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Murderous Chase

Author: hillari from Chicago, USA
15 April 2004

I saw this made for TV movie when I was in grade school. It was a suspenseful cat-and-mouse story, and Savalas was very scary as the bad guy. I'm still trying to figure out why no one else in that busy subway station saw Savalas push that woman onto the tracks other than Ms. George. The murder that sets the story off is mean and horrific, even by today's standards. The fun is in watching Ms. George become more and more desperate as Savalas closes in on her. The final chase scene is a nail biter! As far as made for TV suspense flicks from the seventies go, this was one of the good ones. I wonder what ever happened to Lynda Day George? She was all over TV back in the day.

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Giallo She Cried...

Author: ArmiesOfTheNight from Florida
24 July 2002

Anyone that knows and understands the Giallo subgenre of fright flicks will see right through this made for t.v., wants-to-be-a-giallo terror tale. Watered down telefilm has a 'Cat O' Nine Tails' plotted murder on a train and the identity of the killer as the catalyst of the female protagonist's dilemma. There is some style to spare in this film with a staircase scene in a restaurant that has the beautific visual style of Mario Bava and the camera movements of Dario Argento but alas THIS is the ONLY scene where any true workmanship is to be found. The makers of this little flick no doubt stayed up all night perusing older Giallo murder tapes to get this scene right. Otherwise this is routine yet watchable fare with Telly Savalas as the menace and Lynda Day George as the prey.

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Not a bad movie, but not great

Author: wkirkpatrick5 from Canada
15 October 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was glad to see this movie on YouTube...I thought it had disappeared forever. I actually appeared as Cop #2 for a few brief seconds on screen. The film originally was a Movie of the Week on CBS. I enjoyed hanging around the production and talking to Telly Savalas. He told me that he was going to have a cop show of his own....he was right! Kojack was a hit for several seasons. And, look what Mike Farrell became......BJ Hunnicutt! I believe all the filming was done in Toronto and, as a resident, it was fun to see the subway as the main character...they didn't even bother changing the subway station sign, such as York Mills. Lynda Day George was cute, but not very strong actress. Anyway, it was all fun.

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Lynda Day George was Great

Author: garyldibert from United States
3 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

TITLE: SHE CRIED MURDER aired on TV. on September 25, 1973 and the running time was 74 minutes.

STARRING: Lynda Day George, Telly Savalas, Mike Farrell, Kate Reid, Jeff Toner, Robert Goodier, Aileen Seaton, Hope Garber, Len Birman, Murray Westgate, Richard Alden, Stuart Gillard. Directed by Herschel Daugherty.

SUMMARY: The big city early morning commute on the subway. Actress/model Sarah Cornell is witness to the murder of a young woman pushed on to the tracks by a creepy (but not particularly discreet) assailant. She calls the cops and two detectives venture out to the set of her latest commercial taping to get her story for their report. She recognizes one of the cops – Joe Brody (Savalas) as the same creepy assailant whom she saw murdered the woman (a notorious call girl). She doesn't tell the other cop Detective Stepanec (Farrell) instead leaving a very vague description of the murderer – Inspector Joe Brody. As I said this murderer is not particularly discreet or even endowed with the kind of sense a headless chicken would have. It isn't enough that he made extended eye contact with Sarah in the subway after the murder, he just had to take the case investigating it and go to see her later that morning to watch as his colleague introduces him to her by name. Then after seeing her he just had to follow her to her kid's school, follow both of them to a restaurant, kidnap the kid but wait for her inside a nearby theater to find them before demanding she keep silent about what she saw. After the incident in the theater, one in which she ingeniously escaped with her son and left Brody concussed and unconscious though not dead, Sarah calls the police and relates the whole story. They think she is a few fries short of a happy meal but follow through on a search of the theater find nothing of Brody nor any sign than anyone has been there in years. Detective Stepanec meanwhile turns over the dead call-girl's apartment and finds irrefutable proof that Brody was there in the most intimate of positions with her and was likely being black-mailed by her, facts which Brody himself had recounted in mortifying detail inside the theater with Sarah Cornell and her son Chris. Brody evidently recovered from his mishap in the theater tracks Sarah. She thinks he is trying to kill her. Judging by his self-destructive pattern, he may merely be making sure she knows how to spell his name correctly. This leads to a dramatic chase through an apartment building and the subway system ending in an electrifying finale.

MY THOUGHTS: I like this movie. It had a lot of action and drama that kept you interested. I thought Telly Savalas was good in his role as the evil bad cop. However, I bought this movie because of Lynda Day George and I wasn't disappointed at all. She was excellent in her role as Sarah Cornell. This movie show how good of an actress she was. The only problem I had with this movie is Lynda Day George was in the same outfit throughout the entire movie. Based on that and the action in this picture I give this movie 8 weasel stars.

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Dated But Still Thrilling And Suspenseful

Author: Desertman84 from United States
27 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

She Cried Murder is a TV movie that stars Lynda Day George and Telly Savalas together with Mike Farrell and Kate Reid.The plot involves a model, while riding in the front car of a subway train, witnesses a woman being pushed in front of the train. It was directed by Herschel Daugherty.

Beautiful model Sarah Cornell witnesses a woman being pushed in front of a train while riding in the subway. But when the police come to interview her, she recognizes one of them as the man who did the pushing in Inspector Joe Brody. She spends the rest of the movie trying to convince the good cop, that Inspector Brody is a bad cop; and Telly spends the rest of the movie chasing her around the city and finally to the subway yards. Only now the police, having finally been convinced, have joined in the chase.

This film is obviously dated but it still manages to be thrilling and suspenseful.Lynda Day George and Telly Savalas are a delight to watch.Also,the cat-and-mouse game played between Sarah Cornell and Inspector Brody provides chills and entertainment.

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Rather splendid, speedy and simple thriller fun

Author: Bloodwank from United Kingdom
21 April 2012

It's pretty rare that I watch simple, straightforward thrillers, let alone particularly enjoy them, so She Cried Murder was quite a treat to me. As simple as they come, without a speck of fat, this is lean, keen stuff even by made for television standards, clocking in at around 66 minutes in length, a good six or seven minutes shorter than the average. The action starts immediately with model Sarah Cornell witnessing a man push a lady to her death in front of a subway train, and her nightmare really begins when encounters said murderer later, the nefarious individual being rather keen to keep her quiet after having seen her see him. From then on the film takes the form of a constant chase, mixed with a dash of paranoia and a few explanatory digressions providing context without slowing down the main pulse. The lovely Lynda Day George makes a good fist of the main role, she isn't the most convincing as an actress but looks the part and throws herself into the action with an agreeable determination that grows effectively frayed and desperate as her pursuer proves frightening tenacious. Telly Savalas is excellent as said pursuer, playing things low key, soft faced and even superficially charming, he menaces through the contrast of his actions and demeanour rather than playing things up as a baddie and is all the better for it. Nobody else really has big enough roles to make an impression, but Mike Farrel (BJ from M.A.S.H.) does have a nice turn as a sympathetic police officer. There's little more to say about this that would stray into the realms of spoilers, but director Herschel Daughtery does a sterling job with both the pace and set pieces, there are several moments of seat edge suspense and the finale is a minor marvel. At times the film is even somewhat reminiscent of Italian gialli, though the film only very seldom approaches the same heights of style and has almost none of the same twisted verve. As one might expect of a made for television production things are rather tame, and there are one or two nagging loose ends, but on the whole this is a splendid ride, one that never wears out its excitement and is hence well worth a look for vintage thriller fans.

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