Serpico (1973) Poster


Plot Keywords

money corruption
police drugs
1960s drug dealer
new york city knapp commission
friend undercover cop
outcast policeman
police officer narcotic
hippie shot in the face
police corruption surname as title
police protagonist drug use
mayoral aide urban setting
police commissioner mayor
politics bribery
friendship love
break up bureaucracy
cynicism idealism
brother brother relationship on the take
bar tape recorder
payoff pot smoking
dancer marijuana
dancing voyeurism
flashback handcuffs
foot chase vagina
luncheonette rookie
camera speaker
police station nurse
police car hospital
siren shield
movie camera press conference
newsstand courtroom
shooting range district attorney
reporter mother son relationship
press police investigation
buttocks informer
crying female frontal nudity
racial slur ghetto
wiretap drugs missing
drug dealing old english sheepdog
manhattan new york city greenwich village manhattan new york city
bare chested male white mouse
suspected homosexual sheepdog
reference to p.t. barnum reference to coca cola
reference to barnum n bailey puppy
pet parrot pet owner relationship
pet mouse pet dog
pet bird parrot
owner dog relationship nudity
moustache mouse
mistaken for gay intellectual
black american bird
beard bare breasts
conspiracy one word title
jew italian american
irish american fingerprint
african american chase
kicked in the butt black policeman
female nudity telephone booth
subway station stakeout
shoe repair store rookie cop
police procedure police precinct
police arrest motorcycle
morality intimidation
internal affairs firing range
ethics dog
disguise courage
cop killer bribe
bank book blockbuster
rape complot
blood violence
police code of silence whistleblower
neo noir based on book
character name in title

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