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9 Sep. 1974
Rhoda goes on vacation to New York, planning just a short visit. But, she meets a businessman named Joe and they fall in love with each other. She decides to move to New York to stay.
16 Sep. 1974
You Can Go Home Again
Rhoda decides it is time to move out of Brenda's apartment, but it is difficult to find a reasonably price apartment in New York.
23 Sep. 1974
I'll Be Loving You, Sometimes
Rhoda is hurt when Joe suggests that they date other people.
30 Sep. 1974
Parents' Day
Ida drops by Brenda and Rhoda's apartment on the strong possibility that Joe will be there - based on intel from a reluctant Brenda - Joe who Ida has not yet met. Rhoda, who isn't quite ready for Joe to meet her parents, thwarts Ida's plan of attack as she and Joe are meeting elsewhere for their date. Rhoda later learns the true extent to which Ida will go to meet Joe. When Rhoda and Joe discuss the issue, Joe suggests they make a day out of each meeting the other's parents, they having lunch with Joe's parents, and having dinner with Rhoda's parents that same day. ...
7 Oct. 1974
The Lady in Red
Rhoda is surprised when a publisher contacts her about a book she wrote years before. The book is a humorous look at being overweight. The deal is too good to be true.
14 Oct. 1974
Pop Goes the Question
Joe wants to have a serious talk with Rhoda. She thinks he is going to ask her to marry him, but he asks her to move in together.
21 Oct. 1974
The Shower
Despite the fact that Rhoda doesn't really want one, Brenda convinces Rhoda to let her throw a bridal shower for her. Part of the issue is that all Rhoda's closest friends live in Minneapolis and not New York. So it isn't until the first guest arrives that Brenda tells her who is coming: five of the forty-eight invitees, who were those that wrote anything nice in Rhoda's high school yearbook. Of those five, Rhoda is really looking forward to seeing four of them. The one exception is Linda Monroe, who always purposefully tried to make Rhoda feel inferior, and always ...
28 Oct. 1974
Rhoda's Wedding: Part 1
It's two days before Rhoda and Joe's wedding. One item still of contention between Rhoda and Ida is the wedding itself. Ida wants a larger wedding than Rhoda has planned, and takes steps to ensure she gets what she wants without Rhoda being able to do anything about it. Regardless of whether Rhoda or Ida gets her way on this item, the wedding may end up being just slightly larger than Rhoda planned if only because beyond Mary and Georgette being invited and coming in from Minneapolis for the festivities, three additional people decide to come from Minneapolis as well:...
28 Oct. 1974
Rhoda's Wedding: Part 2
On the night before Rhoda and Joe's wedding, Rhoda and Mary are reminiscing about all their past bad dates, while Phyllis laments not feeling like she has any real purpose for the wedding. As such, Rhoda asks Phyllis to drive her from Brenda's apartment to her parent's place for the ceremony. On the wedding day, Brenda heads up to her parent's place earlier to help her mother, leaving Rhoda to make the final dressing preparations on her own. But as it's time for Phyllis to show up, Rhoda waits and waits and waits, she finally coming to the realization that Phyllis ...
4 Nov. 1974
The Honeymoon
It's the day after Rhoda and Joe's wedding. Brenda has just started dating the wedding accordionist, Nick Lobo. Rhoda and Joe are at home, they who have decided to have a stay at home honeymoon. So they are surprised when they learn that in addition to paying for the wedding, Rhoda's parents are giving them passage on a ten day Caribbean cruise for their honeymoon. After initially declining the gift, Rhoda and Joe are convinced to accept, if only because they figure what they can do at home - wink, wink - they can do on the cruise. However, the cruise is nothing that ...
11 Nov. 1974
9-E Is Available
A former girlfriend of Joe's shows up at Joe and Rhoda's apartment. Rhoda tries to be sophisticated about it. Meanwhile, they also want to find a new place to call their own.
18 Nov. 1974
I'm a Little Late, Folks
Rhoda thinks she might be pregnant.
25 Nov. 1974
Anything Wrong?
Joe has been working late hours and Rhoda notices something is bothering him.
2 Dec. 1974
'S Wonderful
Brenda has a new boyfriend and everything is perfect. When she tells Rhoda that sometimes her boyfriend is not available, Rhoda starts to think the man is married.
9 Dec. 1974
Good-Bye Charlie
Joe's friend visits, and while Joe enjoys his company, Rhoda does not.
16 Dec. 1974
Guess What I Got You for the Holidays
The holiday is approaching and Rhoda is excited about exchanging gifts with Joe for their first Christmas together. Joe, however, is worried about his business running out of money.

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