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Season 6

16 Sep. 1978
Florida's Homecoming: Part 1
Thelma comes home from a date and tells her family she is in love, and thinks Keith loves her too. She invites Keith to dinner at their home, and he proposes to her. Florida returns home from Arizona and gives her approval for the marriage.
16 Sep. 1978
Florida's Homecoming: Part 2
With Florida back in town, everyone is excited about her return and Thelma's upcoming wedding. However, Thelma gets nervous and is not sure if she wants to marry Keith. Also, JJ is let go from his job.
23 Sep. 1978
Florida's Homecoming: Part 3
To help pay for Thelma and Keith's wedding, JJ takes gets a loan from a loan shark. The wedding ceremony goes as planned, but as they walk from the church, Keith falls and breaks his leg. This will affect his job in sports.
30 Sep. 1978
Florida's Homecoming: Part 4
After a joyous wedding ceremony, things are anything but happy. Thelma and Keith cannot go on a honeymoon because Keith's leg is broken and it may end his sports career. Also, the loan sharks come to visit JJ to get their money back.
7 Oct. 1978
Florida Gets a Job
Jobs are scarce for Florida and JJ. An ad for a school bus driver catches Florida's eye, but she finds it has strings attached for JJ, and the strings are attached to Alderman Davis
14 Oct. 1978
Stomach Mumps
When Willona learns that one of Penny's friends is pregnant, she explains the situation to the 11-year-old - that her friend has a case of the 'stomach mumps'. Florida urges Willona to tell Penny the truth, putting a strain on the rekindled friendship.
21 Oct. 1978
J.J. the Teacher
JJ holds painting classes in the apartment and Thelma and Michael are tired of it. However, he wants to help one student is having problems at home. His father does not want him painting and is being abusive.
8 Nov. 1978
Michael's Decision
The Evan's apartment feels crowded with Thelma and Keith still living there after their marriage. In addition, things continue to fall apart. Michael decides he can help the situation by moving into his own apartment - with a white girl.
2 Dec. 1978
J.J. and the Plumber's Helper
JJ's former girlfriend Vanessa is back in town, and she still has expensive taste. JJ does not want to tell her that he is out of work and cannot afford to take her out all the time. Bookman's assistant is interested in JJ.
9 Dec. 1978
The Witness
J.J. could pay dearly for witnessing an auto accident.
13 Dec. 1978
The Snow Storm
Florida is called to work as substitute drive for the school bus because the regular drivers called off due to a snow storm. Florida makes the rounds & picks up children, but then everyone has to abandon the bus when it gets stuck in snow.
20 Dec. 1978
The Traveling Christmas
As the Evan's prepare for their Christmas Party, Keith comes home from work and reports that he has to work the night of the party. Florida decides everyone will have the party at his work.
3 Jan. 1979
House Hunting
Florida tells the family they are ready to move into their own house. After they find the house, they have trouble finding a loan.
23 May 1979
Florida's Favorite Passenger: Part 1
JJ tries for a job in Indiana. Florida realizes one of the children on the school bus has difficulty hearing things, so she talks to the mother about having the boy tested. The mother does not believe there is a problem.
30 May 1979
Florida's Favorite Passenger: Part 2
Florida tries to get Larry's mother to realize her son has a hearing loss. After Larry does not hear a warning, he almost falls down an elevator. Larry's mother finally realizes he has a problem. Florida takes the boy to the doctors.
6 Jun. 1979
Blood Will Tell
Thugs who work for Sweet Daddy come to get JJ by force. Sweet Daddy is very sick and needs a blood transfusion. Turns out JJ is the closest person who has the blood Sweet Daddy needs. In exchange, he promises to do something for JJ.
13 Jun. 1979
Where Have All the Doctor's Gone?
While Willona is out of town, Florida is taking care of Penny. Just about everyone in the apartment is sick with the flu. Florida takes Penny to the clinic, but doctors are scarce, and the remaining doctor has plans to close the practice.
20 Jun. 1979
J.J. and T.C.
Bookman's assistant TC is interested in going out with JJ. He does not think much of TC because he sees her only as one of the guys. With a dance event coming up, this seems like a good time for them to get together.
27 Jun. 1979
The Art Contest
With the art contest approaching, J.J. believes that he is shoo-in to win. However things don't go as planned after he trusts a distracted Bookman to deliver his painting to the judges.
11 Jul. 1979
The Physical
Florida has to pass an annual exam in order to keep her job as a school bus driver.
18 Jul. 1979
A Matter of Mothers
Willona's new boyfriend is trying to buy her and Penny's love by giving expensive gifts. Turns out it is Penny's birth mother who is paying the bills and getting the boyfriend to give the gifts. The birth mother wants Penny back.
1 Aug. 1979
The End of the Rainbow
The Evans Family, Wilona & daughter Penny, have life changing events that lead to their final day in the Chicago projects.
The Evans' Dilemma
The family is puzzled by Keith's sudden mood swings until they find out that he is secretly hitting the bottle.
Cousin Raymond
The family is happy to see Florida's cousin Raymond, especially when he has nice gifts for everyone. He seems to have a lot of money to spend, and he offers Florida a new apartment for the family. Then she learns how he earns his money.

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