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Oh, come on now......

Author: e5150 from Mensa
13 July 2003

Let's be real here. This film is meant to serve only one purpose, and it serves that purpose excellently. And, no, I don't mean it is meant to tell a story. Some films are created just to be guilty pleasures, and this one does a great job of providing a carnal vacation from intellectual cinema. It's funny that other reviewers seem to expect it to be something that it clearly--blatantly--is not. If you consider it in the proper context, that of a being flesh-fest and nothing more, it is top notch. Beats out most American erotic films, at any rate. Beautiful women ready and willing to bare it all at the slightest suggestion is a nice diversion once in a while. Of course it isn't Schindler's List, and it never was meant to be. Just calm yourselves down and let loose. At the very least it isn't as tedious as a real porno, though the sexual content sure straddles that fence on a few occasions.

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Not Rollin's Best

Author: lazarillo from Denver, Colorado and Santiago, Chile
21 October 2004

There are two ways to approach this movie. If you're looking for a softcore porn knock-off you will no doubt find it very strange, but you probably won't be disappointed. If you're a Jean Rollin fan though you won't find it strange enough, and you probably will be. The problem with this movie is that it is VERY heavily padded with the typical boring, mechanical softcore grinding scenes. It's not that this detracts from the plot--this is a Rollin film after all with the usual deliciously bizarre if completely inconsequential story--but it does take away from the strangely beautiful images and haunting atmosphere that characterize the director's best work. Rollin seemed to realize this and used a pseudonym on the film, even before it was retitled "Fly Me the French Way" (what the hell does that mean, anyway?) and had some pre-credit sequence from what is obviously a completely different movie slapped onto it.

I do have to take exception with some of the previous reviews which claim the women in this movie aren't attractive. So these French actresses need to shave their armpits, they're still preferable to the ridiculously over-sized silicone breasts attached to anorexic American "actresses" who are obviously just punching the clock when they're doing sex scenes. Call me un-American . . .

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French cult film

Author: lastliberal from United States
14 July 2008

Writer/director Jean Rollin departs from his vampire and zombie movies to give us some soft-core porn with very little story. In fact, the most amazing thing about this film was that it had three writers. There was so little dialog, that the script could have been written on the back of an envelope.

But, we are not here to see a fancy story, we are here to see Joëlle Coeur, who I first discovered in Schoolgirl Hitchhikers. And, we do get to see Coeur - all of her, every inch, nothing left to the imagination, with her girlfriend, with a guy, with the guy and another girl in the tub, covered with jam, covered with soap, Oh My god! And it is not just Coeur we see, but her girlfriend Sophie (Marie-France Morel), the high priestess Malvina (Brigitte De Borghese), Jenny (Agnès Lemercier), and Brigette (Annie Belle). There were many more at the cast party at the end, but they are not important.

If you are looking for some campy fun in the vein of the 70s grindhouse action, this is the way the French do it. Oh mon dieu!

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visually interesting in parts but too slow and yawn-invoking.

Author: bclochard from United States
31 October 2005

honestly, the best part about this film is the costumes... and the possibility that Donatella Versace herself may have gotten her look from the character "Malvina." I was not really interested in the sex scenes - which are tame for sure, but the story - which is muddled and inconsequential - could have been interesting if it had been fleshed out more. I got this sent to me for a viewing and we honestly assumed it was going to be better than it was - but if you like camp - and lots of it, you probably will not be disappointed. The maid catfight is somewhat entertaining, and I loved those kidnappers' outfits. Tres chic indeed.

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Neither as good nor as bad as it could be

Author: The Doctor from United States
28 August 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It's softcore, plain and simple. Nothing wrong with that in and of itself, but most other softcore flicks from the age at least make fun of themselves a little, tongue in cheek. This one doesn't -- unless you count the scenes where the star can't seem to stop herself from smirking at the wrong point.

I do have to admit that the costumes and lighting were pretty good for this type of film, and the old French houses and manor used for locale were very nice.

If you were an alien, and your first exposure to Earth was through this film, here is what you would have learned:

- When housesitting for your rich cousin, it's okay for you to have drunken parties and climb his walls to throw his belongings on the floor within half an hour of arrival.

- There are no consequences. For anything, as far as I can tell.

- The richer you are, the less clothing you wear.

- All women are lesbians.

- All women are agreeable for sex every 10 minutes, no matter what mood they're in, even if they just found out their best friend was kidnapped. Even with the maid, or strangers...

- Buck-tooth monkey-face hags are sexiest of all.

- Everything can be instantly forgiven, as long as somebody gets laid.

- Disagreements are settled via half-naked, half-hearted catfight.

On the other hand, if you're an earthling who has been around the track and likes a softcore exploitation flick... well, you might like it, but it won't be your new favorite.

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Tedious, soft-core porn film.

Author: sonya90028 from United States
9 July 2009

The main character in this film, named Valerie, house-sits for her absentee cousin. She's lonely, and scared to be in the empty house by herself. So one night, she immediately summons her pal Sophie to come over, and keep her company. The two women drink vodka, and indulge in sizzling hot lesbian sex together.

Valerie and Sophie have a great time with each other, until Sophie is kidnapped by a strange cult of sex-fiends. The plot then revolves around Valerie trying to find Sophie, and rescue Sophie from her captors. But not before Valerie has had a chance to enjoy prolonged, decadent sexual trysts, with various lovers.

Marie-France Morel as Sophie, is the only cast member who stands-out. Marie was a good choice, to play the sensuous, yet vulnerable-looking Sophie. Pale and diminutive, Sophie seems like a waif who needs to be looked after. It's easy to see why she was the one who was snatched away in the night, by the kidnappers.

Like many French films, the pace of this film was excruciatingly slow. The story-line is nearly impossible to follow. And illicit sex between the characters, seems to be the centerpiece of this movie, to the detriment of actual character and plot development. Watch this film, only if you want to see soft-core porn involving sexy-looking, lust-crazed people. If you're looking for anything more substantial than that in a film, then this movie will be very disappointing for you.

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Author: Michael_Elliott from Louisville, KY
16 June 2008

Bacchanales sexuelles (1974)

* 1/2 (out of 4)

Softcore sexploitation film from France has a young girl named Valerie (Joelle Coeur) watching her cousin's home for six months while he is away on a trip. The first night there she gets bored so she invites her girlfriend Sophie (Mari-France Morel) over for some lesbian sex but in the middle of the night Sophie is kidnapped and taken away by a sex crazed cult. There's really not much of a story here, although, to be honest, not many of the director's films feature any type of story. It's rather strange seeing Rollin do a film like this that features the normal lesbian sex without any vampires but later in his career he would start doing hardcore porn but I haven't watched any of those films yet. The biggest problem is that this movie is simply here to show off nudity, which is does quite a bit with the beautiful French actresses but sadly the film runs 101-minutes, which is about thirty-minutes too long. It's funny but the American release cut thirty-minutes worth of footage but the Synapse DVD is the uncut French version. The first lesbian scene is pretty hot but everything goes downhill after this. The story really doesn't make too much sense and even the sex scenes grow tiresome after a while.

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Joëlle is the primary attraction here

Author: Zbigniew_Krycsiwiki from United States
20 August 2013

So-so Jean Rollin sexploitation flick, about a chick (schoolgirl hitchhiker herself, Joëlle Coeur) who house sits her cousin's apartment, has lesbian sex while she's there, gets involved in kidnappings, and must rescue her lesbian lover from a sex cult.

The apartment is quite nice looking, so is Joëlle, but overall the film doesn't have the same hauntingly beautiful visuals that I've come to enjoy so much from Rollin. It is not at all up to some of Rollin's other work: no vampires, no zombies, less atmospherics, and sparse dialogue filling up the overlong run time. What we're left with is no different than most other soft core porn/ horror titles from the 1970s.

Film's opening title scene is fun, a slightly Dada-influenced sequence, culminating with a cool, old house (think The Addams Family's mansion) but what the hell that has to do with the rest of the film, I cannot figure. And why do rat caricatures suddenly appear?

Pay close attention when Joelle first walks into the apartment, a poster for Rollin's earlier Vampire Nue is visible on the wall.

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Sub-titled soft-core (MINOR SPOILERS)

Author: movieman_kev from United States
18 November 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Oh, those crazy Frenchies! They love to inject art in everything.. even soft-core porn. O.K, i kid, but seriously look at the opening title sequence. You'll know what I mean. Valerie goes to her cousin's mansion. Her cousin is vacationing in America. So she invites her friend , Sophie, over. They get it on. As they're sleeping 2 thiefs brake in and kidnap Sophie. Who are these mysterious people? What does all this have to do with Valerie's cousin? Will French woman ever shave?? Will you care? I don't like to post major spoilers, so I can only answer my last two questions...NOPE. For Jean Rollin fans only. All others steer clear.

My Grade: C-

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Not even for Rollin completest.

Author: guitarphil from Warrington, England
21 February 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Jean Rollin takes a departure here from his usual vampire/lesbian trope and tries to make (I think) a comic book adventure porno. So you need three things here...wacky (or at least larger than life) characters, a plot filled with some excitement and regular segments of squeaky bed action.

The sex is abundant although rarely titillating in the sense that most viewers of this type of film would want. It's also deeply problematic in more than one place. A guy gets into bed with a woman he thinks is someone else, she tells him to back off at least twice, but his persistence leads to a full on shag...we also have a prisoner later who consents to sex because the guy says he's a friend...oh, alright then...I mean come on.

There's a scene of some surrealist interest when the priestess/female villain is shooting mannequins outside the mansion but visually that's it, seriously, there is nothing else.

Also worthy of note for just how horrendous a piece of crap this is are the half-arsed credits that make no sense and look awful.

The word pretentious gets banded around too much by people who don't know what the word actually means. This is pretentious. It pretends to be something that it quite painfully isn't. So what is it? Well its shagging most of the time and this is rarely done well, those that are making noise fling themselves around as though the script required them to have a seizure, those that aren't look bored.

Do not bother with this film, it's not so bad it's good, it's just plain awful. If you want some screen nooky then just buy a porno and if you're looking for some decent Jean Rollin try anything else apart form this...

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