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3 Jan. 1975
Target Black
Pepper is assigned to protect a prominent political activist who is being targeted.
17 Jan. 1975
Four Korean War vets armed with M-16s and a bazooka prepare to pull off Operation: Sidewinder, a heist of an armored car carrying a multi-million dollar payload. One of the men's penchant for prostitutes puts Pepper in the action undercover.
25 Jan. 1975
When politician Edward Littel's car is found bombed and dumped in a lake, a single fingerprint on the dashboard proves he was accompanied by an exotic dancer named Paris Palmer when the explosion occurred. Pepper dons a thong and the unlikely moniker of "Flaxy Dupree" and hits the go-go joint where the dead girl worked. Charming the establishment's owner, Andrew Simms, with her aloof, hard-to-get charms and hip-grinding employment audition, Pepper initiates an immediate rapport with him. Crowley questions Littel's wife, Christina, and Littel's in-laws, the powerful ...
31 Jan. 1975
No Place to Hide
A clue is found linking a series of seemingly random murders: Each victim had testified against the mob and was now enjoying a new life in the Witness Protection Program. Pepper goes undercover as a secretary to uncover the leaker.
14 Feb. 1975
Nothing Left to Lose
Pepper's informant is LaRue Collins, a mentally unstable masseuse whose work allows her to overhear mobsters plotting crimes. But now her cover is blown and she's running for her life. Can Pepper find her before the mobsters do?
21 Feb. 1975
The Company
Following the gangland killing of a mafia thug during which an imprisoned don's name is uttered, Pepper makes an undercover trip to a clandestine, high-class gambling casino and witnesses first-hand the game "taken" by the henchman from this new circle of crooks. After the man who ran the illegal casino is blown up in his car in front of Pepper and Crowley, the unit tries to flush out this gang once again by setting themselves up for "protectionism". Eventually, the kingpin falsely blamed for the series of takeovers sends his assistant out on the streets, learning ...
28 Feb. 1975
Pepper and Crowley travel to Masiaca, Mexico posing as the Ordways, a married couple who operate as fences for stolen jewels. They plan to lure out of hiding another married couple who pulled a jewelery store heist in Los Angeles.
7 Mar. 1975
Bloody Nose
While working undercover as a waitress in a seedy roadside diner connected to a series of truckload heists, Pepper finds herself entangled in the ugly spousal abuse dispute between a young married couple in her apartment complex.
14 Mar. 1975
The Loner
Pepper and Crowley become reluctant partners with Turk Allison, a former cop from Texas whose cowboy demeanor and vigilante tactics promise to help them bust mobster Briscoe.
12 Sep. 1975
Pawns of Power
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19 Sep. 1975
The Score
A small time druggie commits suicide and Pepper poses as her sister to nab the dealers, until it turns out they've seen her photo - and they've realized it isn't Angie. So the squad moves in on the bad guys who have Pepper in the meth-shack, and she jumps through a glass window before a shell hits the building and the whole place blows up.
26 Sep. 1975
Paradise Mall
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3 Oct. 1975
Pattern for Evil
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10 Oct. 1975
The Chasers
Ian McShane plays an insurance scammer and Ida Lupino is his partner. They fake and contrive accidents to collect the dough. Pepper "foils" a purse-snatching by getting knocked-down in a parking lot, falling in a pool and getting hit by a truck within a matter of a few seconds. In the hospital with a rag on her head, Pepper overhears the ambulance chasers pressuring the other patients on the ward. Pepper intuits a plot and once Bill finds her, they scheme to scam the scammers. Pepper charms McShane instantly into telling her all their secrets and, just as fast, a ...
17 Oct. 1975
Cold Wind
Pepper & Crowley get involved after two men are shot dead outside the factory they worked at. A number of suspects are identified and the final solution creates a devastating emotional moment that makes both officers question their careers.
31 Oct. 1975
Above and Beyond
Pepper needs to go undercover when she and Crowley get brought into a case that has seen a parole officer gunned down in cold blood. Suspicion falls on the officer's case load. While investigating the murder things take a strange and all the threads converge in a surprising climax
4 Nov. 1975
Farewell, Mary Jane
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11 Nov. 1975
Blaze of Glory
Pepper is undercover as president of the United States, when she's kidnapped during a bank hold-up; Pepper charms one of the robbers and his brother to survive, while the police force chases them into the desert.
18 Nov. 1975
Glitter with a Bullet
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25 Nov. 1975
The Purge
Crowley comes under intense scrutiny after a sting operation at a trucking firm goes horribly wrong leading to the death of an underage youth. He becomes disgruntled when he realizes the department is putting the rights of criminals ahead of his 18 years with the force.
2 Dec. 1975
Don't Feed the Pigeons
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9 Dec. 1975
The Hit
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16 Dec. 1975
An angular blonde gets off the plane at LAX and takes a cab to her brother in law, Julian's house. She's looking for her sister, Beth, missing six weeks. In his study, there's the woman's portrait, looking suspiciously like a brunette version of Pettet - they are sisters after all. Mute from a childhood growth and resulting surgery, the sister can only communicate through sign-language. Her brother-in-law's secretary, his lover, makes their relationship obvious by her unsuspecting, "Darling!", as she enters the study, and Beth's sister leaves in a huff. While in the ...
23 Dec. 1975
Incident Near a Black and White
Pepper and Crowley lead the search when a fellow officer is killed during a gang fight. Their investigation is impeded when Lt. Buckles sees an arrest in the case as a chance for his advancement.

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