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9 Jan. 1975
The Last Heir
Lettie owns a gold mine in the desert. Lettie's two sisters, a brother, and a grand-nephew and his wife come for their annual visit. Trapped in the house in the middle of the desert, they start getting killed off, one by one.
16 Jan. 1975
For the Love of Money
Emily and her boyfriend steal $25,000 in bonds from her boss's safe. She has a change of heart and wants to return the bonds, but her boyfriend and the bonds are gone. Harry is hired to find the missing boyfriend.
23 Jan. 1975
The Confetti People
A young man who has been in an institution is tricked into shooting his brother and Harry finds it is a scam by his sister-in-law to inherit a wealthy trust fund.
30 Jan. 1975
Sound of Trumpets
Harry is attending a seaside jazz club when he hears a trumpeter playing in tune outside. Suddenly the trumpeter falls into the water - pushed in by a hit man unnoticed by anyone else. Harry, thinking the trumpeter passed out from being drunk, takes him to his beach house to sober up, and the next morning leaves to buy groceries. When Harry returns he finds a bottle of scotch broken and his car gone, stolen by the trumpeter. He also finds a young singer, Ruthie Daniels, waiting for him; Ruthie knows who the trumpeter is - her father, Arthur "Art Sully" Daniels. ...
6 Feb. 1975
Silent Kill
Harry comes to the aid of a deaf mute man accused of setting fire to a building after he was fired from his job as the building's janitor.
13 Feb. 1975
Double Jeopardy
Carl Milland is a legitimate, successful businessman who used to be a big-time gangster. Harry witnesses Mr. Milland's daughter being murdered on the beach, and sees a young man in the vicinity moments later. The police arrest the young man, who is an aspiring actor named Todd Conway, but release him for lack of evidence. Todd then hires Harry the next day after an attempt on his life. Orwell suspects Carl Milland has put a 'hit' on Todd, and strikes a deal with Milland to give him 24 hours to find the real killer of his daughter.
20 Feb. 1975
A college student is murdered on campus and the prime suspect seems more interested in the investigation than worried about it. All clues point in one direction, but Harry digs deeper to find the truth.
27 Feb. 1975
Elegy for a Cop
Lt. Manny Quinlan drives to Los Angeles in order to help his drug addicted niece. He finds her in a seedy hotel, but it is a setup and he's shot. An envelope full of money is planted on his body to make it appear he was a 'dirty' cop. Before he dies however, he manages to mail the envelope full of money to Harry, and Orwell takes it from there, investigating his friend's murder and trying to clear his good name and reputation.
2 Mar. 1975
Street Games
When a drug addicted street waif witnesses a murder, she is forced to flee for her life. Harry is hired by her mother to find her before the killers do.
11 Sep. 1975
Anatomy of a Frame
Lt. Trench is under investigation by Internal Affairs, suspected of killing an informant.
18 Sep. 1975
One for the Road
Harry is hired by a woman who can't remember whether she was responsible for a hit-and-run that gravely injured a teenager.
25 Sep. 1975
Lester Two
After Sue is kidnapped by diamond smugglers, Harry works hard to come up with their ransom demands.
2 Oct. 1975
Harry is hired by a wealthy woman to investigate the arrest of her housekeeper for murder. The investigation leads Orwell into a world of blackmail, hidden family secrets and murder.
20 Nov. 1975
Portrait of a Murder
Harry is hired to find out if a mentally challenged 19-year-old is involved when a woman is found strangled to death under the Santa Monica Pier.
16 Oct. 1975
The Acolyte
On the trail of a missing woman, Harry finds himself investigating the leader of a religious cult and his chief disciple.
23 Oct. 1975
Harry reads in the paper that his old Korean War buddy died in a plane crash. His widow tells Harry about him acting strangely before his fatal flight and Harry decides to find out what really happened.
30 Oct. 1975
Tender Killing Care
Spence, Harry's auto mechanic, fears his father is being mistreated at the 'old folks home'. When Spence's father dies, he hires Harry to investigate the Doctor at the home.
6 Nov. 1975
APB Harry Orwell
The victim of an elaborate frame, Harry is arrested for murder. While awaiting trial, Harry escapes and tracks down the real killer as he attempts to clear his name.
13 Nov. 1975
Group Terror
When members of a therapy group turn up murdered, the group psychiatrist suspects one of the members and hires Harry to investigate.
9 Oct. 1975
Harry is reunited with his ex-wife over a case of blackmail and murder. Through flashbacks, we see Harry and Elizabeth fall in love before breaking up over his spending too many hours on the job.
4 Dec. 1975
Exercise in Fatality
Harry is hired to find a drug-addicted, pregnant teenage girl who ran away from her policeman father. In the midst of this case, an old girlfriend comes back into Harry's life.
11 Dec. 1975
The Madonna Legacy
A man calls Harry Orwell while Harry is asleep, but when the half-awake Harry answers, there is nothing, so Harry hangs up. The next day Harry learns that Frank McDonald, an old friend from his days with the San Diego PD, has been found dead. The death is ruled a suicide but Harry is skeptical, and after learning that McDonald was the man who called him that night, Harry begins backtracking those who most recently knew McDonald. He meets a woman McDonald knew from attending AA meetings, a woman who was married to wealthy businessman Walter Nesbitt. Harry then begins ...

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