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Slant Magazine
Scarecrow embraces sprawl of both the narrative and geographical variety with freewheeling abandon.
The Guardian
This is a jewel of American cinema.
Hollywood movies have rarely spoken such tough and tender truths.
It’s strong on the details of itinerant life, and allows plotting to take a back seat to character.
Scarecrow’ feels like an existential fairytale squarely rooted in the reality of America’s fraying backroads and small towns. It’s all a little rambling and anarchic, but later scenes in a jail have real bite. And when the sadness behind Lion’s smile is revealed, it’s also genuinely moving.
it is a well-acted movie and for long stretches we're hoping it will work.
Village Voice
A flawed, fascinating testament to a time of discovery in Hollywood: of how stories could be told onscreen, of what great actors might find within themselves, of just what in the hell this country had become in the late-'60s crackup.
It all goes decisively wrong when Jerry Schatzberg, the director, and Garry Michael White, who wrote the screenplay, decide to saddle the pair with a poetic vision that suddenly makes everything needlessly phony.
Scarecrow is a periodically interesting but ultimately unsatisfying character study of two modern drifters.

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