems very happy in his new life, Ida plans on going down to Fort Lauderdale all dolled up to surprise him, the sight of her which she hopes will make him want to come home. At the last minute, Ida changes her mind as she figures if he had wanted to come home, he would have done so without any urging from her. Instead, she asks Rhoda and Brenda to go on her behalf, which they do with Benny as their chauffeur for the long drive if only because of ...
7 Oct. 1978
Rhoda vs. Ida
By seeing a provocative new dress she just purchased, Rhoda and Brenda learn that Ida has decided to date again, most specifically her allergist, Dr. Murray Berger. After getting over the shock, the girls approve of their mother having some male companionship to go out every once in a while, instead of staying home alone waiting for Martin to return. So that they can all get acquainted, Rhoda decides to host a small dinner party for her mother, Dr. Berger, Brenda and Benny. Rhoda changes her mind about what her mother is doing when she meets Dr. Berger, who is twenty ...
14 Oct. 1978
Brenda Gets Engaged
Although she knew the day would come, Brenda is still surprised when Benny proposes. Talking openly about the pros and cons of the proposal in front of Benny, Brenda decides that the pros far outweighs the cons and she says yes. Rhoda, the first person to hear the news, is excited for her sister and her soon to be brother-in-law. Rhoda decides to hold a small party so that Brenda and Benny can tell Ida, the formality of whose blessing Brenda wants before she proceeds. Ida, however, surprises both Brenda and Rhoda by not giving her blessing, as Martin leaving her has ...
21 Oct. 1978
Meet the Goodwins
Brenda is in a tizzy as Benny has invited her to his parents' place to meet them for the first time. Brenda asks Rhoda to come with her for moral support. A reluctant Rhoda eventually agrees. Although Rhoda's presence does make the meeting easier for Brenda, it is Rhoda who ends up having the bigger problem as Benny's older brother, Earl, who is also at the dinner but who Rhoda has no interest in, declares his attraction to her. Rhoda, who has no intention of ever dealing with Earl again except in family gatherings, succumbs to Benny's pleas for her to go out with him...
28 Oct. 1978
Ida's Roommate
Ida has been spending a lot of time lately with Rhoda and Brenda. She admits it's because she's lonely. As such, she's decided to look for a roommate, advertising for a female. Holding the screening interviews at Rhoda's apartment, Ida receives an interesting response in the form of Phillip Cooper, who, with his wife, is looking for a new situation with a third after Mrs. Cooper's mother, who lived with them and was their meticulous housekeeper, moved away. The story is enough for Ida to take that interview to the next step at least to let the Coopers take a look at ...
11 Nov. 1978
Martin Comes Home
Ida's birthday is approaching, and without Martin around, she says she doesn't want a big fuss, although she does invite Rhoda, Brenda and Benny to spend it with her at her place in the Bronx. Among the gifts that Ida receives is one shipped to her from Martin, it being a sound movie projector complete with a film showing Martin and his latest goings-on in Florida. Ida is happy to see Martin, if only on film, and has bittersweet feelings about seeing how happy and content he seems to be. Ida receives an unexpected last minute present in the form of Martin himself, who...
2 Dec. 1978
Jack's New Image
Jack's successful dieting triggers some wardrobe and lifestyle changes that seem abrupt, and which go on to disrupt the regular flow of activity at the costume shop.
9 Dec. 1978
The Total Brenda
Brenda and Rhoda notice that Benny is out of sorts, off in his own world. Brenda learns that a recent incident is just the latest but perhaps most telling that he is invisible to most people, and thus feels unloved and unwanted by society. Brenda decides to do whatever she can to make Benny feel like he is a worthwhile human being. She decides to take the advice of one of her work colleagues and follow the tenets of a book called "How to Be a Different Woman in Every Room", which not only espouses being subservient to your man, but also doing so in a different but ...
The Date in the Iron Mask
Both Brenda and Rhoda have exciting things going-on in their respective lives. Brenda is going engagement ring shopping with Benny. And Rhoda has been nominated for a prestigious New York Society of Costume Designers award for a science-fiction monster mask she designed. Jack, who has never won anything in his life, isn't happy for Rhoda until he learns that the company shares the honor if she wins. As such, Jack springs for the entire gang, including Brenda and Benny, to go to the awards dinner and dance. Rhoda is thinking about going solo, although Jack thinks she ...
Martin Swallows His Heart
Martin admits to his daughters that he is getting frustrated in his attempts to win back Ida, she who still seems cool to their dates. After hearing straight from Martin what the two do on their dates, Rhoda suggests that he needs to take a more romantic approach, by cooking Ida a quiet candlelit dinner for two. As Martin is still not allowed home, Martin takes Rhoda up on her offer to use her apartment and have the invitation under the guise of a family dinner. Martin takes Rhoda advice to heart in more ways than one. Upon her arrival, Ida is surprised, a little ...
Earl's Helping Hand
Rhoda is involved in two pieces of bad news. The first is that Jack is facing a massive personal debt - namely to his loan shark bookie cousin - which may force him to close the shop if he can't come up with $5,000 pronto. The second is that Brenda has invited Benny's brother Earl, who Rhoda cannot stand, over, he who in turn has tried again and again to make Rhoda fall in love with him. The first problem looks like it may be solved when Jack announces that an investor for the shop has come forward with the entire $5,000. However, that good news turns to bad when ...
Brenda Runs Away
In the lead up to Brenda and Benny's wedding whenever it may be, Brenda seems to be bombarded on all sides by people figuring out her life for her. First, Ida and she have a disagreement on the wedding dress, Ida wanting something more traditional, while Brenda wants a simple every day dress. Second, Benny has news that he has found a house for them after their marriage, they sharing it with another couple on Staten Island. Third, Ida offers Brenda and Benny a trip to Israel, complete with a meeting with Golda Meir, for their honeymoon. And finally, Benny has arranged for ...

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