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One of MY favorite things I worked on .

Author: Nancy E. Barr (nellen) from So. California
21 July 2006

I worked on this show .. Don Adams WAS my boss on/off for about 5 years .. he ONLY wanted Marty Pasetta to direct .. and Don could persuade anyone to do what he wanted:) .. The pilot, James Caan, Patty Duke, Connie Stevens, Jason Miller was an hour .. there were 3 judges and just ONE winning contestant from the 4 . when we did the series .. (people flew in from all over the world to try to get on the show) .. we shot two shows a day every other day for a total of 24 episodes OR 12 days of shooting . it was quite a FEAT .. but both Marty Pasetta (he is just super) and Don Adams knew exactly what it was they each wanted and got along just GREAT .. got it all done 'on the button' . Universal, where series was shot, had never done TAPE before and all 'THE SUITS' would come to watch & see 'how is that done?' .. we gathered out audience from the tour center . the contestants had to fill out forms in various newspapers or magazines .. thousands were interviewed by casting directors on the back lot at Universal . then about 500 were seen by Don/Marty .. we had a script supervisor to help . also a censor from both NBC & CBS as it was syndicated and would be on each network around the country .. Don & I traveled around the country to promote the show . it was super . it was Don's way of 'showing how outtakes happen' .. Universal canceled the show after ONE season . but they were immediately sorry they did NOT let it run for at least ONE more season ..

that was NOT a man off the street playing FRANKENSTEIN . that was LYLE Waggoner . who graciously came directly from his workout at the local gym due to another actor/singer or would it be singer/actor? .. uhhhh .. leaving ..

Nancy E. Barr,+Nancy+E.

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Wonderful game show for fans of film and fun in general

Author: Glenn Andreiev ( from Huntington, NY
14 May 2001

This vintage game show had contestants become actors in scenes from famous movies. A mock-up set was built on the game show stage, many times it was an amazing re-creation of a famous set. The contestants had to re-inact said movie scene opposite actors provided by the show. My fondest memories of this show featured one guest, some woman, made-up to recreate Elsa Lanchester's hissing BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN. Another contestant, a man off the street had to re-do the famous death scene "...thanks for the bullet..." from WEREWOLF OF LONDON. They even had an in-camera tranformation effect. It was a great insight to the film-making process.

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I was only 16, but I remember this show...

Author: Festeron from near Toronto, Canada
15 August 1999

In two 15-minute segments, Don Adams would direct the re-creation of a classic film moment using contestants/would-be actors. The making of the re-enactment was the comic part, even if the scene itself was not.

I remember them recreating Marlon Brando in "On the Waterfront" and the beach kiss in "From Here to Eternity".

Hysterically funny? No, but I remember that we made a point to watch it each week (in the pre-VCR days, don't you know?)

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A classic memory....

Author: progrock from Littleton, CO
17 November 1999

One thing I remember from the show is all the goofing around that went on. I remember when they were recreating the climactic scene from Psycho where she turned Mother's chair around in the cellar and the skeleton had a cigarette in it's mouth! Classic! It was also a given disaster whenever Don Rickels was a guest. I'd LOVE a copy on video if anyone runs across one!

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Don was the world's greatest movie buff

Author: Stanley Schulman ( from new york, new york
19 July 2013

In the early seventies I wrote a series of commercials with Don for Aurora Skittle Games. Most of these commercials were movie parodies. Sometimes Don produced them just as I wrote them, other times he would have an idea of his own and I was happy to join in. We did a Casablanca commercial for a game called "Shifty Checkers" which we shot at Burbank Airport. I think what gave him the idea to do Casablanca for this game was that in his head he could hear how Humphrey Bogart would pronounce "Shifty Checkers" as shifty sheckers. We spent two weeks casting the Ingrid Bergman character and saw just about every beautiful girl in Hollywood who could act and Holly Hayes was perfect in the role. In an intimate two shot as the plane for Lisbon is warming up, Don as Rick says "Don't cry." Ilsa responds, "I'm not crying." "Then why are your cheeks wet?" Don asks and Ilsa replies "because you're spitting on me." I've put a ninety second version of this commercial up on you-tube under my name. Don's assistant, Nancy Barr and I became great friends and a year or two later Nancy asked me if I'd like to help cast "Don Adams Screen Test." It was a cattle call at one of the TV stations in downtown Hollywood. It was great madness and great fun. Don was a great director and Nancy Barr was an epicure of comedy and comedians. Her favorite (after Don) was Albert Brooks. I found these reviews while looking Nancy up on IMDb, Hello, Nancy.

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Saw every episode

Author: preppy-3 from United States
3 July 2008

I've loved old movie ever since I was a kid. I was 13 when this played on TV. I expected the worst but tuned in. Actually it was pretty fun! Seeing some "name" actors enacting scenes from classic Hollywood films with amateurs was...bizarre (but fun). The ones that stand out were Loretta Swit in "Werewolf of London"; Don Rickles (doing Marlon Brando) in "On the Waterfront", Ed Asner in "Psycho"; Danny Thomas (doing Burt Lancaster) in "From Here to Eternity" and Darren McGavin (doing Humphrey Bogart) in "To Have and Have Not". The show wasn't exactly hilarious but just fascinating to watch. The only bad thing is that Don Adams wasn't given enough to do. A fun short-lived show from the 1970s.

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Screen Test

Author: jkjoralemon from United States
25 September 2012

I was just a little girl when this show was on, but to this day I still remember it. I just loved it. I wanted to be an actor when I grew up so I always would reenact the scene they did. Wasn't there a catch phrase when they were finished, like: 'That's a wrap' or 'in the can'? I can't remember. It seems that there was only 2 contestants on each show, but I may be wrong. I was only 9. Don Adams seemed so different from his character on Get Smart of course. Sometimes people were really good, sometimes...blech. I looked forward to seeing what kind of scene they would have to play, and compare it to what the second actor would say. My whole family would sit on the couch and watch this show. Back in the simpler days of only 3 channels.

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A Labor of Love for Don Adams

Author: hfan77 from St. Louis Park, MN
16 June 2011

"How would you like to be in the movies?" asked Don Adams each week at the opening of his own Screen Test show. It was a pretty funny game show where contestants teamed up with celebrities to reenact famous movie scenes. What made the show so funny was the numerous flubs from the contestants as they tried to master the scene.

To me, it was a labor of love for Adams, a classic movie buff who also directed a number of episodes of his classic sitcom Get Smart and appeared as a guest on the syndicated game show The Movie Game. But unfortunately, Screen Test suffered against the Prime Time Access competition as well as pressure from distributor MCA to change the format and that's what contributed to its demise after only one season. But in the 80s, when blooper shows became popular on network TV, outtakes from Screen Test resurfaced on the ABC series Foul Ups, Bleeps and Blunders. At least the show got somewhat of a second life and it should have had a longer run if it wasn't for corporate interference.

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