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Season 2

12 Sep. 1975
The Paint Job
A nude mural on the wall near Ed's garage has the neighborhood up in arms.
19 Sep. 1975
This Hallowed Garage
Ed refuses to yield to pressure when his garage is set to be demolished.
26 Sep. 1975
Aunt Connie
When Ed meets Chico's rich Aunt Connie, he quickly becomes enamored of her.
3 Oct. 1975
Play Gypsy
The son of Ed's life saving gypsy friend wants Ed to hire him as a mechanic.
10 Oct. 1975
The Disappearance
Chico sees Ed sneaking out of the garage one night all dressed up in a nice suit and Ed is very secretive about where he is going. It seems he is going to a bar that he and his wife used to spend their anniversary at. Ed still keeps the date. While there he plays the piano and the manager offers him a job. Chico is worried that Ed is spending too much time dwelling on the past and he and Louie set out to bring him back to the present.
17 Oct. 1975
Chico and the Van
Chico wants to install a bathtub of his own but before he can make any additions the building must be inspected. The violations and the fines start to pile up and Chico is told he can no longer live in his van. Chico moves upstairs with Ed but the closeness may actually drive them apart.
31 Oct. 1975
Ms. Liz
Ed's honest admission that Chico's new girlfriend is a terrible singer doesn't sit well with his mechanic.
7 Nov. 1975
Mister Butterfly
Ed's war exploit stories take a dramatic turn when a a man of Japanese heritage arrives at the garage. Yoshi claims to be the offspring of a relationship Ed had with Mariko years ago.
14 Nov. 1975
The Misfortune Teller
To pay off a hefty bank loan, Chico suggests a system to barter services in place of cash.
21 Nov. 1975
Bird in a Gilded Cage
A former silent movie actress whom Ed idolized pulls her car into the garage for repairs. Ed still idolizes her and cannot accept her current position.
28 Nov. 1975
The Strike
Chico joins the garage mechanics union, before learning how much it will hurt Ed Brown's pocketbook.
5 Dec. 1975
The Invention
Ed gets scammed by a con artist on his creation of training wheels for motorcycles.
19 Dec. 1975
The Juror
Chico is on jury duty, Ed is the guilty one.
9 Jan. 1976
The Dream
Chico dream about Ed's retirement is more like a nightmare.
16 Jan. 1976
The Hypnotist
When Louie has to go to the dentist but is too afraid to, he asks Chico to hypnotize him. Ed who doesn't believe in it, is the one who gets hypnotized. Chico then implants a post hypnotic suggestion wherein Ed will do whatever he's asked if he hears the words "Will you". But when his girlfriend asks him to marry her, he does.
23 Jan. 1976
Reverend Bemis's Altar Ego
Chico's humorous take on Noah's ark makes him more popular among the parishioners than Reverend Bemis.
28 Jan. 1976
The Big Brush-Off
Chico is attracted to a girl who rebuffs him due to his resemblance to her former fiancée.
4 Feb. 1976
The Accident
After a fallen car puts both Chico and The Man in the hospital, both see their lives flash before their eyes.
11 Feb. 1976
Chico's Cousin Pepe
Pepe, Chico's blind cousin, is a famous Latino singer. Pepe shows up in a limo and his driver has to quit the same day. He offers the job to Chico but Ed,while Chico is out,unwittingly talks Pepe into considering Chico's girlfriend! She doesn't know, however, Pepe is "all hands", when it comes to women. Feliciano briefly sings his classic version of "Light My Fire" and actually sings the show's theme song to Ed and Chico when they start arguing.
18 Feb. 1976
The Return of Aunt Connie
Chico's Aunt Connie returns with a new companion from Barcelona, whom Ed believes is nothing but a fraudulent fortune hunter.
25 Feb. 1976
Too Many Crooks
Ed earns a reputation as a good Samaritan by refusing to press charges against an inept holdup man, bringing every derelict in the neighborhood around for a handout.
3 Mar. 1976
The Face Job
A free face lift transforms Ed into a young jewelry flashing portrait of youth.

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