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The Best Movie Posters of 2016

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1. CosmosAdam Maida’s silent scream for Andrzej Zulawski’s swansong Cosmos is a poster that cries out to be noticed. Channeling the starkest of Polish poster design—think Mieczyslaw Wasilewski or Andrzej Pagowski—Maida’s design is as deceptively crude as it is beautifully executed. I love everything about this poster, down to its hand-lettering, that tiny hanged bird and the even tinier—nice if you can get away with it—billing block. Maida’s witty, diagrammatic work has already graced Criterion covers for Nagisa Oshima’s Death by Hanging, John Frankenheimer’s The Manchurian Candidate, and Costa-Gavras’s The Confession and State of Siege, but it is his eye-catching black-and-white editorial illustration/montages for the New York Times that this most reminds me of. You can see more of his work here.2. The HandmaidenTrees and a hanging also feature heavily in my second favorite poster of the year: an
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25 underrated political dramas

Rebecca Clough Jan 20, 2017

As America gets its new President, we look at some excellent political drama films that may have slipped under your radar...

Political dramas can be entertaining, informative and even educational, opening up debates and offering new points of view. (When experiencing a year of tumultuous change like the one we’ve just had, they can also be a comforting reminder that, no matter what your situation, it could always be worse...) With the full whack of corruption, war, and conspiracy, here are 25 political dramas which deserve to be better known.

See related 25 underrated political thrillers 17 new TV shows to watch in 2017 Taboo episode 3 review The Girl On The Train review 25. The Marchers/La Marche (2013)

When teenager Mohamed (Tewfik Jallab) is shot by police, his friends want revenge, but he has a better idea: peaceful protest. Marching from Marseille to Paris, they band together with quite an assortment of characters along the way.
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New to Streaming: ‘Don’t Think Twice,’ ‘Green Room,’ ‘Burn After Reading,’ and More

With a seemingly endless amount of streaming options — not only the titles at our disposal, but services themselves — we’ve taken it upon ourselves to highlight the titles that have recently hit platforms. Every week, one will be able to see the cream of the crop (or perhaps some simply interesting picks) of streaming titles (new and old) across platforms such as Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, and more (note: U.S. only). Check out our rundown for this week’s selections below.

Amour Fou (Jessica Hausner)

An ecstatically original work of film-history-philosophy with a digital-cinema palette of acutely crafted compositions. Amour Fou seamlessly blends together the paintings of Vermeer, the acting of Bresson, and the psychological undercurrents of a Dostoevsky novel. It is an intensely thrilling and often slyly comic work that manages to combine a passionately dispassionate love story of the highest order with a larger socio-historical examination of a new era of freedom,
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‘Jaula de Oro’s’ Quemada-Diez Preps ‘Operacion Atlas’ (Exclusive)

‘Jaula de Oro’s’ Quemada-Diez Preps ‘Operacion Atlas’ (Exclusive)
Director of Guatemala-u.S. road movie-thriller “La jaula de oro” (The Golden Dream), a standout Latin American debut, Spain-born Mexican Diego Quemada-Diez is readying political thriller “Operacion Atlas” as he launches an Academy Award campaign for his first feature.

Winner of a Cannes Un Certain Talent Award, “Jaula” tracks three teens, one a young Tzxotzil native, from Guatemala across the length of Mexico as they dodge migration cops, clash with gangs and travel on train-tops to a white-knuckle climax on the U.S.-Mexico border.

After immigration, “Operacion Atlas” takes another hot-button issue: Civil resistance to multinational corporation development projects backed by local governments – hydroelectric dams, massive deforestation and various fossil-fuel programs (oil, mining, fracking) – which is a recurrent narrative throughout Latin America.

As he made his own shorts – such as American Film Institute graduation film “A Table is a Table” which won an Asc Best Cinematography award, Quemada-Diez
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Watch Gaspar Noé Visit the Criterion Collection Closet and Pick His Favorite Films

“I remember my mother, on my eighteenth birthday, she brought me to see Pasolini’s Salò,” Gaspar Noé recently told us. “I said, ‘Why did you show me this?’” She said, “You’re old enough to understand human cruelty.” [Laughs] To her, it was important that I see that movie. ‘Now you’re a man. You have to face what the humankind is.'”

It’s no surprise that the director, while doing press for Love here in New York City, picked the aforementioned film upon a stop-in at the Criterion Collection closet. His other choices included Seconds (which says he had planned to remake), Pigs, Pimps, and Prostitutes: 3 Films by Shohei Imamura, Master of the House, Safe (a film he’s seen “two or three times”), State of Siege, Sundays and Cybèle, Jigoku, Island of Lost Souls, The Naked Prey, and his optimal double bill: Yukio Mishima‘s Patriotism and
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Sony, Criterion Extend Distribution Deal

Prestige distributor The Criterion Collection and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment have agreed to a multi-year extension of their distribution agreement.

The alliance was launched last year. Current releases include “Five Easy Pieces,” “Hiroshima Mon Amour,” “State of Siege,” “My Dinner with Andre” and “The Black Stallion.” Upcoming titles include “A Room with a View,” “Moonrise Kingdom,” “Breaker Morant,” “Day for Night” and “Mulholland Drive.”

Under the deal, Criterion will continue to distribute its properties in the home entertainment window through Sphe in the U.S. marketplace.

Criterion specializes in high-end titles and premium home video releasing, selling classic films to film buffs. The privately held company pioneered the letterbox format for widescreen films along with providing bonus features, special editions, soundtracks, multi-disc sets and definitive versions.

Criterion sold Laserdiscs between 1984 and 1998, when it launched DVD sales. It began selling Blu-ray discs in 2008.

“Working together over the past year – both on
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Daily | DVD/Blu-ray | Costa-Gavras, Visconti, Ozu

Olivier Assayas has managed to squeeze 22 films onto his list of top ten Criterion releases. His #1: Luchino Visconti's The Leopard. And we've rounded up reviews of three crime dramas by Yasujiro Ozu, Jean-Pierre Melville's Le silence de la mer, Jean Renoir's The River, Rainer Werner Fassbinder's The Merchant of Four Seasons, Helma Sanders-Brahms’s Germany Pale Mother, Charlie Chaplin's Limelight, Mario Bava's Blood and Black Lace, Walerian Borowczyk's The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Miss Osbourne and twelve films by Koji Wakamatzu. Plus two video interviews with Costa-Gavras and reviews of his Z, The Confession and State of Siege. » - David Hudson
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Daily | DVD/Blu-ray | Costa-Gavras, Visconti, Ozu

Olivier Assayas has managed to squeeze 22 films onto his list of top ten Criterion releases. His #1: Luchino Visconti's The Leopard. And we've rounded up reviews of three crime dramas by Yasujiro Ozu, Jean-Pierre Melville's Le silence de la mer, Jean Renoir's The River, Rainer Werner Fassbinder's The Merchant of Four Seasons, Helma Sanders-Brahms’s Germany Pale Mother, Charlie Chaplin's Limelight, Mario Bava's Blood and Black Lace, Walerian Borowczyk's The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Miss Osbourne and twelve films by Koji Wakamatzu. Plus two video interviews with Costa-Gavras and reviews of his Z, The Confession and State of Siege. » - David Hudson
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Criterion Collection: The Confession|Blu-ray Review

Criterion adds two more early works of auteur Costa-Gavras to the collection, rounding out his early trilogy of political thrillers headlined by Yves Montand with 1970’s The Confession and 1972’s State of Siege. Having blazed into the cinematic scene of the late 60’s with the dramatic Z in 1969, his immediate follow-up was a more sobering treatment of historical bureaucratic wrongdoing. Wearying, to say the least, the film is based on the real life account of the Communist Party show trials in 1952 Czechoslovakia as accounted in Lise and Artur Lindon’s book. Intelligently rendered, Costa-Gavras highlights the sobering reality of a mind-numbingly Kafkaesque scenario, filmed in an era where these depictions caused significant unrest, with communist factions of the period banning the film’s release in several countries.

Anton Ludvik (Yves Montand), also known as Gerard from his days in the French Resistance, is vice minister of Foreign Affairs in Czechoslovakia.
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Off The Shelf – Episode 51 – New Releases For Tuesday, May 26th 2015

This week on Off The Shelf, Ryan is joined by Brian Saur to take a look at the new DVD and Blu-ray releases for the week of May 26th, 2015, and chat about some follow-up and home video news.

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Masters Of Cinema & Eureka in August: Cruel Story Of Youth, Medium Cool, the Town That Dreaded Sundown

Screen Archives Entertainment have some new and exclusive Code Red Blu-ray titles, available now. Guy Magar’s Retribution, Tobe Hooper’s Spontaneous Combustion and Shakma.

Twilight Time new releases for June will go live for pre-order Wednesday, May 27the st 4 Pm Eastern: Absolute Beginners (1986), State Of Grace (1990) , Mississippi Mermaid (1969), The Young Lions (1958) , The Night Of The Generals (1967) the approximate street date is June 9th.

New Releases

Ballet 422 Cannibal Ferox The Confession Da Sweet Blood of Jesus Double Indemnity Empire Of The Ants / Jaws Of Satan
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DVD & Blu-ray This Week: 'Seventh Son', 'The Loft' & Tons of Brand New Release Dates

There is very little to discuss in terms of new releases this week, especially since I haven't seen the two new Costa-Gravas titles or Rainer Werner Fassbinder title from Criterion, which lead off the "Even More" section below. I have, however, updated the upcoming release schedule with several new titles including Ex Machina, the "Rogue Cut" of X-Men: Days of Future Past, Insurgent and Slow West. Hopefully there's something that catches your eye. The Loft I never saw this, but the way Universal treated it pretty much said all I needed to know. Then I talked to someone that did see it and I know to stay away for good.

Seventh Son This one I did see and it is quite the trainwreck.

Even More The Confession (Criterion Collection) The Merchant of Four Seasons (Criterion Collection) State of Siege (Criterion Collection) Da Sweet Blood of Jesus Sword of Vengeance Major Crimes
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Criterion announces its May Blu-ray line-up

Criterion has announced six new Blu-ray releases as part of its May line-up of the digitally remastered Criterion Collection. Two of the most notable releases are Charlie Chaplin’s Limelight and Bette Midler-starrer The Rose, which are scheduled for release on May 19th.

The full line-up, with technical specifications and artworks, are listed below:

The Rose

Bette Midler exploded onto the screen with her take-no-prisoners performance in this quintessential film about fame and addiction from director Mark Rydell. Midler is the rock-and-roll singer Mary Rose Foster (known as the Rose to her legions of fans), whose romantic relationships and mental health are continuously imperiled by the demands of life on the road. Incisively scripted by Bo Goldman and beautifully shot by Vilmos Zsigmond (with assistance on the dazzling concert scenes by a host of other world-class cinematographers, including Conrad L. Hall, László Kovács, Owen Roizman, and Haskell Wexler), this
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Criterion Bringing Films By Charlie Chaplin, Costa-Gavras & Rainer Werner Fassbinder In May

Just as the summer blockbuster movie season will be in full swing, the folks at The Criterion Collection will be catering to the cinephiles who prefer dramatic queries versus CGI enhanced explosions. And the auteur's take command for their May lineup. Costa-Gavras, perhaps best known for "Z" and "Missing," has two movies hitting the boutique label: "State Of Siege" and "The Confession." The former is a 1972 film starring Yves Montand about a CIA official kidnapped by a guerrilla group in South America. The features are spare, but it will come packaged with NBC news excerpts about the kidnapping of Dan Mitrione in 1970, which inspired the movie. The latter picture also stars Montand and follows an influential Czechoslovak dignitary who is abducted, imprisoned, and interrogated by fellow members of his country’s Communist ruling party. It too is based on a true story and comes loaded with extras, including documentaries, interviews,
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Kg Productions Launches Distrib, Sales Arms (Exclusive)

Paris – Kg Productions, the Paris-based production house created in 1973 by Costa-Gavras and Michele Ray Gavras, is diversifying into domestic distribution in France and international sales.

Introduced to foreign distributors at the 17th UniFrance Rendez-vous with French Cinema, which opens Thursday in Paris, Kg’s first sales/distrib slate will feature “Graziella,” from Mehdi Charef (“Tea in the Harem”), plus fellow Algerian Salem Brahimi’s “Maintenant Ils peuvent venir” and “A Mon age je me cache encore pour fumer,” directed by Rayhana, also from Algeria.

The slate will also take in restored versions, mostly in 4K, of four Costa Gavras modern classics: “Z,” “The Confession,” “State of Siege,” and “Hanna K,” Kg Productions is also restoring Charef’s films.

Screening at the Rendez-vous, and from an original screenplay by Charef, “Graziella,” a kind of love story, turns on two cons from the same hamlet in France: Antoine, an ex-projectionist (Leos Carax muse Denis Lavant), and Graziella,
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San Cristóbal De Las Casas, Chiapas Hosting Mexico's Newest Film Festival

The Mexican film industry is celebrating the new year with a new film festival. Kicking off in mid January 2015, the San Cristóbal de Las Casas International Film Festival (Ficsc) is set to be the first important event of the year and a great incentive to visit Chiapas. For their first edition (January 16 to 24), San Cristóbal de Las Casas is putting together an interesting lineup, which so far has in the retrospective dedicated to French-Greek filmmaker Costa-Gavras its major attraction. Gavras, 81, is confirmed to personally present a fine selection of his work, composed of Z, The Confession, State of Siege, Missing, Music Box, and his latest picture Capital. A second retrospective is dedicated to Mexican director Jorge Fons, with screenings of such films as...

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Film on Kashmir gets censor on defensive

Film on Kashmir gets censor on defensive
When debutant director Rajat Kazmi submitted his hard-hitting treatise on the unrest in the Kashmir Valley for censoring, he expected plenty of trouble over the volatile subject and candid dialogues about the State of siege. Instead he was told that the film would have to be viewed by a Muslim individual to ensure the religious references were current.

Kazmi who is a Kashmiri Muslim found the precondition strange. "I knew what I was talking about in Identity Card. The issue of Kashmiri militancy and how brutally it affects local Kashmiri civilians is very close to my heart. So when after the censor panel viewed my film I was told it would have to be viewed by a Muslim, I was confused."

Finally though, Kazmi whose gripping film releases this week heaved a sigh of relief, as only two cuts were ordered and the film was passed with a 'UA' certification.
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TCM Offers Controversial (and Legendary) Actress Fonda Film Marathon Today

Jane Fonda movies on TCM: ‘The China Syndrome,’ ‘Klute,’ and Jean-Luc Godard drama ‘Tout Va Bien’ among highlights (photo: Jane Fonda in ‘Klute’) Turner Classic Movies’ 2014 "Summer Under the Stars" kicked off earlier today, August 1, with a day-long series of Jane Fonda movies. Still reviled by American right-wingers because of her 1972 trip to North Vietnam while the United States was at war with that country — she was photographed seated on an anti-aircraft battery — but admired by others for her liberal views, anti-war activism, and human rights advocacy, the two-time Best Actress Academy Award winner has enjoyed a highly eclectic film career, eventually becoming a rarity among rarities: Jane Fonda is the child of a film star (Henry Fonda) who not only became a film star in her own right, but who went on to become an even bigger screen legend than her famous parent. (See also: Jane Fonda “Summer Under
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Giveaway: Costa Gavras Blu-Ray Prize Pack Featuring Amen And Capital

The Cohen Film Collection announced recently that two major films by acclaimed director Costa-Gavras – Capital, the Oscar winner’s most recent feature, and Amen, his César-winning historical drama from 2002 – have been digitally remastered and will be released in deluxe Blu-ray and DVD editions on June 10, 2014. The Blu-rays will have SRPs of $34.98 each and the DVDs will have SRPs of $24.98 each.

Wamg invites you to enter to win one of 3 Prize Packs containing the two films on Blu-ray.

Enter Your Name And E-mail In Our Comments Section Below. We Will Contact You If You Are A Winner.

Official Rules:

1. You Must Be A Us Resident. Prize Will Only Be Shipped To Us Addresses. No P.O. Boxes. No Duplicate Addresses.

2. Winners Will Be Chosen From All Qualifying Entries. No Purchase Necessary. Prizes Will Not Be Substituted Or Exchanged.

Contest Ends – Tuesday, June 24th, 11:59p est.

Since his debut in 1965, the Greek-born,
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Costa-Gavras: The Hollywood Interview

Costa-gavras: Cinema’S Last Angry Man


Alex Simon

Filmmaker Constantine Costa-Gavras made his first mark on world cinema with his incendiary 1969 political thriller Z, which told the true story of the assassination of a progressive Greek politician in the early 1960s. After the film won a host of awards, including two Oscars, Costa-Gavras spent his career tackling controversial, politically and socially-charged subjects, the highlights being films like State of Siege (1972), Missing (1982), Music Box (1989) and Amen (2002). Before there were "issue" filmmakers such as Oliver Stone and Michael Moore, Costa-Gavras set the stage.

2013 finds Costa-Gavras, at age 80, still at the peak of his cinematic powers. Captial focuses on the world of international banking as a newly-minted CEO (Gad Elmaleh) of a French bank finds his moral compass quickly going south as he tries to maintain the balance of power in his professional and personal lives. Co-starring Gabriel Byrne, Natacha Régnier,
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Rendezvous with French Cinema at Mumbai Film Fest’13

The 15th Mumbai Film Festival (Mff) presented by Reliance Entertainment and organized by the Mumbai Academy of Moving Image (Mami) scheduled between 17th-24th October is all set to showcase the best of contemporary French cinema and welcome artists for the 6th edition of the Rendez-vous with French Cinema co-organized with The French Embassy in India, Institut Français en Inde and Unifrance films.

As part of the festival highlights, Costa Gavras will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award during the opening ceremony in the presence of His Excellency Mr François Richier, Ambassador of France to India who will grace us with his presence especially for this occasion. Among others, Nathalie Baye, jury member of the international section, Mahamat Saleh Haroun, director of the film “Grigris”, Guillaume Brac, director of the film “Tonnerre” (Competition) and Leos Carax, well known film maker who will be conducting a masters class.

The special section “Rendez-vous
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