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Season 2

11 Sep. 1975
Anatomy of a Frame
Lt. Trench is the victim of a frame up. An informant of his is murdered and the circumstances make him appear guilty. It doesn't help his case any when the Captain in charge doesn't like Trench because of his swift promotion over more seasoned officers. Trench reluctantly hires Harry to find the truth and clear his name. Harry's investigation leads him to a ring of heroin dealers.
18 Sep. 1975
One for the Road
Following a high-society dinner, a young woman is run down and left for dead on a lonely highway. High profile attorney and alcoholic, Jennifer Roth, leaves the dinner intoxicated and can't remember driving home. When she learns about the hit-and-run victim the next morning, she hires Harry to find out if she was the driver, and he discovers that her car was used to run down the girl. Orwell investigates a number of other suspects who also left the same dinner, and uncovers an eye-witness to the accident who then disappears before he can identify the driver. Harry is ...
25 Sep. 1975
Lester Two
Lester Hodges is back, much to Harry's chagrin. Harry's next door neighbor and stewardess girlfriend, Sue Ingham, returns from a flight to Paris. Unbeknownst to her, she has stolen diamonds in a bottle of perfume in her suitcase. Her house is ransacked as the thieves search for the diamonds, and not finding them they kidnap Sue and hold her for ransom. Learning the gems never left France in the first place, Harry and Lester fly to Paris to retrieve the diamonds. Using James Bond type gadgets supplied by Lester, they attempt to free Sue and catch the thieves.
2 Oct. 1975
Harry is hired by a wealthy woman to investigate the arrest of her housekeeper for murder. The investigation leads Orwell into a world of blackmail, hidden family secrets and murder.
20 Nov. 1975
Portrait of a Murder
A mentally challenged young man sneaks out of his home in the middle of the night to go to a carnival. When a young woman is found strangled the next morning, his parents hire Harry to find out where their son went during the night. All the young man can say is that he saw a lion under the pier, but two other women had previously been strangled in the area, and when a fourth victim turns up, all evidence points to the young man as the killer. Harry investigates and discovers a multitude of possible suspects.
16 Oct. 1975
The Acolyte
Harry is hired to find a young woman who will soon turn 25, making her eligible to inherit her family fortune. His investigation leads him to believe she is in the Institute of Religious Psychology. When he manages to sneak into her room and talk to her, he discovers she is being brainwashed, drugged and indoctrinated. She is hiding out there because she believes she murdered someone, and in her befuddled state she is about to donate her fortune to the Institute. Harry must help her.
23 Oct. 1975
Ward Nevins is a pilot whom Harry knew when they served in Korea. He is flying Senator John Elton when their private plane suddenly falters and begins to fall. Nevins radios for help while Elton dons a parachute, but Nevins suddenly passes out and the plane crashes, killing Nevins and injuring Senator Elton. Harry attends the funeral and Nevin's widow Ellen tells him of strange behavior and phone calls by Ward before the fatal flight, and when they arrive at her house it has been ransacked. Harry flies to Fresno and learns that a valve on the plane jammed, but they ...
30 Oct. 1975
Tender Killing Care
Spence, Harry's auto mechanic, fears his father is being mistreated at the 'old folks home'. When Spence's father dies, he hires Harry to investigate the Doctor at the home.
6 Nov. 1975
APB Harry Orwell
The victim of an elaborate frame, Harry is arrested for murder. While awaiting trial, Harry escapes and tracks down the real killer as he attempts to clear his name.
13 Nov. 1975
Group Terror
When members of a therapy group turn up murdered, the group psychiatrist suspects one of the members and hires Harry to investigate.
9 Oct. 1975
A friend of Harry's calls him, saying her husband hasn't been home all night. Her husband is Harry's former partner on the police force, now a P.I., and a known womanizer. When Harry discovers him in a motel, he has been murdered by a blackmailer. Investigating further, Orwell finds he was working for his own ex-wife, Elizabeth, who is now married to a judge. Harry and Elizabeth still have deep feelings for each other, as he tries to protect her and her husband while catching the blackmailer.
4 Dec. 1975
Exercise in Fatality
Police Sgt. Frank Brannen is distraught over his runaway daughter, and tracks down her pusher/boyfriend, threatening to kill him for getting his daughter addicted to drugs. Sgt. Brannen's daughter walks into the apartment, and it's obvious she is pregnant. After she runs away, Sgt. Brannen is knocked out from behind, and when he wakes up his daughter's boyfriend is found shot with Brannen's own gun. Arrested for murder, he hires Orwell to find the real killer and locate his runaway daughter. The ensuing investigation leads to the murder of a good friend of Harry's, ...
11 Dec. 1975
The Madonna Legacy
A man calls Harry Orwell while Harry is asleep, but when the half-awake Harry answers, there is nothing, so Harry hangs up. The next day Harry learns that Frank McDonald, an old friend from his days with the San Diego PD, has been found dead. The death is ruled a suicide but Harry is skeptical, and after learning that McDonald was the man who called him that night, Harry begins backtracking those who most recently knew McDonald. He meets a woman McDonald knew from attending AA meetings, a woman who was married to wealthy businessman Walter Nesbitt. Harry then begins ...
8 Jan. 1976
Mister Five and Dime
Lester Hodges is back, much to Orwell's annoyance. Gayle shares a class with Lester, and when she is arrested for passing counterfeit money, she calls on Lester for help, who in turn goes to Harry. Gayle got the money from her grandfather, but when he is kidnapped Harry and Lester discover printing equipment in his attic. He is a gifted counterfeiter who has been at it for years. He is being forced to print bogus money for a group of thieves who need a large sum of cash to purchase a shipment of heroin entering the country. The case takes many twists and turns, ...
15 Jan. 1976
Book of Changes
Kate owns and runs a gambling nightclub, and one night she surprises a thief in her office, and is shot and killed. A young girl who works for Kate named Jamie, witnesses the murder and flees the scene. Jamie had orders from Kate to contact Harry in the case of her death, taking to him a note revealing that she kept a notebook with the names of important people, which she used for her own protection. This leads Harry down a trail of investigation that involves the blackmail of several important people whose names are in the little black book, resulting in the murder ...
22 Jan. 1976
Past Imperfect
Carl Dawes has been in prison for murder, but has been paroled and he goes to see his former girlfriend Sara Webber. Dawes and Webber played confidence games, cheating business types out of their money, but Sara has gone straight. When Carl asks about a suitcase they had kept, Sara tells him it is still at the San Diego apartment of her friend Kate Roberti, which drives Carl into a rage, as he claims the suitcase contains $300,000 from a Syndicate courier he killed years earlier. He smacks Sara, then stabs a bystander who tries to stop him, and flees. Sara is ...
19 Feb. 1976
When a robbery goes awry, a standoff with the police ensues and Lt. Trench offers himself as trade for one of the hostages. Harry must find the thief's girlfriend before hostages are killed.
26 Feb. 1976
Forbidden City
Harry's old friend and fellow P.I., George Dillard, calls Orwell asking for his help. Harry goes to a meeting place and learns that George has been murdered. He begins investigating his friend's death, and discovers he was working for a woman named Lisa Soong, who is concerned her father is in danger. The case leads Orwell to a U.S. Marine sergeant who smuggled valuable pieces of art out of Vietnam before it fell, and is now attempting to get it into the country.
4 Mar. 1976
When Mary Casado returns home one night, she is brutally raped. She reports it to the police and identifies the perpetrator as a man who works with her, even though he was wearing a mask. The case is dropped due to lack of evidence, so she hires Orwell to prove she isn't lying. Harry's investigation sets off a chain of events in which the rapist threatens Mary, and she fires Orwell. He presses on in an attempt to disprove the rapist's alibi.
11 Mar. 1976
Harry goes undercover to infiltrate a ring of car thieves and drug traffickers.
18 Mar. 1976
The Mysterious Case of Lester and Dr. Fong
The fourth "Lester" episode is a pilot for what would have been a spin off "Fong and Hodges" series. (Sadly, the episode's relatively low ratings may have been the tipping point in ABC deciding to cancel "Harry O." Harry receives a note from Simon Applequist, asking Harry to come to a meeting at Applequist's palatial mansion. Applequist is a fabulously successful businessman who made more enemies than even he could count. Applequist greats Harry and introduces him to his various relatives -- one of whom is Lester Hodges. Then he fixes a baleful glare on the group and ...
29 Apr. 1976
Death Certificate
A young widow has a malpractice suit against the doctor who was treating her deceased husband, but after she is threatened by two men to drop the suit, her mother hires Harry to look into the Dr.'s past. Dead bodies begin piling up around Orwell, including Spence, his auto mechanic. The investigation leads Harry into the world of organized crime, hit-men and the safe-deposit box of the deceased husband.

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