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12 Sep. 1974
Harry is hired by a beautiful but wacky woman. She wants him to find her brother, who went AWOL from the navy and sent her his left shoe. Orwell's investigation uncovers a gang of smugglers.
19 Sep. 1974
The Admiral's Lady
Harry is hired by a retired Navy Admiral to find his missing wife, Andrea. The police think she drowned when her boat broke up and sank but the Admiral does not believe this. Harry begins his investigation by questioning members of the exclusive yacht club that the Admiral and his wife belong to. When the police pull a woman's body from the ocean Harry is surprised when it doesn't turn out to be the Admiral's wife but a friend of hers...and it turns out she was murdered and not a drowning victim. Harry now believes that Andrea Tannehill is alive and in danger ...
26 Sep. 1974
Guardian at the Gates
Harry is hired by his beautiful neighbor to find out who is trying to kill her curmudgeon father. Paul Sawyer is an eccentric, arrogant architect, considered to be a genius, but the list of his enemies is quite long.
3 Oct. 1974
Mortal Sin
Harry's friend is a Catholic Priest who asks for Orwell's help in finding a man who confessed to a murder. Unable to break his vow of secrecy, he can't go to the police. Soon, other bodies begin turning up dead.
10 Oct. 1974
Coinage of the Realm
A young girl is in need of a kidney transplant, and her estranged father has her rare blood-type. Harry is hired to find her father, who is in hiding from the mob, as two assassins begin following Orwell around as he investigates.
17 Oct. 1974
A woman hires Orwell to help her son, who has been wrongfully arrested for murder. During his investigation, Harry locates a witness to the murder--but unfortunately the witness is blind.
24 Oct. 1974
Shadows at Noon
When Harry suspects a young woman is being held against her will in a mental asylum, he investigates and discovers a murder. He pretends to be a patient and goes undercover as a patient.
31 Oct. 1974
Ballinger's Choice
A woman hires Harry to locate her missing husband. What Orwell discovers during his investigation is a complex web of lies and deceit--even murder--resulting in his being being shot while working the case.
7 Nov. 1974
Second Sight
A blind woman writes about her psychic visions of death. When they come true, she becomes a suspect. But, also, a potential victim. Her last vision: "I'm next".
14 Nov. 1974
Material Witness
Capt. Jaklin has been trying to nail Joe Kiley for years but witnesses keep disappearing or coming to other tragic ends. Harry is asked to guard a witness against Kiley but someone seems to have betrayed them.
5 Dec. 1974
Forty Reasons to Kill: Part 1
Harry's friend George Makita is found murdered with a large amount of cocaine in his possession. The police believe he was drug dealer, but his girlfriend hires Harry to look into his death. Discovering evidence that George was framed, Harry travels to Vadero County and meets with a very pretty, very wealthy woman named Glenna Nielson, who owns a large ranch there. Glenna had sold forty acres to George just prior to his death, and Harry suspects this is connected to the murder. When a prominent businessman (Glenna's uncle) is killed, Harry is arrested for his murder.
12 Dec. 1974
Forty Reasons to Kill: Part 2
Lt. Manny Quinlan travels to Vedero County to help prove Harry's innocence and solve the murder of George Makita. Glenna Nielsen develops feelings for Orwell.
26 Dec. 1974
Accounts Balanced
Anne Virdon is an old friend of Orwell's, and she hires Harry to check on her husband, fearing he is seeing another woman. The truth is something very different, as someone fires a shot at Orwell.

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