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8 May 1974
In Tandem
Two independent truck drivers, one a veteran and the other his young, college-educated partner, get involved with a group of beleaguered citrus growers.
12 Sep. 1974
The Time of His Life
Will and Sonny encounter Joe Shannon in Oregon after he crashes his truck trying to pass on a narrow road. After they take him, unconscious, to a hospital, the doctor informs them he is terminally ill, and they decide to make his last days enjoyable.
19 Sep. 1974
Sonny agrees to give a fellow trucker's daughter a ride to her mother's place, not knowing she's a juvenile craps shooting prodigy, and that Red is in trouble with a loan shark.
26 Sep. 1974
Driving through the farm country of eastern Oregon, Will and Sonny meet a man pushing his wife down the road in a wheelchair.
3 Oct. 1974
Life Line
Will and Sonny deliver a generator to Shaniko, Oregon, and encounter a single mother and her autistic son.
10 Oct. 1974
The Trick Is to Stay Alive
Will is taking a shortcut through the country when he spots fresh skid marks leading off the road to a bullet-riddled car. He and Sonny soon learn why the car is there: a modern-day Bonnie & Clyde . . . plus one.
24 Oct. 1974
The Cowhands
Will and Sonny help move a low-budget traveling rodeo.
7 Nov. 1974
The Good Life
Will and Sonny deliver pipe casings to an Idaho wildcat oil well driller, and he hires them to be in charge of oil transportation before the well comes in.
14 Nov. 1974
Will, Sonny, and fellow trucker Ike run afoul of a small-town police officer and his speed trap, and they get involved in a series of "touch" football games that turn out rougher, and with higher stakes, than expected.
21 Nov. 1974
Will and Sonny haul auctioned farm equipment for the Hoots, an old-world farming colony, and get involved in a dispute between them and the surrounding farmers.
28 Nov. 1974
Good for Laughs
Will talks Sonny into hauling timber with Will's Vietnam War buddy in Hood River, Oregon.
5 Dec. 1974
High Roller
Will and Sonny pull a load of fresh eggs (and a trailer with a broken refrigerator) into Las Vegas, where Will meets two friends from back east: Rita, who is now a card dealer, and her ex-husband Chuck, a former stunt driver.
12 Dec. 1974
Goin' Home: Part 1
While in a cafe in Las Vegas, Sonny moans to Will about how depressing it is to spend Christmas on the road. So they head for Phoenix for dinner with Sonny's uncle, but end up with Sonny's ex-wife instead.
19 Dec. 1974
Goin' Home: Part 2
Sonny, Dinah, and Slim look for a missing necklace, and Will enters Sonny's truck in a race.
26 Dec. 1974
Will and Sonny deliver two trucks to an eccentric old lady who has an antique Benz that she restored herself. The next day it's gone and she accuses them of stealing it.

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