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17 Jan. 1992
Die Reise nach München
Mr. Sassner travels to Munich to look for work, but first off he finds trouble.
11 Feb. 1992
Ein seltsamer Ehrenmann
Mr. Krowacs has served eight years for manslaughter. Not long after release, he is approached by a man who offers him ten thousand Deutschmark for murder.
20 Mar. 1992
Mord im Treppenhaus
Some party people come home to find Mrs. Kollwitz lying head down in the stairs with her neck broken.
24 Apr. 1992
Die Festmenüs des Herrn Borgelt
Mr. Borgelt travels to Munich to meet a couple people who his daughter had been involved with.
22 May 1992
Der stille Mord
A young girl is found dead in the Isar. She has been raped and murdered.
19 Jun. 1992
Beatrice und der Tod
Beatrice, a journalist, is making a series of articles about the police work.
17 Jul. 1992
Eine eiskalte Nummer
Two men burglarize Robert Rudger's home. They hold Robert at gunpoint and force him to acquire money for them.
21 Aug. 1992
Tage des Zorns
Mrs. Heckel, a cop's wife, leaves her husband with an ex-convict - whom Mr Heckel once put in prison.
18 Sep. 1992
Die Frau des Mörders
Mr. Sierich is convicted for murder. However, one of the witnesses from his trial confesses on his death bed. Derrick smells foul play but must prove it, or the possible perpetrator will walk.
16 Oct. 1992
Billies schöne, neue Welt
Billie is sent on a trip with her boyfriend, to help out dumping a girl who died from a "golden dose" of heroin.
13 Nov. 1992
Ein merkwürdiger Privatdetektiv
Mr. Raude sends a private detective after his wife. When visiting his client, the detective sees that the wife has been severely beaten. Soon after that, the door bell rings and Mr. Raude ends up with two bullets in his chest.
11 Dec. 1992
Kein teurer Toter
Johannes Berger, the arrogant and much disliked boss and owner of a sawmill, gets threat calls. One morning he is found murdered - shot in the back and sawed into pieces.

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