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5 Jan. 1982
To Beanie or Not to Beanie
Howard Cunningham promises a new car to daughter Joanie if she'll go to the University of Wisconsin instead of UCLA; but his determination turns to dismay when she decides that she doesn't want to go to college...at all!
12 Jan. 1982
Southern Crossing
Angered by a television broadcast showing a black man being beaten at a lunch counter for just wanting a meal, Al convinces Fonzie to head south to march in a week-end civil rights demonstration and it's not long before they both find out, firsthand, what's at stake for the black community.
19 Jan. 1982
Grandma Nussbaum
Grandma Nussbaum teaches Fonzie and Chachi a lesson in growing old gracefully when they try to convince the feisty granny to move into a retirement home.
26 Jan. 1982
Poohba Doo Dah
Al Delvecchio promises to provide the guest entertainment for the local Leopard Lodge's musical, the 15th annual "Poobah Doodah"; but can he really deliver his fifth cousin, once removed...teen heart-throb Frankie Avalon?
2 Feb. 1982
A Touch of Classical
Fonzie helps music teacher Cynthia take on the seemingly impossible task of trying to convince the Jefferson High School student body to choose classical music over rock'n'roll for their annual concert.
9 Feb. 1982
Hi Yo, Fonzie Away
Howard and Chachi go above and beyond to try to win a dinner with the Lone Ranger for Fonzie's birthday while the Fonz begins to wonder if he should start thinking about settling down with just one girl.
16 Feb. 1982
Great Expectations
Fonzie shows Roger a better way to attract women, Joanie and Chachi attempt songwriting, Potsie wants to join the Leopard Lodge and Marion is up for the lead in a local musical production.
23 Feb. 1982
Hello, Flip
When his parents send his rebellious, younger brother, Flip, for a visit, Roger needs his friends' help to find out why Flip behaves so irresponsibly and the two always seem to be at odds with each other.
2 Mar. 1982
Chachi's Future
Some tough questions from Howard Cunningham while they are on a fishing trip together cause eighteen-year-old Chachi to question his plans to make a living as a rock musician.
16 Mar. 1982
Tell-Tale Tart
Joanie starts spending much of her time with insecure new friend Mikki, who has recently come to Milwaukee to get a fresh start. A jealous Jenny learns that rumors had abounded at Mikki's old college that she had gotten pregnant and starts spreading the word. It isn't long before it is suggested that Fonzie is the father.
23 Mar. 1982
Love and Marriage
After only a month of dating, Al wants to ask Chachi's mother to be his wife. Chachi's okay with it but has his doubts about Al getting a "yes".
28 Sep. 1982
A Woman Not Under the Influence
Fonzie finally meets his dream-girl in a department store, but when she leaves before he gets her name, it looks like the only guy who can help him find her again is...Potsie Weber!
12 Oct. 1982
Letting Go
Coming home to Milwaukee after a summer playing with the band in Chicago, Joanie Cunningham tries to convince her over-protective father that she's mature enough to move away from home and continue her career in the Windy City.
19 Oct. 1982
Empty Nest
Howard and Marion Cunningham struggle to define life after their children have grown and gone while Fonzie finds running the restaurant without Al causes his social life to suffer.
26 Oct. 1982
A Night at the Circus
Howard's teen-aged niece, K.C., comes to stay with the Cunninghams after a scandal closes her Houston boarding school while Fonzie hopes a night at the circus will help him win little Heather's heart when nothing else seems to work.
9 Nov. 1982
A Little Case of Revenge
Fonzie is challenged to a fight by a black belt karate expert who has nursed a grudge against him since the third grade and now wants to take his revenge.
16 Nov. 1982
Who Gives a Hootenanny
Fonzie worries that the new popularity of folk music may signal more than just the end of his beloved rock n' roll.
23 Nov. 1982
Going Steady
Fonzie surprises Ashley...and himself!...by asking her to go steady with him after throwing a party to introduce her to his family and friends; but when jealousy raises its ugly head, neither of them are sure they're ready to commit.
30 Nov. 1982
Such a Nice Girl
Catastrophe looms when K.C. Cunningham reluctantly agrees to go to a costume party with socially inept Melvin Belvin after Marion encourages her shy niece to start dating.
7 Dec. 1982
There's No Business Like No Business
When a new hardware store in the local mall takes away all his business, Howard must decide whether to fight or give in to the competition and say good-bye to Cunningham Hardware.
14 Dec. 1982
All I Want for Christmas
Howard Cunningham dreads his quarrelsome older brother's Christmas visit and little Heather Pfister asks Santa Claus to help her mother, Ashley, make-up with the parents who disinherited her for marrying against their wishes.
28 Dec. 1982
Since I Don't Have You
Roger tries to play it cool when his fickle former girlfriend, Lorraine, comes to town.

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