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Will Jessica Walter follow in Megan Mullally's boozing Emmy footsteps?

Will Jessica Walter follow in Megan Mullally's boozing Emmy footsteps?
On "Arrested Development," Jessica Walter plays Lucille, the hard-drinking, wisecracking socialite matriarch of the embattled Bluth clan. She earned a Best Comedy Supporting Actress Emmy nomination for the show's original Fox run in 2005, losing to another notorious TV mother, Doris Roberts ("Everybody Loves Raymond"), and Walter won an Emmy back in 1975 for the limited series "Amy Prentiss," but can she finally win for her "Arrested" role? Lucille is not unlike another boozy role that won multiple Emmys: "Will & Grace's" Karen Walker, played by Megan Mullally, Comedy Supporting Actress winner in 2000 and 2006. Karen was a wealthy New York woman who knocked back martinis and traded barbs with her best friend Jack (Sean Hayes), and like Lucille had a tumultuous relationship with her domestic help. Click here to subscribe to Gold Derby's free newsletter -- Get breaking news and predict...
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Arrested Development Exclusive: Jessica Walter on The Return Of Lucille Bluth, Her Long Career and More

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Interviewing an acting legend – especially one working on new Arrested Development episodes, as as well as fan favorite Archer – isn’t a bad way to spend an afternoon.

On Season 4 of the beloved, resurrected sitcom (all 15 are available this Sunday on Netflix), Jessica Walter is back as boozy matriarch Lucille Bluth and, well... the time away hasn’t made Lucille a better mother. But that’s the way we like it.

I sat down with Walter recently and not only got her approval on the name of this site, but also talked about what’s new with Lucille while taking a walk down memory lane with her career highlights...

Jessica Walter: Jim, what are you writing for?

TV Fanatic: This is

Jw: Oooh. I love that. TV Fanatic.

Tvf: My first question is actually about how we watch TV. How do you watch TV? What’s your
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Before They Were The Bluths

Before They Were The Bluths
The "Arrested Development" cast members had a lot of TV and film credits before they were the dysfunctional Bluth family.

Jessica Walter -- matriarch Lucille Bluth on the former Fox, now Netflix series -- has been making TV appearances since the 1960s. She won an Emmy for "Amy Prentiss" in 1975 and in 1977, Walter guest starred in a "Wonder Woman" episode, "The Return of Wonder Woman."

Jason Bateman (Michael Bluth) started acting at a young age and appeared on "Silver Spoons," "Little House on the Prairie" and "Valerie"/"The Hogan Family."

Alia Shawkat and Mae Whitman met as co-stars in Fox Family's 2001-2002 series "State of Grace" before they were Maeby Funke and Ann Veal.

Click through the gallery below to see the "Arrested Development" cast in their early roles.

"Arrested Development" returns with new episodes on Netflix on Sunday, May 26.
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'Police Woman' Angie Dickinson loves 'Southland,' enjoys being a 'standard bearer'

Angie Dickinson has the credentials to read television's female law enforcers their rights, having been one of the earliest.

The veteran actress went from star of such movies as the original "Ocean's 11" and "The Killers" to home-screen staple in "Police Woman," NBC's "Police Story" spinoff that ran four seasons (1974-78). The show came at a time when women typically weren't drama-series leads ... and when told that other actresses cite her as someone who opened gates for them, Dickinson replies to Zap2it, "It's nice to be a standard bearer."

Ironically, she might not have been the performer who would become Sgt. Suzanne "Pepper" Anderson. "I happen to know that they wanted Karen Black for the 'Police Story' episode," Dickinson reports, "and as we were shooting that, they said, 'This could make a series.' They didn't have a separate series in mind at all when we started.
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