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  • Another Ernst Hofbauer schoolgirl exploiter in the same vein as his Schoolgirl Report films, but for this one he raised the sleaze level to new heights with non-pornographic scenes of rape, pedophilia, satanic rituals, virgin sacrifice and golden showers. Despite how it sounds, these acts are played for silly comedy rather than any harsh deptictons.



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  • What Schoolgirls Don't Tell is similar in style to the long-running Schoolgirl Report series, but with edgier vignettes depicting scenes of pedophilia, rape, satanic ritual, and even a golden shower to cap things off. Scene 1: A pedophile lures a young girl into danger, but she is saved by a pair of alert neighbors who distract the psychopath with their physical charms until the police arrive. Scene 2: Cornelia Kersten (Marie Ekorre) concocts a plan to prevent her mother (Elisabeth Volkmann) from cheating with a guy named Raul. Shell get to him first! Unfortunately, shes not prepared to go all the way to keep Raul away from her mother, while Raul has other ideas ... and rapes the naïve girl. Scene 3: Max is determined to get his shy pal Sascha laid. First he demonstrates his technique with Lil (Maria Blümel) while Sascha hides in the closet. Then he arranges a double-date with Lils friends, Eva and Babs (Christina Lindberg). Babs is given the seemingly hopeless task of taking Saschas virginity. (Monika Hagen makes a brief appearance as janitor Erwins fantasy girl.) Scene 4: Burgie Wimmer (Ulrike Butz) and her blonde friend Rosel (Claudia Fielers) are desperately seeking a place to tryst with Fritz and Georg. Burgie hits on the brilliant idea of secretly using her fathers post office but she unknowingly leaves some evidence behind! Scene 5: A Satanic cult sacrifices a virgin (Christine von Stratowa), who turns out not to be one. The Grand Master demands their procurer, photographer Franz Kuppler, come up with a bonafide virgin for their next Black Mass. His girlfriend Elfi (Maia Hoppe) targets Rosi Marek (Sonja Jeannine), a local schoolgirl, who happens to be engaged to Sicilian Mario Messina. Fortunately for her, Mario and his pals spot Rosi leaving with Franz and Elfi, who have lured her into a big adventure. The boys give chase, and manage to rescue Rosi after a fierce musical tussle with the Satanists.

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