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Season 2

10 Sep. 1975
Death Ride
Rodeo clown Gage seems to have murdered a rival rodeo man. Surprisingly Gage doesn't want to appear innocent.
17 Sep. 1975
Mark of Cain
Tony's childhood friend Richie arrives for a quick visit and a business meeting afterwards, but is arrested on the next day for murder. Tony suspects the meeting was a trap for Richie.
24 Sep. 1975
Five Yards of Trouble
Mr. Woodward makes model-like photos of pretty girls including Dorothy, making Charlie very angry, as he almost kills him with a putter. But an eyewitness, Mrs. Moran states he indeed killed him.
1 Oct. 1975
Shadow of Fear
Sherril Brewster asks Petrocelli for help, she says she killed her ex-husband. Things get weird when they find out the ex-husband is really dead but the evidence shows the killer is Sherril's current husband.
8 Oct. 1975
Chain of Command
John Oleson is accused of murdering General Drew because he has fired him. The two didn't like each other, John was at the crime scene and his fingerprints are on the murder weapon, that all makes him an ideal suspect.
29 Oct. 1975
To See No Evil
In the dead of night, the residents of a sprawling apartment complex hear two rapid-fire gunshots. They race to the apartment of a young woman living alone, and find the body of another resident on the floor near her bed. The young woman claims that the man raided her room and she shot him in self-defense. The District Attorney believes part of the story, but claims the victim wasn't threatening the young woman and files manslaughter charges against her. But that's not half of the story. The young woman is blind. She only heard the intruder and panicked, grabbing a ...
5 Nov. 1975
Terror on Wheels
Dimitri Petrarkis tries to convince Nick Fenton with a gun to leave his daughter alone. Dimitri gets a hit on the head and when he wokes up, Nick is found dead, murdered with Dimitri's gun.
12 Nov. 1975
The Gamblers
A pizzeria owner is found dead by his employee Mando Rivera, who in panic runs away but is seen by the victim's friends so Mando is arrested for murder.
10 Dec. 1975
Terror by the Book
Mark Orland was a successful writer, and his latest idea of a book made many of his old-time friends angry - including Emily Burke who was seen escaping the crime scene moments after a gunshot is heard.
17 Dec. 1975
Face of Evil
Petrocelli is hired by Mary Wade to help her twin Janet in a murder case. Janet has huge blackout about that night, Mary also disappears, that all makes Tony's job of finding the truth very difficult.
24 Dec. 1975
Too Many Alibis
Petrocelli's client is a conscientious black doctor accused of killing the hospital chief of staff, who charged him with incompetence and fired him.
31 Dec. 1975
A Deadly Vow
A woman asks Tony some legal advice, wants to know what happens if she would murder her husband. Some time later her husband is murdered and this woman is arrested on the scene. Could she be innocent?
21 Jan. 1976
The Falling Star
This case is not an ordinary one for Petrocelli. As a matter of fact, the man he accepts to defend is none other than Dusty Rhodes, a film star who was his youth idol. Dusty is suspected of having murdered Mannie Tyler, a film producer, and all appearances are unfortunately against him. But Petrocelli's favorite actor is positive he has nothing to do with the crime.
28 Jan. 1976
Don Janssen is arrested for robbery, but escaped to Mexico. When brought back from Mexico in a police car along with Petrocelli, they are attacked and chased in the Mexican desert by the men who want their robbed values back.
4 Feb. 1976
The Night Visitor
A mysterious man leaves an envelope in Petrocelli's office for storage, but later he disappears and somebody is capable of everything to have that envelope.
11 Feb. 1976
Blood Money
Andy Warburton is kidnapped by two of his friends and Tony is asked to bring the ransom. It was all a joke, but as Tony arrives, he finds out that Andy is kidnapped again - this time for real.
18 Feb. 1976
Any Number Can Die
Paul asks his old friend Tony to make him a testament and an envelope addressed to Frank Keegan for storage. Later Paul dies in an explosion and Keegan also dies in an accident. Tony tries to find out who is responsible for his friend's death.
25 Feb. 1976
Six Strings of Guilt
Pete, Petrocelli's trusted friend and colleague, needs the lawyer's help when he's accused of killing a man who was blackmailing his lady friend.
3 Mar. 1976
Deadly Journey
An elderly lady needs Petrocelli's help when she's accused of killing the car dealer who fired her son from his job at the dealership.
The Pay Off
When Maggie's visiting Uncle Roy is accused of murdering a prostitute, Tony snoops around the luxury hotel where she worked, hoping to clear him.
Shadow of a Doubt
Petrocelli's license to practice law, as well as his freedom, are in jeopardy when a witness in his latest case accuses him of bribery. A whiz-kid lawyer takes over the case and also offers to help Tony clear his name.
Jubilee Jones
Tony represents an entertainer who's charged with killing the manager of the club where he works. It seems like the manager was short changing everyone at the club. And he was the one who was seen going into his office before he was killed. But he claims the man was already dead when he entered.

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