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Season 2

10 Sep. 1974
Richie Moves Out
Richie Cunningham's dream of independence turns into a nightmare when he moves out of his parents' house and into older brother Chuck's apartment.
17 Sep. 1974
Richie's Car
Howard Cunningham agrees to buy one of Fonzie's overhauled dragsters as a second family car but Richie soon discovers that its red color may not be the only reason that the hotrod's hot.
24 Sep. 1974
Who's Sorry Now?
Regretfully remembering his dismal date with Arlene Nestrock before her family moved to New York, Richie does a successful do-over when she comes back three years later and winds up going steady before he's ready.
1 Oct. 1974
You Go to My Head
Shyness with a new girl, a bad James Dean impersonation and a book on abnormal psychology combine to make Richie think he should see a psychiatrist.
8 Oct. 1974
When the commanding officer of his high school ROTC group makes him squad leader, Richie finds that there's more to leadership than just shouting orders.
29 Oct. 1974
Richie scoffs at kid sister Joanie's fear of the haunted Simpson house until he gets a glimpse of a ghostly figure inside one of its cobwebbed closets.
12 Nov. 1974
Wish Upon a Star
Hollywood comes to Jefferson High when Richie wins a dance date with a beautiful movie star in a school raffle.
19 Nov. 1974
Not with My Sister, You Don't
When 12-year-old Joanie Cunningham is invited by Fonzie's leather-clad nephew, Spike, to go to a movie on her first real date, her parents and big brother Richie do what they do best ...worry!
26 Nov. 1974
Big Money
Richie finds himself in a moral conundrum when he finds the quiz show he participating in is fixed in his favor.
5 Dec. 1974
A Star Is Bored
Fonzie plays Hamlet from the heart and puts "cool" in culture when Richie asks him to play the doomed Danish Prince in the annual Shakespeare festival play.
17 Dec. 1974
Guess Who's Coming to Christmas
The Cunningham family Christmas is all set but Richie finds out Fonzie (despite being popular) is alone this holiday. So, Richie decides to ask his folks to let him join them ...but will his folks or Fonzie accept?
7 Jan. 1975
Open House
While Fonzie fixes their crippled car, Potsie convinces three stranded teen beauties to overnight at the Cunninghams while Richie's parents are out of town.
14 Jan. 1975
Fonzie's Getting Married
Howard Cunningham suspects that Fonzie's fiancée, Maureen, is really "The Lone Stripper", an exotic, masked dancer with a distinctive laugh.
21 Jan. 1975
The Cunningham Caper
With his parents out for the evening, home-alone Richie recovers from the Asiatic flu, waits for his friends to sneak him pizza and a movie, and surprises a burglar in the living room.
28 Jan. 1975
The Not Making of a President
Much to his dad's dismay, Richie defies Cunningham Republican tradition and campaigns for the Democrats during the 1956 Eisenhower-Stevenson presidential race.
11 Feb. 1975
Having to drive the Cunningham family car and a run-in with a gang stack the odds against Richie and his buddies after Bag Zombrowski challenges them to come up with dates by midnight or walk through popular Arnold's parking lot in their underwear.
18 Feb. 1975
The Howdy Doody Show
Richie gets an in for an interview with famous children's entertainers Bob Smith and Howdy Doody when little sister Joanie appears on the television show to present the popular puppet with the Chipmunk of the Year Award. But Richie is later confronted with an ethical dilemma after Life magazine offers to buy his one-of-a-kind photo of clown Clarabelle caught without his makeup.
25 Feb. 1975
Get a Job
Ralph and Potsie let their imaginations run wild while they help Richie Cunningham fix a fence for a beautiful divorcée, especially after she asks Richie to have dinner with her when the job is done.
4 Mar. 1975
Fonzie Joins the Band
Fonzie promises to provide the tuxedos Richie and the guys need for their formal gig at the stuffy local Leopard Lodge dance, but only if they let him join the band and play a bongo solo.
11 Mar. 1975
Fish and the Fins
Richie is called upon for a favor by an old friend from summer camp (possibly older than he),who is now the member of a successful rock and roll band called "Fish and The Fins". While they're in town he wants to use Richie's home for the band because they can't rehearse with groupies surrounding their hotel. He has to keep it quiet though. Before this,Richie already told people he knows leader, Rocky Rhodes, and has guaranteed his friends free concert tickets. Which end up being in the "rafters" so Richie's rep. is on the line! Will Rocky be able to redeem Richard's ...
18 Mar. 1975
Richie's Flip Side
Richie lets fame go to his head when he takes a turn as a disc jockey at the local radio station.
29 Apr. 1975
Kiss Me Sickly
Richie Cunningham's case of mononucleosis endangers more than just his health after the Fonz finds out who gave Richie the "kissing disease".
6 May 1975
Goin' to Chicago
While in Chicago with their high school choir, Richie, Ralph and Potsie sneak by their chaperons, wind up on the wrong side of an unsympathetic downtown nightclub owner, and win the sympathy of a kind-hearted cocktail waitress.

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